HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

Friday July 31, 2020

Dear Residents:

Our shoulders get broader.   We had staff who tested positive for COVID and have learned to work from home.   Our clubhouse was hit by lightening and still waiting for repairs to be completed. Four beautiful palm trees behind the cafe were hit and had to be removed.  We have had a series of meetings this week that were marathons and lasted in excess of 4 hours.  We have Joseph who had a tremendous loss in his family.  We have a resident who succumbed to injuries from a horrific auto accident while up north.  We are enduring extremely hot tropical weather.  Now, we have another obstacle.  Heavy storms and rains are predicted for Saturday and Sunday.  Florida has more thunderstorms per year than any other state.   Aren’t we blessed!


We anticipate thunderstorms, heavy rains, and gusty winds.   ALL outdoor items such as decorations, chairs, tables, etc. are to be taken into your homes.  We must avoid flying objects which would cause accidents.   With storms such as this be prepared to lose power.   Have your supplies (water, a radio, flashlights, fans) available should this happen.  For all the good cooks, boil eggs.  Charge your cell phones now. Nothing is certain.   Many times we wait and wait and nothing at all happens.  We just ask that you be prepared.


Voting will take place in front of our clubhouse on Tuesday, August 18th.   Details to follow.
You can also vote-by-mail now. Request your ballot


Attention residents of Sunrise Pointe Cir. Your street is scheduled to be milled and paved this Monday and Tuesday, August 3rd and 4th, weather permitting.   You already know the drill.  Please move your cars.   Notices to your homes have been delivered.  This is part of the corrections being made.    Phases 1 and 3 should already have seen drainage repairs made.  I can’t even say “be patient” to all the residents. You already have been.   It shouldn’t be long now and corrections will be complete.  I don’t even care to address Bldg. #131 due to all the promises made in the past.  Be surprised.  I will join you.


Our cafe will open again on Monday, August 3rd.  Please give them your support.  Dinner orders will be taken Monday morning.  Start using your cards as many of you still have hefty balances left. Use them or just leave them at my door and I will have meals I don’t have to concern myself with. Enjoy!


All rules remain the same.    I will no longer answer the question, “when will the west pool open?”   We have replied that when we know, you will know.   At this time be grateful you have three pools to chose from.  As we have had some minor issues caused by residents, it’s easier to monitor the three pools and not burden ourselves with a fourth. Unfortunately other communities have had to close facilities. We continue to be cautious.


Please join us at our meetings.   Links are attached.

Tuesday August 4th, 2020    1:00pm      Renovation Vote
Phone: 929.205.6099
Pin: 8751 262 5688

Tuesday August 11th, 2020  2:00pm      BOD Agenda Meeting
Monday August 17th, 2020  10:00am    BOD Monthly Meeting

Phone: 301.715.8592
Pin: 8409 772 7727

It’s been a serious week.   We are all exhausted.    The most important of all is don’t be foolish.  Should the storm hit us, stay inside.  Continue all COVID guidelines.




Friday July 24, 2020

Hello Residents:

Once again, hello !!  I just responded to an email whereas the person indicated I would hear from him tomorrow and then stopped himself and said it is tomorrow.  It’s a good way to start this article.  If it is still considered Wednesday,  although it is after 12:00am,  I still have another day to write the Community Connection.   If it is Thursday, it is THE day.   If it goes past midnight on Thursday, it’s Friday and I will be in one heck of a rush.  I have choices to make.  Do I write, or do I forget about it for a week?   You can also see COVID is causing hallucinations and I’m truly losing all common, logical sense.  If you just followed what I have written, you are pure genius!!

COVID is certainly putting a strain on all of us.   One of the funniest things is listening to your loved ones, children and grandchildren getting annoyed and angry with you for going out.  What a reversal of rolls this is. They are now dictating your lives.  “Mother, you don’t need bread in the house.  Have your tuna fish sandwich on a slice of cheese.”  “Grandpa, learn to drink black coffee.  Buying milk at a store isn’t good for you.”   Having a sense of humor temporarily remedies tough situations.  There is nothing better than laughing heartily with tears running down your face and you unable to catch your breath.  Make your own jokes if need be.  You can be just as funny as the next person.

Just recently I was reading some information on COVID and one of the articles certainly caught my attention.   It makes me very proud to announce that we at HP have not yet officially received any confirmations of COVID Divorce.   There isn’t any question that there is a strain and a deal of stress and a toll on relationships caused by 24 hour days  with one person continuing for 5 months.  

You may have someone standing behind you every step of the day.   You place a plate on the table only to find it in the sink because your companion thought you were finished.  You want to sit and relax and have a leisurely snack  and there is this same individual, fork in hand, waiting as well.  You changed linens yesterday only to find this person has just stripped the beds for lack of something to do.  The telephone rings and you look forward to an intimate conversation.  Within a second you find this being sitting beside you listening to every breath.  You hear the magic words “I’m going to the mailbox” and you finally have 5 minutes of alone time.

Two weeks ago I finally caved and told my husband I must get out.   I got in the car, drove out of the gate, and then asked myself “where am I going?”   I made one wide circle to Military, along Atlantic, and back here.  The entire length of my adventure was 10 minutes.  I did laugh at myself but also felt satisfaction in knowing I wasn’t stuck and if necessary, a drive can rejuvenate you.

When all is said and done, people take stock of their lives during a crisis. Be happy your friend calls you 4 times a day to avoid feeling lonely. Be happy another friend calls just to say hello and make sure you are fine. Be happy you have others who are with you in these uncertain times.  Be happy you are safe in your own home.

Last week I mentioned that all should be alert as scams are on the rise.This week seemed to be Medicare calls requesting personal information. Remember, they do not call you.  Give NO information to anyone.  We had a “window washing” scam as well.  Do not allow anyone into your unit unless you have verified this individual belongs.   He may say he does the window washing for HP.   If you do not have an appointment and no one has informed you of this service, call the front desk, a neighbor, your board member, immediately.  Again, we cannot stress enough that you must be cognizant of unusual situations.

