In this section of our website, we’ll highlight some before and after remodeling photos from our condos and villas. Sometimes we won’t have the before photos but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the after pictures. Hopefully, seeing some of the innovative projects your neighbors implemented  in their homes will give you food for thought. All it takes is a little imagination and lots of money.

Phase II Condo AFTER Photos

Phase II Condo Bathroom Before Photos

Phase II Condo Bathroom After Photos

Phase II Condo Kitchen Before Photos
This is not the same exact condo as the one in the “After Photos” below, but it’s almost identical. The only difference, the left-right kitchen location is reversed.

Phase II Condo Kitchen After Photos

Phase IV Condo Remodeling

Majorca After Photos Only

Majorca Villa Before Photos

Majorca Villa After Photos
This is the same kitchen from the above “Before Photos” after the wall surrounding the kitchen was removed and the Formica cabinets-counter top were updated.

Capri Villa Before Photos

Capri Villa After Photos
It’s hard to believe, but the photos below are from the same kitchen illustrated in the Capri “Before Photos” above. Please note the wall shown in the right side of the “Capril Kitchen 03” photo above was removed, opening up the entire home.

Monaco Villa After Photos