HP TV – Internet News and Information

Popular U-Verse Channels 

Channel Name Channel
ABC 1025
AT&T PAY for VIEW 1102
CBS 1012
CNN 1202

Popular U-Verse Channels

Channel Name Channel
ESPN 1602
FOX 1210
HELP 411
MSNBC 1215

Popular U-Verse Channels

Channel Name Channel
NBC 1005
STARZ 1902
TCM 1790
TMC 1882

AT&T U-Verse TV Manual (Guide to Using U-Verse)

We attached a simple, easy to use guide to help you utilize and enjoy AT&T U-Verse TV. Click on this link to see the Guide: Guide to the ATT TV Services

Movie Channels
If you live in Phase III, or IV you have U-300 service which includes a wide array of movie channels. Two of the most popular sets of movie networks are STARZ and SHOWTIME.  With just those two movie networks, there are 23 movie channels. Wow! But there are still more movie channels on TMC (The Movie Channel), and AMC.

SHOWTIME: There are 10 Showtime Movie Channels starting at 1852
:          There are approximately 13 STARZ Movie Channels starting at 1902

AT&T U-Verse TV / Internet / Telephone Orders and Installation
All residents must use the following phone number for ordering, modifying and/or cancelling services. Use only this number which is assigned to service Huntington Pointe. If you need technical support and/or repairs, there’s a different phone number which you can find in the next section. To Order/Modify service and/or make an appointment for an installation of U-Verse service, call: 866-299-6824

Snowbirds 2017 AT&T Credit: AT&T is allegedly offering credits to Snowbirds who paid a monthly fee to suspend their service while up north. After returning to HP,  please call their bulk rate number (listed above) for a refund.

Note: If you have a technical issue and need help, please called the 800 technical support number below.

AT&T U-Verse Repairs and/or Technical Support
For repairs and technical support call: 800-288-2020

Wireless in the Clubhouse
AT&T WiFi is available throughout the Clubhouse.  The name of the WiFi network is “HP WiFi” and your password is the clubhouse 10 digit phone number.

U-Verse Tips
In this section we’re going to give you several tips on how to get the most out of your U-Verse TV Package.

Set Up a List of Favorite Channels
There are lots of channels in your package, especially if you have U300. In light of that,  we recommend setting up a list of Favorite Channels so you can quickly and easy navigate to your favorites. Press Menu on the Remote Contro

  • Use the arrows to select Options, then channel options. Press OK.
  • Select favorite channels, and press OK. A list of all available channels will appear.
  • Use up/down arrows to select channels.
  • To add a channel, press OK. A check mark will appear.
  • To remove all channels, use the left arrow to select uncheck all. Press OK.
  • To see only the channels in your favorites list, select view checked. Press OK.
  • When done, select save and press OK.

To view your Favorites guide, press Menu. Use the arrows to select Favorites.

Free McAfee Anti-Virus Application from AT&T
One cannot operate a computer without a quality Anti-Virus application. As most of you know, users must renew their license annually and that can be costly. Bet you didn’t know that you can get a full scale free version of McAfee Anti-Virus protection as a U-Verse customer. Go to AT&T’s website and download the application.

Status of our TV-Internet Contract Package

  • Three phase boards decided against getting an Internet package.
  • Phase I, which signed a 5-year contract with AT&T, opted out of the AT&T contract in 2020 and switched to Hotwire. The new service includes very fast Internet service at no charge to Phase I ressidents.
  • Each phase had to decide which TV package they wanted,  U200, U300, or U450. The higher numbered packages, U300 and U400, provide more channels, including the movie channels and sports channels such as ESPN. For example, U200 has no movie channels but U300 has Showtime, Starz, The Movie Channel, Encore, and Flix, (but no HBO). None of the phases selected U450, they chose either U200 or U300.
  • To see the AT&T U-Verse channel lineups, click on this link: AT&T U-Verse
  • Each phase had the option of signing either a 5 or a 7 year contract with AT&T. Phase I was the only one to choose a 5 year contract.
  • You now have the option of downloading (streaming) HBO programming to your TV or computer, just like millions who currently stream movies from Netflix. If you elect to do this, you no longer need HBO in your cable channel package because you can watch HBO programming on your TV or computer, even if it’s not in your cable lineup.

