Clubhouse Renovation: Focus Groups in the Theater

Clubhouse Project:
On December 17th, the HPA BOD voted to hire a Forensic Engineering firm, Akouri Consulting, to examine our clubhouse for health and safety issues. This was an important step for the safety and health of our residents, plus it will help us plan a clubhouse renovation project. 

In late August, the HPA BOD hired an Architect to begin work on the clubhouse renovation. The board chose Jose Fernandez of Slattery & Associates Architects Planners, Inc. For the next few months, they will conduct focus groups with our residents, apply for permits, begin design work, and keep us up to date at public meetings in the theater. The BOD also hired The Wells Design group as our designer.

The architect and designer completed their Focus Group sessions in the middle of December. After receiving feedback from the community, they will come up with design plans for the clubhouse. Meanwhile, the lengthy Palm Beach County permitting process is continuing.

At this point in time, we still don’t have a final design plan, an estimated cost of the project, or a starting date. However, we are making significant progress.

Work on the Atrium: Our contractor finished cleaning up the Atrium on August 1st. They removed the trees, plants, and much of the man made items. We learned there was no mold or water underneath the water tanks. Next, our architect will redesign the area.

Road Paving Project: Prior to the asphalt being laid, they spray some sort of “gook”. It is glue. One resident from Waldwick Circle drove on the road and parked on her driveway.   The driveway is now stained with black marks.  She was the only one on her street who did this. The tires left marks, a photo was taken.They will try to remove the marks, but please keep in mind, no cars should be driven on the street until 24 hours have elapsed. If people choose to walk on this wet area, it will stick to their shoes.   Wait until the road is paved.  After one hour. you will be able to walk on the asphalt, and after 24 hours, you can drive on it.

If left in your driveway, you will not be able to move your car for 24 hours . Therefore, plan accordingly.  This means manicure appointments, pedicure appointments, doctor appointments, golf games, and having a legitimate excuse for canceling plans with someone who coerced you into an obligation. The project is obviously weather permitting.  Always listen to robo calls, check this website, and be prepared for last minute changes.

There will always be a Platinum security guard on site with the contractors. If there are any concerns, please do not address the contractors directly. Speak with either the guard at the scene or go to the clubhouse

Where do I need a password? The HP Phone Book and HPA Info on the BOD page require a password. You can obtain it by sending an email to Campbell Property Management. In addition, we have a PHASE INFO page in the resident”s section where documents, such as budgets and financial records for each of the 4 phases are stored. Every phase has a different password which you can obtain from your phase president. Some shows require a password to purchase tickets.

Blue Cafe Cards: Contact our bookkeeper to purchase one. The optional Blue Cafe cards are designed for residents who spend more than their annual $180 limit and want to add additional funds to their account.

Pool Temperature: Did you know that all five pools are calibrated to be 85 degrees year round?

Landscaping Update:
Every HP Villa and Garden Apartment was inspected for dead or missing plants. If you want to pay for additional/optional plants or trees outside off your unit, that is a viable option. Please check out our Landscaping page in the Residents section for news and updates.

Phases I and III
If you live in a villa where the dryer vent is connected to the roof, it is recommended you have the dryer vent cleaned at least once every 2 years. Failing to clean the dryer vent creates a potential fire hazard for you and your neighbors. Phases I and III are working together and they found a good deal for our residents. 

Permits and Pets: Residents should be aware that all animals must have current proof of vaccinations, licenses, and required papers for residing within Huntington Pointe. This “permit” paperwork must be updated each year the first of January.  This is for the safety of our HP residents and the residents’ guests and workers.

In addition, if you are considering any renovations, you must have an HP permit.  This permit must be taped to a front window. There is no cost associated with this permit. The permit protects you and your neighbors.  To obtain a renovation permit, you need to  state what you will be renovating and give the name and license and insurance company of your  contractor to the office.  You will receive the permit within a week to ten days.



Clubhouse Renovation: Focus Groups in the Theater


1.  There’s some confusion about patio applications reference insurance, so let’s hopefully clear that up. The wrong question to ask your insurance company is “will they insure your patio”. Here’s the question you should ask. Do I have at least $300,000 of personal liability insurance? The HPA also requires a “certificate of insurance”, which includes your insurance company as an additional INTEREST on the policy. There’s a reason for this. It means the HPA will be notified if you cancel the insurance policy. 

2. Residents who have an existing patio, must complete their Patio Application before December 31st or else the HPA will remove the patio and bill the unit owner.

3.  You can download, view, or print the updated application by clicking on the following link:

Permanent Guest List: When we switched over to a new system, your old permanent guest list was probably deleted.

Visitor Management Software called “Gate Access”. There are 3 ways to use the application.

1. Call the phone number: 561-562-4422
2.  Use their phone app
3. Visit their website 

If you want to use the ABDI Gate Access smart phone app or their website, you will need a 4 digit PIN number. To receive your PIN, please fill out the form at this link  or email  Once you receive your PIN, you will be able to manage your guests, including your permanent guest list, from or from your mobile device by downloading the app: 

iPhone/iPad or 


If you need help, training sessions are on Wednesdays & Fridays from 2-4 PM.