Residents, please discard your garbage appropriately.   Do not leave books, flyers,  half eaten sandwiches, packages etc. on benches or tables.   Use your pails or trash rooms.  We have enough problems without flying objects or a community that has debris all over the place. We do not need any unwelcome critters.

A few people have asked if something can be done in reference to the handicap spaces in front of the cafe.   Unfortunately there are mobility problems with many.  It makes it difficult to walk certain distances.  The handicap spaces do not “belong” to the cafe.   They are for anyone who needs them.   Some go swimming and some just sit and watch a tennis game.  By law we cannot designate the spaces nor can we give them a time frame. For those that are capable of walking a little further, and if possible, leave the space for someone who has a bigger hardship.


The cafe will be closed FOR VACATION  from July 27th to August 2nd and will reopen on August 3rd.  There will be no dinner deliveries at that time.  Once open please support them.  It will also mean you have approximately 5 months left to use your cards.  Those up north may want to make a gift of your cards or other arrangements for usage.
Tomorrow, Saturday, order some meals and freeze them for during the week. You will be pleased you did.

HP will be a polling station once again for the August and November elections.  Details to follow as we get closer. You can also vote by mail. Request your ballot here by clicking this link https://www.pbcelections.org/Voters/Vote-By-Mail

Landscaping will not be taking any work orders at this time. They will accept orders for irrigation purposes only.  Notice will be given when they are ready to commence again.

As more have left HP the pools have not had as many problems with capacity issues.  It is imperative to follow the rules.  Again, when in the pool area, stay six feet apart or wear your mask.  This is mandatory.   

Remember the pool area is for swimming and not for leisurely sitting.  Wearing daytime clothing rather than your bathing suit is proof your intentions are not to swim.  Your time frame is one hour UNLESS there are less people than allowed at the pool.  The main pool capacity is 25 people and the north and east pool is 15 people each.

Pool hours remain the same for all three:   9:00am to 4:00pm.   Last week the door at the east pool was left unlocked.  There was a legitimate reason.  This does not give you permission to use the pool at 8:00am.    Please follow the very few rules being implemented.

Due to the severe rise in numbers of the virus, we must strictly reinforce the rule of RESIDENTS ONLY in our pools.  We became a little more relaxed for a very short span of time allowing overnight guests use of the pools.  To protect HP residents and keep them safe, we have to revert back.  Too many have been coming from the Miami area and the northern states.  When they arrive here for extended visits, they need to quarantine and remain in the homes of the ones they are visiting.   They are allowed to shop for essentials.    Please have a form of I.D. with your address at all times.   Remember please, RESIDENTS THAT LIVE HERE ONLY ARE PERMITTED on the pool deck and in the pool itself.  It does not matter if you have a brother, mother, or good friend that lives here.   If someone owns a unit and is renting it to others, the owner is NOT a resident and doesn’t have the privilege of using any of our facilities.  That person should be using what is given where they reside.

Unfortunately, we did have positive results from staff members.  As a result, all of the staff plus board members had to be tested once again.  All board member’s tests resulted as negative.

By law we are not allowed to give names with results without permission.

Melissa of Platinum was positive and remains at home.
Ann Sullivan was positive and is working from home.  Both are doing very well.
No other information is available to us.

Our staff is back to the beginning as it was in March, and working on rotating hours.  When not here on premise, they are at home keeping up with the work demand.

Some may be wondering what is taking so long in having repairs done.  It is not just us.  It is every community or home owner.  Contractors and their staff do have employees who have tested positive and needless to say are unable to work and not permitted on our grounds.   Without man power, it slows the process.  Please be patient and understanding.  It is a circle of events that does not stop.

We wish everyone a speedy recovery and continue to do as well as they have been.

Please mark the following meeting dates for next week and see the attached links.

Monday July 27th, 10:30am.  We are continuing with the documents.
Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84097727727
Phone: 301.715.8592
Pin: 8409 772 7727

Wednesday July 29th, 10:30am.  This will be a renovation meeting for the board.  Residents of course may attend.   However, as this is a special meeting they will be unable to speak at this time.  You can give your input directly to your phase board following the meeting.
Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87061286267
Phone: 312.626.6799
Pin: 8706 128 6267


This past week, the daughter of Joseph, our janitorial  supervisor,  passed away.  Please send your notes or cards to the clubhouse and we will see to it they are received. 

Joseph and Denise Mathurin.
Daughter’s name:   Meme

Our sincerest sympathies are extended to the entire family.  No words can possibly  soothe the pain and grief they must be feeling.

Be grateful for what we do have.  Stop thinking about what we don’t.

Be safe and be well.


Friday July 17, 2020

Hello Residents:

Dear Residents.

As we get older we are made more and more aware of the changes that take place within seconds.  We go to bed laughing and we awake crying.   We have our customary breakfast and realize we never really cared for what we were eating.    We reach for the phone to call the regular circle of friends and realize what used to be a happy hour has become a routine.  We are repeating ourselves.

What exactly are we experiencing?   We seem to all point our fingers and exclaim the virus is not only debilitating physically but also sickening our emotions and our brains.

It’s been a very sad week.   Last Saturday I received a call from New Jersey that a very dear close friend of 52 years had died.  She had not yet reached 70 years of age.  We have all had the same experiences.   We think of the times shared, laughing and crying.   The primary reason I am writing about this personal part of my life is the reason she passed.   She died of COVID-19.   She lasted close to 4 months and we actually thought she was doing better.   It’s an important lesson to be learned.  For those that still feel the virus is not to be taken seriously, look around.  It’s starting to touch us.   It may not have affected you yet directly but it just might.  Your resisting social distancing and wearing a mask are for the benefit of your friends and family.   How many times the same information is given to all and yet ignored or pushed to the side.

