Closing Your Unit for the Season


  • Change your address with Campbell Property Management so that non-forwarded mailings (coupon books, ballots, etc.) reach you.  Be sure to change the address back to FL when you return. Note: There’s a change of address form on our website under “Resident Forms”.
  • Complete and return emergency contact form to building captain/HPA
  • Arrange for someone (service or friend) to check your unit periodically
  • At the very least be sure that someone nearby has your unit key(s)
  • Change AC filter before you go
  • Arrange for pest control service while you are away
  • Cancel your newspaper
  • Alter your telephone service
  • Move lanai/porch furniture in an interior space
  • Turn off your water heater
  • Turn off the water as you leave
  • Complete change of address forms with the Post Office – can be done on-line
  • Alarm – on or off?  Notify alarm company and Sheriff’s office
  • Secure garage door
  • Open all closets, cabinet doors, drawers
  • Leave self addressed and stamped manila envelopes for Lifestyle at clubhouse desk if you cannot get the current Lifestyle from our website (
  • Set your humidistat and AC


  • Refrigerator – on or off?
    • Baking soda in freezer and refrigerator units
    • Fill freezer and refrigerator with water containers so compressor does not run too often
  • Check oven and dishwasher – empty and clean (prop open dishwasher)
  • Pantry
    • Decide what to keep
    • Proper storage of foods (spices in freezer)
  • Candles in freezer
  • Drains – cleared and cleaned

Washer/Drier – unplug and turn off water


  • Clean out drains
  • Bleach down toilets
  • Cover toilets with saran wrap
  • Soap – leave as is, wrap in aluminum foil or toss?


  • Linen on or off?
  • “DampRid” in closets
  • Open all drawers
  • Dryer sheets in each dresser drawer

Clock and timers off

Living Room/Den

  • Unplug television/computer/printer
  • Cover furniture