When using the phone application or their website, here’s what you need to know.
1. Choose HPA as the community
2. The 
User ID is your 10 digit phone number with no dashes or spaces
3. The Password is your 4 digit PIN number 

You will need a PIN number only if you’re calling from an unregistered phone, or if you’re using the GateAccess phone app, or you’re on the website. In addition, you should know there is just one PIN number per unit, not per resident. Therefore, if you’re a couple, both of you will share/use the same PIN number.

HP Residents and Their Guests: We have a new company at the front gate, Platinum Security. They’ve implemented different protocols which will enhance your safety. With Platinum, the rules for guest access into our community will actually be enforced. What does that mean? If a resident does NOT call the front gate or register their guest through “Gate Access”, they will NOT be allowed onto the property. It’s your responsibility to follow our safety/security protocols.
Long Range Planning Committee: Co-Chairs Jay Sussman and Robert Tishkevich, plus Phyllis Sandler, Marvin Morrell, and Susan Levine started working in November 2017. Since then, the committee 

  • The Long Range Planning Committee started working with a representative from FPL almost a year ago, in January of 2018. We agreed to replace the old yellow bulbs in our 61 FPL poles, which barely put out any light, with white LEDs. Our persistence and determination paid off as the project was  completed Here are the benefits to our community.
  • Improved traffic safety because drivers can now see the road at night
  • Pedestrian safety because of the enhanced lighting
  • Thanks to the LEDs, we’ll benefit from a significant reduction in our electric bill
  • All the above was accomplished with zero cost to the community
  • Continuing with the list below:
  • recommended an engineering firm to study our roads, work on the walkways, and the drainage issues in the villas
  • a 3 person sub-committee worked for 6 months interviewing designers/architects and made recommendations to the HPA BOD for a strategy to renovate the clubhouse.
  • established a plan to work on the safety of roads where tree roots were posing a problem for the community
  • in the early stages of improving the tennis/pickleball court surface and finally
  • worked on a plan to install new tennis court lighting




New HP Unit Application: Our new residents will complete electronic applications to buy or rent at HP. There’s a one-page direction sheet on our website (Phase Info in the Residents section) to guide him/her to the proper website.  Each of our four phases has a separate security code (per the direction sheet) to ensure the applicant is in the correct site for his/her on-line application.  Those who are not computer savvy will be able to get assistance from their realtor or from our Campbell staff.  This new application will streamline the processing for new residents.  We are indebted to Campbell’s Marvin Chery for developing this process.

Ask the Energy Expert
Tiffany Spence is an energy expert at Florida Power & Light Company. She’s conducted thousands of energy audits at homes and businesses, helping customers find new ways to make their bills even lower.
Get the most out of your A/C this summer  By Tiffany Spence
Did you know the average A/C unit lasts about 12-15 years in Florida? Over time your A/C will lose efficiency, however yearly service and maintenance can help extend its life. If your current air conditioning system is more than 10 years old, has needed frequent repairs, or if you have noticed that it is running longer to keep your home comfortable, it may be time to consider buying a new one.

Purchasing a new A/C is a big and expensive decision. But if you are thinking about replacing your A/C before it stops working, you may be eligible to take advantage of our $150 rebate towards the purchase of a new qualifying unit. A new energy efficient cooling system could save you money on your energy bill. For example, depending on the size of your unit. If you replace a 10 SEER three-ton A/C unit with a 16 SEER system, you could save around $377 annually.

More ways to save:
f replacing your A/C is not in the budget for this year, we have gathered a list of tips that can help you maintain your unit and keep you cool this summer:

  • Remove debris – On the exterior condenser/compressor, clean leaves and other debris. Cut back branches and vegetation at least two feet in all directions to ensure proper airflow around the unit.
  • Air filters – Check your filter regularly for excess buildup of dirt, dust and pet hair. How often you change the filter depends on the type of filter you have, how often you run your A/C and the number of pets in your home.
  • Keep your coils clean – Dirty coils force compressors to run longer and work harder than required, increasing energy usage and utility costs while decreasing the life of your unit.
  • Clean evaporator drain – Make sure the drain flows freely and there is no blockage. Clean the drain pan with soap and hot water.
  • Air conditioner tune-up – Consider having your unit tuned up by an A/C contractor to ensure your system is working properly.
  • Inspect for duct leaks– Look for rapid dust buildup around vents in your home and remove dirt and buildup. If the ducting system is leaking air, it can cause significant energy losses, causing energy bills to increase while affecting air quality and comfort. If you suspect your duct system may have leaks, you should contact an A/C contractor to check your duct system.

Another saving tip: We also recommend setting your A/C to 78 degrees with the fan on “auto” to help you save. When you leave your home, consider raising the temperature to 80 degrees to save even more.