Our fabulous Landscaper is Mr. Bobby Hanna from Maximum Services, who works hard to make our community beautiful. Bobby would love to work with you to enhance the plant and tree life around your villa, or in front of your garden apartment.

Landscaping Rules and Protocols: 

  • There are certain aspects of Landscaping @ HP which you should understand.
  • Residents do not own the land adjacent to their villas or in front of their garden apartments.
  • The land surrounding the villas is owned by the HPA Master Association.
  • The land in front of the garden apartments is owned by the Phase Association, but maintained by the HPA.
  • All landscaping decisions must be approved by, or made by our Landscaping Supervisor.
  • Residents cannot hire private landscapers.
  • Residents cannot plant flowers or shrubbery without the permission of our Landscaper. If you want to do such, please contact Landscaping via a Work Order.
  • You can fill out a Work Order on this website to obtain the consent of our Landscaping Supervisor, who is eager to work with you to beautify the land around your villa, or in front of your garden apartment.
  • We reserve the right to remove any plant that is inappropriate for our south Florida environment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Supervisor.
  • All villas are entitled to the same plants and trees in front of their home. However, most, but not all plants and trees on the side or back of the villas are in a different category. Once again, our landscaping team will do everything they can to help you understand how this works, what you are responsible for, and what we are responsible for doing.
  • There are no labor charges, as all labor associated with planting, arranging, or cutting trees is the fiscal responsibility of our Landscaping team.

Landscaping Update: If you want to pay for additional plants or trees, you can do such by submitting a work order marked “Private”. Please note, you do NOT pay for labor, only for material. Our landscaping team will take care of the sod and grass outside of your home.

Private Work Orders: Our Landscaping team will take care of your private plant/tree orders only 2 days a month between the hours of 1-3 PM. This will give the team an opportunity to work on our landscaping needs throughout the property. The 2 days will be the last week of the month and the days chosen will be subject to weather conditions and other variables. Please note, there will be no new orders taken during the intense summer heat.

Landscaping Methodology

The Landscaping Team is developing new methodologies and protocols which should enhance efficiency, save us money, and make landscaping changes easier for our residents.  In the end, our residents, the HPA budget, and the landscaping company will all benefit from this organized, efficient approach to landscaping issues. Please be advised that  the final decision on all landscaping issues will be made by our certified landscapers.

Check out the lighting at the Jog Road and El Clair islands inside the front and rear gate.


Fruit Trees: For various reasons, all fruit trees are prohibited on HPA property. Unit owners should immediately remove them or ask Maximum Services to remove them. If there are any fruit trees in one of our yards, they will be removed and the unit owner will receive a bill for removal. If you have any questions, please speak with Bobby Hanna or Linda Landscaping.

  • Be advised that residents can purchase plants, mulch, stones, and edging from Maximum Landscaping. They must fill out a work order on our website or in person at the clubhouse front desk. Bobby will contact them and give unit owners suggestions, ideas, and a price.  All work will be scheduled for 2 days during the last week of the month.
  • Remember, there is no charge for labor, unit owners only pay for the plants or trees.
  • All new plants must be approved by Maximum Services and they must be compatible with the south Florida environment.

Mahogany Trees 
Mahogany Trees are native to south Florida and are in the category of “protected trees“, which makes it next to impossible to replace them. They cannot be removed simply because a resident doesn’t like them. They can only be removed when specific conditions exist as documented in Palm Beach County code.

Landscaping Rules and Protocols

We want to operate fairly, consistently, within the guidelines, so we have a set of rules which HPA residents should know. Maximum Services is responsible for maintaining all villa and garden apartment yards. If a unit owner wants to assume responsibility for maintaining some of their own plants in the yard, they must obtain written permission from Maximum Services, who represents the HPA. After receiving permission to maintain plants in their yards, unit owners must comply with the rules and guidelines issued by Maximum Services. Failure to do such will result in revoking any permission to maintain part of their yard. But always remember, Maximum is responsible for the entire yard and the plants maintained by the owner cannot interfere with the overall gardening theme of Maximum.

  • As mentioned above, please be aware that you do not own the area outside your home. Residents need written permission from the HPA to maintain plants in their yard. If permission was granted, but the area outside of your unit has overgrown and unsightly plants, the HPA can and will take over maintenance of those plants. However, we much prefer if you work with our landscaping team to make your yards look beautiful.
  • Per our documents, no Fruit Trees or Florida Holly (Brazilian Pepper) are allowed. Fruit which falls from the trees attracts rats. All fruit trees should be removed by the unit owner or else Maximum will remove them.

Landscaping Prices
The following landscaping prices are for HP residents only and there is no labor charge. If a resident wants landscaping services from Maximum, they must complete a Work Order on our website or at the front desk.  You can also sign up by speaking with a Landscaping Supervisor, but we still want you to complete a Work Order. You only pay for the additional plants or trees, there is no charge for labor. Please be advised, this price list is subject to CHANGE per the latest market conditions.

3 Gallon Plants$15 depending on species
Rocks$18 per bag, $700 per yard for normal rock used. Depends on the type of rock.
Expensive/Exotic RocksThis price will be negotiated.
Black Border$50 per stick
Underlay for Rocks$325 Per Roll
Mulch$7 per bag red, Slightly more per bag for dark brown
Annual Flowers$5 Per Flower, but varies depending on the type of flower.
Top Soil$16 Per Bag
Potting Soil$25 Per Bag
Small TreesDepends upon species and size
Palm TreesDepends upon species and size