Phase Board Members

Phase IPhase 2Phase 3Phase 4
Phyllis Sandler: PresidentWayne Goodman: PresidentMary Rudnick: PresidentSusan Levine: President
Sandra Dymbort: VPSue Loeser: VPShirley Kafka: VPDale Berger: VP
Robert Tishkevich: TreasurerJay Sussman: TreasurerElayne Flechner: TreasurerMarvin Morrell: Treasuer
Serena Gonzales: SecretaryMarvin Krakower: SecretarySteve Rivenson: SecretaryHarvey Shapiro: Secretary
David Bazerman
Mark DonovanHal PugachRichard Marcus


Financial Information for the Four Phases 

  • Each Phase BOD is a part of an independent corporation, which makes financial and strategic decisions for their residents. 
  • Every year, each Phase BOD creates a budget which determines how much your unique quarterly condo assessment is.
  • Every year, the HPA BOD determines the amount of the Master Association quarterly assessment for each unit.
  • There are 1,096 units @ HP and every unit pays the same exact amount to the Master Association, known as the HPA
  • In other words, it doesn’t matter which phase you live in, the Master Association component of your quarterly condo assessment is identical for all 1,096 units.
  • Per our documents, each Phase BOD collects the quarterly HPA assessment for the Master Association and adds it to their unique Phase quarterly assessment.
  • Therefore, your quarterly condo assessment is a combination of the HPA assessment and your unique Phase assessment.  The phase portion of your quarterly condo fee is unique because each phase charges a different amount.
  • The Phase Bookkeeper ensures the HPA portion of your assessment is passed onto the Master Association.
  • In general, about one half of your condo assessment goes to the Master Association, while the other half remains in the Phase.

Condo Association Fees by Phase –  The Quarterly amount for each of the four phases is due on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. Please note, there are two different amounts with Phases II and IV. This slight difference within the phase is determined by the resident’s parking arrangement. Units with covered parking pay a slightly higher fee than those without that amenity. That fee is currently $10 per month, which is a total of $30 per quarter.

Campbell offers four options for paying the quarterly Condo Association Dues

1. Pay the old fashioned way by mailing a paper check with a coupon.

2. ACH: The quarterly amount due will automatically be deducted from your checking account. 

3. Automatically pay your condo assessment monthly. Campbell Management has an arrangement with Alliance Bank for this process. If you choose this option, you go online @ Alliance Bank, where you designate a dollar amount, which Alliance will automatically deduct (via an ACH) from your checking account every month. You can obtain the log in site for Alliance Bank from Campbell Management

Please note the following. If you elect to utilize this option, you must pay the first 2 months of your quarterly condo assessment in advance. Here’s an example, which will hopefully illustrate how it works.

Let’s assume your quarterly condo assessment is $1,500.  Therefore, on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, you must pay a total of $1,500 [$6,000 for the year]. Let’s focus solely upon the April 1st payment to illustrate how this works. With the monthly option, on February 1, March 1, and April 1st, Alliance Bank will deduct $500 from your checking account, or a total of $1,500 for the quarter. As you can see, the February and March $500 payments were made in advance, while the 3rd and final $500 payment, was made on the due date.

Some of our residents like this approach because they find it’s easier to make monthly payments, as opposed to making the entire quarterly condo payment all at once. Since the process is automatic, you only have to set it up once a year. Remember, the quarterly payment amount usually changes on January 1st.

4. Pay by Credit Card, but there’s a hefty 2.7 per cent fee on the total amount due.

Disclaimer: The quarterly condo fee information, in the table below, is provided for the benefit of current HP residents. We do our best to post the most accurate information, however, the numbers in the table aren’t official. If you are not a resident and you’re planning on buying a unit @ HP, do not rely upon the information posted in the table below. In order to get the most up to date, official dollar amounts for your condo unit purchase, you must get an Estoppel Certificate from our management company.


Current Quarterly Condo Fees [Approximate Values] for the Phases

PhaseHPA IncreasePhase IncreaseTotal IncreaseQuarterlyMonthly
2 Uncovered$0
2 Covered$0
4 Uncovered0$35.50$35.50$1,695$565
4 Covered0$35.50$35.50$1,725$575

Electronic Voting for Board Members and Reserve issues

All residents are now eligible to utilize electronic voting in board member elections and other issues, such as reserve funding and Phase surveysIn order to help you understand the process, we are going to highlight some key points. If you have any questions, please contact your phase board members.

  • Granting consent for E-voting is voluntary.
  • If you do not want to participate, you don’t have to do anything.
  • Those who don’t participate, and those without an email address, can vote the old fashioned way, via paper ballot.
  • In an annual BOD election, the first vote counts. Therefore, once you vote electronically, if you subsequently try to vote a 2nd time by using a paper ballot, that 2nd vote attempt will be rejected.
  • There is ONE vote per UNIT, not one vote per resident.
  • Therefore, in a unit with 2 owners, they must choose ONE designated NAME and ONE designated EMAIL ADDRESS for their unit. 
  • However, both registered owners must sign the agreement. For example, Ronald Williams and Phyllis Jackson live in unit 354HGF. They decide to use Phyllis’ name and her email address for electronic voting. In addition to Phyllis Jackson, Ronald Williams must also sign and date the consent form, even though the votes will be cast via the email address owned by Phyllis.
  • If there’s a trust involved with ownership, please consult with your phase board for the appropriate guidance.
  • Don’t get confused by the proxy form, you don’t need to complete a proxy to vote. The primary purpose of the proxy form is in getting a quorum for the Phase Annual Meeting.
  • If you grant consent and then subsequently decide to revoke or change your original consent form, you can obtain a Revocation Form from the clubhouse.
  • Phase I is using Becker Ballot for electronic voting.
  • Phases II, III, and IV are using HOAst as their electronic voting company.

Here are the E-Voting Consent Forms for each of the four phases

You can view or download the forms for your phase.

Phase I:            Phase1 Online Voting

Phase II:          Phase 2 Online Voting

Phase III:         Phase 3 Online Voting

Phase IV:          Phase 4 Online Voting


Quarterly Condo Fee Payment Protocols

January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. You’re payment is late after the 15th day, during one of those 4 months.

Note: You can view/download and/or print the PDF version of this form by clicking on the following link:
HP – How to Pay Quarterly Condo Fee

Here is the Microsoft Word version of the Quarterly Condo Fee Form.