Different phases have different needs.  Please adhere to their rules. They have been thought out carefully FOR YOU.  South Florida is not in a good position.  Be cognizant and respect those that want to do the best for you and for the community.

The very few who still feel their needs come before the safety of others must find other outlets.   Go to the public beaches, gyms, and libraries.   Play your games on-line.   We are going backwards with many communities closing what they recently opened.  It’s not what we want.   It would be wonderful to revert only a few months and live our lives as before. 

Remember our cafe please.   They need us.  Should you have any complaints, advise them.   Without knowing, they cannot make corrections.

As if we haven’t had enough, you are all aware that one of the guards tested positive last week.  She had no symptoms.  It was bound to happen but we were fortunate.  All staff members have been tested and as the results are coming in, they are negative.   Board members have also gone for testing again and waiting for results. 

Our clubhouse was immediately sanitized and picked apart for cleaning.   It was steamed and scrubbed. Nothing was overlooked.    We are currently on a rotating staff as in the beginning.  This means delays in return calls, repairs, and projects.   Please be patient.  We try our best to prioritize.  Campbell has not stopped for a moment.

Tuesday evening we had tremendous, tropical, torrential rains.  Guess what? This will not come as any surprise.  Once again we were harmed with damages which are currently being repaired.   Should you notice lights on during the day and all night, it is due to the breakdown of the system.   Hopefully by the time you receive this article some of the repairs should have been made.  Air conditioning was gone; computers gone; need I say more?

Please once again be cautious of the various scams.   It’s a vulnerable time.  Don’t get caught.   Do not give any telephone information to anyone unless you are 100% certain of the source.   Ignore AT & T telling you your service is being disconnected.   Ignore the IRS telling you that you owe money and will be fined.  Ignore someone telling you that they will place $1,000,000 in your bank account if you provide them with your social security number.   USE YOUR HEADS PLEASE.  Scammers are adapting old scams while inventing new ways to steal money or sensitive personal information.   Heightened levels of fear and anxiety due to the coronavirus and the social unrest we are seeing make us more susceptible targets.  Scammers are busier than ever.

For the most part, the pools are being used with compliance.  As of July 11th, we no longer have a pool guard. This does not mean that rules have changed.  It means that thank you is due to the residents who have been following instructions.

Please note the following once again:

All visitors/guests who are staying here require a guest pass.  These are available at the front desk at the clubhouse and are considered identification.

If you do not live here, you are not a resident and may not use the facilities if just visiting for a day or a few hours.  People that own units and have other individuals living in them are NOT considered residents.  The fact that you own a unit does not entitle you to our facilities.  You cannot “double dip.”

The ONLY  items allowed in the pool area are your chairs, personal items (towels) noodles, or weights.

We did receive a complaint from a resident who also claims others have mentioned it to her as well.  This refers to those on the pool decks.   The areas are not for socializing.  They are for those drying off or taking a break from being in the pool.   During those times,  if the pool is not at capacity,  people may relax by speaking to others;  listen to a radio;  read.  IT IS TEMPORARY while drying off or going back into the pool.

For those that complained about someone sitting, what would you like done?  Do you want a letter of violation be sent?   Do you want a “No Chair” ruling at the pools so no one gets to sit and rest?  Do you want those that do not have the stamina to remain in the pool for their hour to leave after they have only had 10 to 20 minutes of pleasure?  Do you want a “No Reading or No Talking” sign posted?  Not everything is black and white as the expression goes.  We need some time for blue sunny skies.  Not much is currently being offered.   Some pleasures are necessary.

We are currently extremely occupied with the roads, documents, delegating staff due to COVID, renovations, compliance to PBC rules, gas leaks, electrical break downs, phase repairs, HP repairs.  Every minute is precious.    Your complaints should be valid ones.   Stop looking for infractions that in the scheme of things are trivial.  Report lack of social distancing and masks.   Report those speeding or not picking up debris from their emotional support animals. 

Our next BOD meeting will be held on Monday, July 20th at 10:00 am.  Had you missed our last agenda meeting this past Monday, you would have witnessed a highly unusual banter and discussion.  It was not the usual mannerism we have been accustomed to  used at meetings.  It is your board busy at work wanting what is best for all.

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84097727727

Phone: 301.715.8592
Pin: 8409 772 7727


It is now 2:30am.   I thought I was to date with the pool information.   Wrong.   This evening an email went out indicating the main pool would be closed tomorrow.

The entire matter is over someone using a large raft and making others uncomfortable with space.  RAFTS/FLOATS HAVE NEVER BEEN ALLOWED.  The rule is posted at every pool.    This was for three consecutive days.   The person was asked not to use the equipment.   The answer to one of our board members when told was “tough.”   This person was rude, abrasive, disrespectful, unpleasant, harsh, and offensive.   As volunteers none of the board members should be subjected to this type of behavior.  The person told me that no one knew what they were doing.  The person said the raft would be taken and used.   When told the pool might close due to his/her behavior, I was told the raft would be used regardless.

Within minutes of people receiving the email,  I started to receive responses.  

From the second we contemplated opening the pools, all were told that it would take one resident to spoil it for the rest.  All need to be compliant in following all pool rules. This statement was made from the board weeks ago and subsequently repeated weekly.  The format for this Community Connection has now changed direction due to the following questions and answers.

Question:  “Why can’t you just publish that person’s name and make it for that person not to go to the pools.   Why punish everyone else?”

Answer:   This was not an easy decision but one made this evening after trying to speak logically with the person.   ALL KNEW FROM THE ONSET THAT IT MIGHT COME TO THIS.   We continually said that one could spoil it for all.  You are not being punished.  You have two alternate pools you can frequent. You try and speak to this person.  It will not help.  I personally did not want to embarrass the resident by publishing the name.      Many who observed the actions know who it is.   

Other communities have not yet opened their pools and some are now closing them permanently due to the actions of residents.