AT&T U-Verse Information
There’s an important additional benefit, as mentioned above, an AT&T Community Manager is assigned to handle all HP community related issues and/or problems (not your individual issues) over the entire course of the contract. Ms. Teresa Jackson, will also provide U-Verse training sessions in preparation for our transition over to their services this fall. She will teach you how to use the various features provided by AT&T such as your remote, DVR, creating a list of favorite TV programs, multi-viewing, etc.

In addition to the TV service they will receive as part of the contract, residents are free to purchase additional options (Internet and Landline Telephone). However, they will NOT receive the bulk rate discount which is applied only to services agreed upon by the entire phase.

Overview of the Benefits which come with AT&T U-Verse

  • The biggest change is in how your signal will be delivered. Comcast used a shared signal methodology which meant they sent out one signal to an entire building or a neighborhood, and every customer in the building or neighborhood shared that lone signal. That often resulted in degraded picture quality, depending upon how many people were watching TV or using the Internet simultaneously.
  • AT&T sends out one independent signal directly to your home or condo which is NOT shared with any other residents. This should result in a more reliable and better quality picture and/or Internet service.
  • If you decide to purchase optional Internet service from AT&T, the same principle from above applies. Your Internet connection is delivered solely to your home. You do not share the signal with anyone which should translate into a more stable and reliable connection.
  • AT&T has a sequential channel lineup. What does that mean? Unlike Comcast where channel selection is  purely random and you have no idea what channel number ESPN, ABC, NBC, or CNN is, U-Verse channels are grouped together. All of the news and sports channels are adjacent to one another. For example, the CNN, Fox, and MSNBC News channels (or the ESPN sports channels) are sequential. This will make finding a certain type of programming much easier.
  • HD (High Definition) Channels are prefaced by the number 1,000. For example, if you are watching channel 435 which is not HD, to get the same program in High Definition, merely switch to channel 1435.
  • McAfee Anti-Virus application is provided FREE by AT&T.
  • You can use your smart phone to watch U-Verse programming.
  • AT&T has a search feature and multi-viewing capability. Sports fans will love the latter because you can watch up to 4 football or basketball games simultaneously.
  • Unlike Comcast, which uses contractors, all service is performed by AT&T employees with ID tags. When they perform any type of service, the technician will give you their individual phone number which you can use for up to 30 days if the problem persists.
  • Users can easily set up a list of their favorite channels.
  • One of the extra benefits of going with AT&T is the cost of wireless service in both our clubhouse and guardhouse. The HPA paid Comcast $165 per month for those services, but since we chose AT&T as our provider, wireless service is free for both areas.

AT&T U-Verse Contracts: Phases I-IV
Each phase board decided what type of services will be included plus the length of the contract. The decision and details, if it was provided to us by the Phase Board, are displayed below and are subject to change as minor negotiations continue.

Phase I

  • The Phase I Board has fiber optic based Hotwire as their provider.
  • Internet service is included in the package at no cost to Phase I resdidents.
  • Internet download speed is 250 mps while upload speed is 50 mps
  • Showtime is part of the basic Hotwire package

Phase II

  • U200 TV Service
  • HBO
  • Each resident will be entitled to 3 High Definition boxes with HD programming, one of which is a large capacity DVR. The other two HD boxes will be wireless. This means you can move a television to any location in the home.
  • DVR and HD Programming
  • 7 Year Contract with AT&T

Phase III

  • U300 TV Service which includes approximately 400 channels plus 5 Movie Channels
  • The 5 Movie Channels in the package are Showtime, Starz, The Movie Channel, Encore, and Flix.
  • HBO
  • Each resident will be entitled to 3 High Definition boxes with HD programming, one of which is a large capacity DVR. The other two HD boxes will be wireless. This means you can move a television to any location in the home.
  • VR and HD Programming
  • 7 Year Contract with AT&T

Phase IV

  • The Phase IV Board selected the  U300 TV package which includes approximately 400 channels plus 5 movie channels.
  • The 5 Movie Channels in the package are Showtime, Starz, The Movie Channel, Encore, and Flix.
  • Phase IV included HBO in their deal.
  • Each resident will be entitled to 3 High Definition boxes with HD programming, one of which is a large capacity DVR. The other two HD boxes will be wireless. This means you can move a television to any location in the home.
  • Phase IV signed a 7-year contract with AT&T

The U300 package includes the following:

  • Up to 370 digital channels
  • Local channels
  • Movie Package, which includes SHOWTIME, The Movie Channel (TMC), AMC, STARZ, Encore & more
  • Includes one HD-ready DVR receiver with Total Home DVR Service.
  • 46 digital music channels.
  • Extensive On Demand Library.