Question:  “Instead of punishing all of us, why don’t you ban the person who is non-compliant?  Your solution is idiotic and nothing more than a power play.”

Answer:   See the above answer.   We told all residents the rules and the results if not followed.  As per our attorney, what is the point of rules if not enforced?   From one person’s actions all will be more cognizant of the rules.

You may feel the solution is idiotic.   Where were you two months ago when we stated the rules?   You are entitled to your opinion.  You actually think this is a power play?  You think our positions are easy ones?   A power play in which way?   Protecting the welfare and the safety of residents translates to power?  No one on this board thinks their position involves “power.”   

Statement:        “Good for you.   People just don’t care about anyone but themselves.”

Statement:        “I fully agree.  There is always one.”

Statement:        ” I fully agree with the actions taken.   We have to learn to take the rules seriously.”

Statement:        “You and the board have always cared about us.  Thank you for watching over us.”

The final statement I will write is below.

“Shirley, you and the Master Board gave ample warning every time the Master Board began talking about the pools with sincerity and gave fair warning!  You followed through with what you said would transpire.   I agree with you that all it takes is one individual to spoil it for the rest of he people who want to enjoy the pool.

I actually thank you for following through and closing the pool due to the individual that demonstrated such blatant insubordination.    Hopefully this will reverberate around the community to follow the instructions that are given them and that is for their safety and that we are following very closely the guidrlines of the rules.  You and the board followed through with your fiduciary responsibility and you should all be proud of that!”

Statement:  “We will now be on the watch for others.  Thank you for the hours you all work.”

Statement:   ” Word is not going to  reach many people given the lateness of your email.  Also the impact on the East and North pools may be substantial and cause new issues of non compliance.   Members of the Enforcement/Fining committee should punish the resident.”

Comment:     Yes, the email was late in getting out.  This is because the resident was given an opportunity to speak early evening.   I assure you by 9:00am Friday morning everyone will know.  It doesn’t take much for news to spread.  Many residents have left.  The pools have been far below capacity and will be able to hold the additional people provided they come at intervals.   Rather than more issues, there will be less.   Residents won’t allow more.  There is a process to be followed by  the Enforcement/Fining committee.  The person involved stated he/she will contest our rules.    

Give the two available pools an opportunity before running off to the beach.

Everyone, please be careful.



Friday July 10, 2020

Dear Residents:
UPDATE** The gas leak at the cafe has been repaired. Cafe is open today Friday July 10th.

July 4th has come and gone.  This past Monday I received an email from a resident who had just arrived north after leaving here.   The resident wanted to know what he had missed here.

I did mention this to some people but to those that missed the festivities I am going to refresh your minds.

Friday evening started beautifully with the  privilege of watching “Hamilton” on Disney Plus.   We went to sleep dreaming of the perfect weekend planned by the Events Committee of HP.   Saturday afternoon was to be swimming in the main pool accompanied by live music and dancing.   We were to barbeque steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, lamb chops, salmon, corn.   An assortment of cold salads were to be served.

The evening was to be a gala extraordinaire.  Platinum were to wear tuxedos and provide ideal valet service.   It was to be cocktails in the lobby; our headliners for the show were Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion.    Following was a soiree with cordials, fine chocolates, white tablecloths and international pastries and fruit.   Fireworks were to be displayed on our screen from New York.   Sunday morning we had planned an elegant brunch served poolside along with a quartet of musicians.  AND THEN,   we awoke.   It was Saturday.   It was rain.  It was stressful.   It was sad.  No socialization.   We decided a redo for Sunday.   It was rain.   It was stressful.   It was sad.   No socialization.    All we asked for was two joyous hours.  They didn’t even have to be joyous.    Was it such a difficult request?    What I received  was free Disney for the month and watched High School Musical and Noellle (a holiday movie.)  Yes, me, who watches virtually no television.

So all those that envied us here in South Florida, be grateful you were home safely.   We here could only dream.

This past week we continued with the changing of the documents meeting.   Some had difficulty keeping their eyes open and some actually learned some history pertaining to HP.   We are getting close to voting for changes.

Please note that the next BOD agenda meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 14th at 2:00pm.

The next general BOD meeting is on Monday, July 20th at 10:00am.

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84097727727
Phone: 301.715.8592
Pin: 8409 772 7727

The east pool opened.   I arrived there at 9:15 on Friday morning only to be confronted with complaints of the pool being too hot.    All had been checked prior to the opening and was operating.   Unfortunately the cooler’s connection malfunctioned.   It was a holiday weekend—of course.  Why should this happen on a weekday when repairs can be made immediately?    There were choices:  stay at the east pool and complain or go to the main or north pools.   The problem was corrected only to break again yesterday.   It will be resolved today.   If not, just take a cold shower before or after visiting the east pool.

Yesterday we had a minor gas leak and closed the cafe only to be told the problem was from the main line and far more severe than anticipated. This morning, the leak has been repaired. Please remember to support the cafe and call in your dinner delivery orders.

Is there anything that can go smoothly since January 1st?  Just blame the board for all the misfortunes.   We’ve become accustomed to being the responsible ones.  Our shoulders are broader than most and our smiles are pasted to our faces.

The past few days has brought some disturbing news.   Once again, to all residents, should you have a problem, please address your phase boards for help.    Having discussions at the pool or sitting and chatting  only perpetuates rumors.    One person called and was rightfully  upset as she heard we were removing the railings at the pool.   She was intelligent enough to follow through for the correct information.   It was the covering of the railings that were being removed.   Another resident went to the west pool on Monday morning and was angry that it was after 10:00am and the pool was late in opening.   At no time did we indicate any time frame for the opening of the west pool.   We are working on repairs at this moment.   Her friend insisted the pool was open and she told me I was the one who was making the mistake.    The list of incorrect information continues.

A few weeks ago I had printed a list of sanitizers manufactured in Mexico that should not be used.   This week I received an additional list of five from a resident that were added to the FDA’s sanitizers to be avoided.   Anyone exposed should seek immediate treatment as per the FDA.

Grupo Insoma’s Hand Sanitizer Gel Unscented,  70% alcohol.
Transliquid Technologies’ Mystic Shield Protection Hand Sanitzer
Soluciones Cosmeticas’ Bersih Hand Sanitizer Gel Fragrance Free
Soluciones Cosmeticas Antiseptic Alcohol 70% Topical Solution Hand Sanitzer
Tropicosmeticos’ Britz Hand Sanitzer Ethyl Alcohol 70%

Two weeks ago I wrote about the emergency order issued requiring masks or face coverings.   In the interim, the same questions are continually being asked. Not a day goes by without the same issues being questioned.    Please place the following whereby you can look at  it for guidance until the next order comes in.

Palm Beach County Emergency Order 202-012 has been issued requiring face coverings in Palm Beach County.  This order applies in all incorporated and unincorporated areas of Palm Beach County and was in effect as of June 25th, 2020 at 12:01am.

Facial coverings must be worn by all persons over two, other than those specifically exempted, while obtaining any goods or services or otherwise visiting or working in any business or establishment, including entering, exiting, and otherwise moving around within the establishment.



Everyone must keep a six foot distance or otherwise wear a mask.   This includes the pools, walking, riding bikes, elevators, catwalks, etc.   Keep your mask with you.

Should HP receive a fine for your negligence, we will seek reimbursement from you personally through our fining committee procedure.

Another weekend is here.   This of course means rain.

Be safe and be well,




Friday July 3, 2020

Dear Residents

Can you believe it is July?  For many whether it is April, July, or September, the dates do not matter.  However, today does matter.   We will go to sleep tonight and when we awake, It will be July 4th.  It is a federal holiday in the United States.  It is to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July, 1776 declaring independence from Great Britain.

We usually celebrate with barbecues, picnics, concerts, carnivals, parades, fireworks, and reunions.  There are many private and public events.  It’s the biggest birthday celebration in the United States.  Red, white and blue became symbol colors.   There are familiar songs that come to mind such as “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and “America, the Beautiful.”   There are trips to the beaches, parks, friends, and family for celebrations.

There is a traditional parade in Bristol, Rhode Island and who can forget Coney Island, New York where there is an annual hot dog eating contest sponsored by Nathan’s?  The Boston Pops and Macy’s fireworks were always on our priority lists.

On Thursday we had our own parade of staff members who drove around with balloons and sirens making the day more festive.   Some of them haven’t seen a resident in months.  Between masks and weight gains they think we are all new  people.    We were very pleased to see familiar faces.   The only thing missing were snacks being thrown from the truck.   I would have loved some Fritos Corn Chips or Mr. Goodbars.  Guess we just can’t have everything.

When we wake, will it really be July 4th or just another “Ground Hog Day” as we refer to our current lives.   There is no question there will be a feeling of melancholy.   In past years the Events Committee arranged for movies, desserts and the streaming in of fireworks for the enjoyment of the residents.  Personally, I loved working with the committee in organizing such happy events.   We laughed, dressed in the symbolic colors, took down the decorations from the projection room, complained at the end of a long day how our feet and backs hurt and how much fruit and pastries were left.  I promise to NEVER say a negative word again in preparation for any of our events here.

Was the past a dream?  Did these events actually happen?  Are we in the Twilight Zone?

Smile, swim, greet your friends and neighbors, and think of the holidays to come.


We had 411 people registered to take the COVID-19 test.  Of that number, 33 did not show.  This left 378 NEGATIVE results for Huntington Pointe.   How wonderful for us.
Keep in mind that others took the tests elsewhere and they did not report their findings.   Thank you for those that did take advantage of the testing here on our premises.   Continue being safe.  Just think again, No Positives!!


July 4th is Saturday.   The cafe WILL BE CLOSED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.   The new weekly menu will be available on our website no later than Sunday so you can plan your weekly dinner deliveries.    It will be open on Friday so make extra purchases if you would like to be stocked over the weekend.


I have made several requests that residents make sure their information is current at the office.  All updates are to be given by July 10th as the new directories are getting ready for printing.   Barbara Verizon does not want to be listed as Bob AT& T.    John Dough wants his name spelled correctly as John Doe.  It is your responsibility to make sure all is correct.   DO NOT HESITATE PLEASE OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE. See what will be printed here


Reginald K. Duren, Fire Rescue Administrator from Palm Beach County, sent a beautiful note of thanks  to Michael Levine of the Snowbirds Plus Club and myself as President of HP representing the residents here.  He wanted us to know that it is always a pleasure to know that their service in the community is being recognized and very much appreciated the donation given.  Once again, thank you for your generosity.

For anyone interested, Disney Plus is streaming in the Broadway Hit Show “Hamilton” this evening.   You can register for one month for $6.99 and then cancel.  It’s less than the price of going to the movies and will be a wonderful two and a half hours with the original Broadway cast.   Prepare those munchies, drinks, and put on your favorite casual clothes.   Put your feet up, place your pillows to your liking, and enjoy!!

Once again, a reminder that should you care to vote by mail, call and register at 656 6208. https://www.pbcelections.org/Voters/Vote-By-Mail

As of the writing of this article, all seems to be going relatively smoothly at our pools.   It’s basically the same issues.   We have residents who do not recognize that the difference between having 25 or 27 in the pool area  may mean closure.  We have residents who still feel the pool area is for socializing.   They sit for over their limited time not allowing other swimmers their right to access.  Should this continue, there will be closure.   For the most part, we work on an honor system.   Consideration is necessary for the system to work.   The majority try hard, and we thank you.

Just this past Wednesday, one of the “V” communities closed their pool.   They are given a reservation time for 40 minutes. No chairs, lounges, noodles are allowed.   It took two people to argue, fight, and cause a stressful situation for the community and all ended up suffering for their actions.  One of the other communities has their residents reserve a time for only 3 days a week.  They can only bring in their bodies for swimming.   No sitting of any sort is allowed.  No socializing is allowed.  Not even bottled water is allowed.

Rather than complain, please be grateful for what is available.   You yourselves can see that we change our status in quick increments.   We don’t wait weeks and weeks for changes.  When the time seems reasonable and appropriate, we make the adjustments.   Keep in mind that we may have to revert should the situation become worse.

Important:   The county is here two to three times a day randomly checking us.   Do not think that because you do not see an “official” car no one is here.   PBC has given authorization to several groups of individuals to issue warnings and fines.   Just because someone who looks 16 or 96 approaches you with a ticket does not mean it isn’t valid.   Just because someone is in a bikini or a tuxedo  does not mean it isn’t someone in authority.   You may or may not spot cars you do not recognize.   We are being watched.   It’s for our safety, and the county’s revenue.   Should HP be penalized for your actions be prepared for letters of violation, and fines.

Our next BOD meeting will take place on Monday July 6th AT 11:00am—–yes, 11:00am via Zoom.   We continue with the document amendments.

Access is: https://US02web.200m.us/j/84097727727

Phone Access:  301.715.8592
Pin number:      8409 772 7727

I purchased a package of Nathan’s hot dogs, a package of rolls, mustard, and relish for breakfast Saturday morning.  I want the day to start feeling like a holiday.

Be safe and be well everyone.


Friday June 26, 2020

Hello Everyone.

It was Wednesday evening, 11:00pm, ABC news.   Twice there was a gentleman interviewed.   He was handsome;  he was articulate; and he looked so very familiar.  I knew that voice.   It was the stern, firm, voice full of passion with his ideas and beliefs.   It was none other than our very own Robert Tishkevich!   At first I flinched not knowing what he might say and prayed he wouldn’t mention HP.   When all was said, he represented us beautifully and I wished he had mentioned our wonderful Huntington Pointe.

Strutting about with his now being a celebrity, he was prepared to sign autographs this morning.   The problem was that too few knew so we decided to take rain checks. However, our very own entrepreneur and board member, Hal Pugach,  was clever enough to purchase the autographs on E-Bay for $.03 each.   They have already topped $.04 cents.   I refuse to spend that extra penny.   I know,  tomorrow when it reaches $.05 I will be sorry.  I certainly hope Robert will still issue his signature gratis to those he knows.

Robert, Congratulations.   You made us proud.


Palm Beach County Emergency Order 202-012 has been issued requiring face coverings in Palm Beach County.  This order applies in all incorporated and unincorporated areas of Palm Beach County and was in effect as of Thursday, June 25th 2020 at 12:01 AM.

Facial coverings must be worn by all persons over two, other than those specifically exempted, while obtaining any goods or service or otherwise visiting or working in any business or establishment, including entering, exiting, and otherwise moving around within the establishment.  FACIAL COVERINGS MUST BE WORN BY ALL PERSONS IN PUBLIC PLACES WHERE SOCIAL DISTANCING IN ACCORDANCE WITH CDC GUIDELINES IS NOT POSSIBLE OR NOT BEING PRACTICED.

The Sheriff of Palm Beach County, other law enforcement agencies including municipal law enforcement agencies and any other personnel authorized by law, are authorized to enforce this order.   Compliance and enforcement processes shall include the provision of a warning and opportunity to correct before citations resulting in fines are issued. 

Everyone at the pools MUST keep a six foot distance or otherwise wear a mask.  All walking, riding bikes, playing games, must wear a mask.

I repeat, the Sheriff is here at random.   We have no warning.  If you are caught without your mask or a minimum of 6 foot distancing, the fine is yours.  We do not pay it.   The first violation is $250.   The second is $500.  We cannot help you.

Cases are rising.  We had just started to feel a little more relaxed.   We are trying to cope.  Some never learn how to cope well.  Some people, when coping gets difficult, might drink too much wine or indulge in ice-cream sodas or milkshakes.  Some scream and speak loudly and abrasively while others remain quiet.   Some get very depressed and do not venture out.   They hide or sleep all day.   Others watch television and just continually snack.    We have to learn to be more understanding of people.  We may not understand why some behave as they do but they may not comprehend us either.   Life can be hard under normal circumstances, and now we have this horror to deal with.

COVID has curtailed all expectations for travel, entertainment, gatherings.  It’s difficult to come to grips with this and hard to live in the moment.   It is a sad time for all.   Make the best of it.  Reach out and talk to neighbors.   Go to the pool.  Sit outside.  Order in from the cafe (yes, I did have to plug our cafe.)

On a much better note, we had 411 residents register for the virus testing here on premise.  We had 32 who did not show for their appointments.  This left 379 tested.  Our friends at Fed Ex misplaced specimens for 94 people.   Of the 285 remaining,  all were negative.   Continue below please.  IMPORTANT.


Fed Ex found the lost specimens Wednesday afternoon.   Phoenix and Alliance immediately started the process to see if they were still usable.  HURRAY, YES!!

The reading of the tests started this afternoon with many being called and given their results.   Continuing tests will go on tomorrow. When ready, they will call you.

Should you not hear anything by Tuesday, call the following number for results:

914 307 1678.   The half dozen I heard from early this evening were all negative.  HURRAY.  We don’t have to reschedule.   So far, so incredibly good.

Many continue to grunt and complain that our facilities are not opening quickly enough.   We have and will continue to have the safety and well being of our residents a priority.   Just this week one of the other communities had to close their exercise room and their pool.  Another neighbor has yet to open any of their facilities.     Please let us do our jobs and what is good for the majority.  Stop badgering us.  If displeased you can go to any public beach, pool, or join a gym.  Just don’t forget your mask!!

Many received information from Florida Power & Light in reference to the purchase of surge protection.  Read it carefully and better yet, enroll if possible.  With hurricane season here, it may prove to be a great advantage.  The number is 1 800 531 2123.  Use the code Campbell for a discount.

Several weeks ago I was told there is an open forum called “Next Door.”   It is of benefit to those that are looking for information about vendors and communities.  At that time I was told that someone was being negative towards us.   I joined.   I read the comments.  Four days later I unsubscribed.   I was unwilling to listen to the negative untrue banter.  Since that episode, I have met one of the people and she has since changed her mind about us and turned out to become a caring resident.

This week once again I heard that some were speaking badly about us.  I feel as if I am the mother duckling taking care of her babies.   I get defensive.   My first thought is that if so unhappy, just move.  However, what I want is to find the source of the problem and rectify it.  Several called to advise me that names of the board were being used, including mine.  One phase board was being totally trashed.  What was most disturbing was finding out the person who was so negative.   I always respected him and think of him as an intelligent gentleman. He has had legitimate issues whereby some of the board members and I spent a great deal of time trying to rectify them.    Not all of us will agree with one another.   Just because you prefer French fries and I like sweet potatoes does not give anyone a reason for the negativity passed.   We are living in a time whereby hatred is inexcusable and should not be tolerated.   This includes bashing and bullying.

What is the fuss?   We have The Lifestyle publication.   We advertise.   The money received offsets the expense.   Anyone can place their ads.   We have a disclaimer that we are not responsible for the individual companies and the goods and services they provide.   This gentleman feels we should not allow a company to advertise because he did not have a good experience.   Others may be very happy.   You may not like the pizza at ABC.   Does this mean we shouldn’t allow ABC to place their ad?

“Next Door” is supposed to be a positive publication.   From the correspondence being sent to me, it seems to be a place to vent.  I hope I am wrong.   We on the board and your fellow friends of Huntington Pointe  feel nothing but disappointment that some continue.  Are you that unhappy here?  Come to your board members.   They are here to help.   As for my “friend” I am truly sorry  you have chosen this open forum to take away the good feelings that were established.

All received the recent detailed status of our renovations.   Within an hour of the article’s release, I received a phone call asking why we can’t start now. 

After once again requesting calls here be made between 11:00am and 5:00pm I received a call at 8:30am on Tuesday asking what time lap swimming begins.  Once again, please read the correspondence and information given.   How unfair to us to have to repeat and repeat the same information.  

Our next BOD meeting is this Monday, June 29th at 10:00am.  It is a continuation of the document change recommendations.   It may be boring but certainly very interesting.   It’s a history of how this community was set up and how we are trying to bring it into the current times.  Some have referred to our meetings as wonderful entertainment. I agree.   You have drama;  you have comedy;  you have a wide range of facial expressions;  you have fashion—or not; you have visions of decorations in people’s homes; and most important, you get to see the people you elected working for your benefit.

The Zoom link for the meeting is:

Be well and be safe,

Friday June 19, 2020

Hello Residents:

If you recall, last week I had written a little something in reference to people calling Marvin and Ann in the office for information which they could not possibly help them with.  The following are a few remarks received by a Phase 1 resident which I found amusing and hope you will as well.  I hope she doesn’t mind that I added a couple of words.

“You mean I can’t call the office for a weather report or to make a hair appointment?  I thought they were amenities of HP, not to mention free toilet paper delivery.   I have been duped.  I will just have to take my business elsewhere!!”

Many will be leaving HP within the next week to travel north to their homes or to visit their families.   We wish all good safe journeys and remind them to remain safe.  Also, although physically away, please check your emails for information on what is taking place here. They will keep you connected to us.

Reminder:   Please mark your calendar for the second Document Review Committee meeting.

Date:    Monday, June 22nd
at 10:00am

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84097727727

Phone:   301 715 8592

Pin:   840 9772 7727


Pool:  The new pool hours started this past Wednesday, June 17th.  The hours are from 9:00am to 4:00pm for both pools.   Lap swimming is scheduled for the main pool from 9:00am to 10:00am.

The north pool has a capacity of 15 people whether in the water or drying off sitting on the deck.

The main pool has a capacity of 25 people whether in the water or drying off sitting on the deck.

Each person is entitled to an hour of swim time.  However, should there be no one waiting to enter you may stay longer.  We did have an incident at the north pool whereby people overstayed their time.  Please remember to be considerate and kind.  It’s an honor system to a degree.

The main pool did not remain unscathed by an irate swimmer who was rude and disrespectful to others.   Foul language and making others uncomfortable is not acceptable.

We have secured Platinum Security to make sure that all comply with the current rules.   It’s an expense we didn’t want to incur but found necessary. 

For those that sent me email after email asking when we will open the other pools, I did not respond.   It’s not because I didn’t care to do so.   It’s because I felt this issue had been answered countless times already.  Today is the first week the north pool has been opened.  It is going fairly smoothly.  As we continue to evaluate PBC rules and the compliance of our residents, we will reevaluate.   Stop calling the front desk.  The person there is a security guard who cannot authorize where or what time you swim.  The guard can however answer general questions such as yes, bathing suits are allowed.


On June 30th at 10:00am a new Tai Chi class will be added to the schedule.  This class is being given temporarily  in lieu of water aerobics. Enjoy.


Most of you have already heard the facts or made up your own stories in reference to the test results of the “Wednesday People.”   You’ve heard the company wants to bill you twice;  wants to report your results to inflate or decrease positive or negative numbers;  deliberately wants to inconvenience you to kill an hour of your busy schedules.

The test specimens were lost by FedEx, the courier during transportation. “Why us?” as Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof says.   Why are we the chosen people?   Heck, why not.   We want the aggravation.  We want the negative calls.  We want to have to reschedule appointments.  We want irritable residents to complain.  We want to have to continually email or make calls.  We want to use our broad shoulders to prove we are capable of carrying our load.

You should be receiving calls next week with rescheduling dates.  We are honestly sorry this happened but we had no control.

By the end of next week we should have a date for all to see and hear the progress currently being made by the professionals hired for our renovations.  We will of course give you the information as soon as it is confirmed to us.  It will be in the form of a Zoom meeting.

There have been ongoing negative comments made about the paving project.  Yes, there is reason for concern with some of the areas we are not satisfied with.  Again, by next week we should have a status update on when repair work will commence.  We did not expect some of the problems encountered.  Seems that once again we were the chosen people.  Why, why, why…………

Please remember to support our cafe.  Please also remember to be honest with them.  Should you be unhappy with the service, please explain why in a respectful manner.  If you were not pleased with your meal, please return it.  If you do not say anything, no correction can be made. 

Although the following is directed at Phase 4, it applies to all.  This past Wednesday evening a survey was emailed to the residents of Phase 4.  Many quickly replied.  As a result, I received phone calls asking for explanations of the questions asked AFTER THE FACT.   I was not involved and it did take me time to read and reread what was being asked.  A few of the residents said they had submitted their surveys without fully understanding and wanted to answer again.  I told them to call the board at Phase 4 for direction. 

It is most important that when filing any papers, you know and understand what you are doing.  Whether it be a survey from Phase 4 or a doctor’s informational sheet, take the time to comprehend.

And the winner of our contest, “Name the Alligator” is Coraly.  The real  Coraly has an impressive background.  She is French and from Paris. She received her masters in environmental engineering in Denmark and did her thesis for the United Nations.  Our alligator is pining away for her. She has a broken heart and has decided to remain in the lake until her best friend returns. The young 22 year old charming Coraly was visiting her aunt here at HP for three months due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions.  I am sure she is not aware of the impact she made on our Coraly the Alligator. Coraly won the contest unanimously—-it was the only entry.

Be safe and be well,


Friday June 12, 2020


It really has been an uneventful week. The weather has changed from rain to extreme heat. Those who have gone to the pool have only appreciated it more and more. Speaking of the word “pool,” here is the information on the satellite pool that opened this morning.

The north (Lake Ida) pool

Leisurely swimming from 10:00am to 3:00pm

Bring your own chairs.
Social distancing is mandatory

15 people total whether in the pool or on the deck resting.

Time Restraint:   
One hour

Those wising to swim laps, the main pool is open from 9:00 to 10:00 for this activity.

Several times it has been mentioned that the pools are open for swimming, and NOT for socializing. Those that wish to sit and talk are asked to please go outside the pool area. You are being counted as part of the total and it is not considerate of those who come to get into the water.

The chairs are allowed so that individuals have a place for their personal belongings or to rest if tired from pool activities. The list of rules are few. If they cannot be followed we will have no alternative but to close the pools.  We do not want to do this. We will have to start enforcing the violations.   For the most part it is going smoothly.   Thank you for this.  For the rest, once again, please be considerate and courteous of the needs of others.

Just think, you can now juggle between the main and the north pool.  Have an hour in one and then go to the other for another hour.  Keep rotating. SHHH…..I didn’t tell you this!!

I know that everyone here loves each other. (Yeh, right!)  If, by some remote chance, there is someone here you don’t particularly care for, and you are feeling a little devilish, consider taking that person for a walk along the lake on the south side. A little push or a little shove will suffice if you are serious.  A good scare might do if you arrive at the right time.  We have a new addition in the lake.  It isn’t the first and it won’t be the last.  We could even have a naming contest for our very own baby alligator.

We wait for it’s little body to emerge so we can evaluate the size. Without the specific knowledge we cannot take more action. Leaving some special baked goods or delicious leftovers just might entice it to come out of hiding. Please know that the last remark is a no-no.

We are now in hurricane mode. Afterall, we don’t have any other issues to worry about.  Check the newspapers, newscasts, and information given by your phases. Be prepared.

My requests from you have not been many. Please learn to tell time.  If necessary, residents can call me between 11:00am and 5:00pm. Calling at 7:30am and telling me you are sorry but only have one question somehow seems a little self indulgent.  I go to bed between 1:00am and 4:00am to finish HP paperwork. Should you feel 7:30am is acceptable, then I too feel that 3:00am is fine for me to call you as well. Seems to be a fair exchange.

The reasons for those hours are personal. You can email me anytime at all.

Once again I would like to remind you of who to call for help.
You are each in one of 4 phases. You have 5 people on each board. They are your representatives.  Call your phase board member with any question or problem and they will guide you accordingly. It’s that simple.

Call members of the Master Board if not a phase issue. We take care of the common ground concerns. Calling the Management directly is not fair to them unless you have been requested to do so. Why call Marvin to find out the pool hours?  Why call Ann to find out the menu in the cafe? Why call the office staff to find out where to buy toilet tissue?  You are taking away time from them to manage properly adding hours to their days.  In turn you then complain they haven’t returned your call from 10 minutes ago.

Keep supporting our cafe. The dinners have been wonderful. More and more are feeling comfortable eating inside. Our cafe family is making sure all is disinfected and safe for our use.

Our next BOD meeting is this Monday, June 15th at 10:00am.

Login:         https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84097727727

Phone:      301 715 8592

Pin:           8409 772 7727

Immediately following we will be having the Attorney Document Finding Committee’s report.   Only residents wishing to have a deep sleep are encouraged to attend.

We wish to thank Jim Yarmus and Carol Spiegel of the Social Club for sponsoring this Sunday morning’s entertainment event on Zoom.  It is generous, thoughtful, and we are grateful to have something more to do than plan meals.

The event takes place this Sunday, June 14th at 11:00am  in the comfort of your home. Nightgowns, bathing suits, underwear allowed. It’s very very casual.

The opening act is story teller, Robert Isenberg, a member of our community.
The featured performer is Jeanne Lynn Gray.

PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFERING AND JOIN US. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89829059779

Be safe, cautious, and well.