HP Community Connection Written by President Shirley Kafka

Friday October 11, 2019

Good Day Huntington Pointe Residents. 

Each week we are full of surprises that consists of tests on our stamina, nerves, emotions, and mental state. 

For weeks we have been anxiously waiting to start the paving project.   Finally all was in place for Monday, October 7th.   The calls with questions of all sorts followed.   It didn’t seem to matter that there were emails sent, robo calls made, or information written in The Community Connection. 

“I can’t find parking for 60 days.”  (The entire project will hopefully take 60 days.) 

“I’ve waited 3 weeks to get my hair cut.   Should I cancel?”  (What would you have answered?) 

“I can’t believe they are working on Yom Kippur.  It’s a disgrace.”  (Countless times we indicated there wouldn’t be any work from Tues. 5:00pm to Thurs.  8:00am.   Please read information given.) 

“Where will my company park that I invited for Break-the fast?”  (Just as everyone else, in any guest spot, preferably close to your home.) 

“How will I get my mail?  I need my flyers or I can’t shop.” (At very worst, you may have to wait one day to walk to your mail box.   Publix stocks may be a drop lower for a day.) 

“Will the pools be open?”   (Huh—did I hear that correctly?   I suppose one of our pools may just have a road running through it.) 

We need and want new roadways.   It seems that a two day change of routine is difficult for some to cope with.   We regret this but it is not you alone.  It is all of us.  Take a deep breath and think of the beautiful results. 

It has been topsy turvey, turvey topsy up to this point.  

The best joke of all was from the “higher ups” who smiled down on us and decided to make us wait another week.    Due to a glitch on the very first morning, and we knew we would have some, the schedule was changed.  By the second day, it was rain.  You learn to shrug your shoulders and continue accepting but not liking the inconveniences. 

Try and follow this but only if you have a sense of humor: 

The eastern portion of Phase 3 was told the streets would be milled on Mon. the 7th.  It was changed to Thurs. the 10th and then changed again to Mon. the 16th.   Thurs. morning we heard machinery on our street and the phone started ringing.  They were milling the streets.  Confusion, frustration, and pure puzzlement followed.   Apparently it was not raining and they grabbed the time given to get started.  Paving Lady has actually achieved driving the normal people into thinking they are losing their senses into no longer knowing what day it is.  Not a difficult task. 

According to the schedule, paving will take place for Phase 3, Waldwick Circle, Sunny Manor Court, and Millington Way, on Tues. the 15th and Wed. the 16th.   You will not be able to move your cars for 24 hours if left in your driveways.   Plan accordingly.  This means manicure appointments, pedicure appointments, doctor appointments, golf games, and having a legitimate excuse for canceling plans with someone who coerced you into an obligation. The project should go much smoother but it is all dependent on the weather.  This means listening to all robo calls and being prepared for further change. 

Patio applications are being submitted at a nice pace.   Do your best to do so as soon as you can.   Once the Snowbirds are here it will be more hectic.  REMINDER:  ALL EXISTING PATIOS AND STEP DOWNS MUST FILL OUT AN APPLICATION PRIOR TO DECEMBER 31st, 2019. 

On October 14th you will see the holiday lights  being installed in preparation for the season.   Please be cautious entering the community from Jog Rd. as there will be trucks with equipment busily working. 

Actually this is not the only time you should be cautious.  Every day there are drivers who think this is the Indianapolis 500.  They speed and avoid stop signs.  How many times must we ask that you follow the guidelines for driving within our community?   What happens when you can’t stop your car and hit someone walking, jogging, or bike riding?  What happens when you hit another car?   What happens when you are seriously injured?  This week a resident was astute enough to take down the license plate number of an excessively speeding car.  Don’t be shy, do the same thing.   Take photos.   This must be stopped before we have a major accident. 

The Carport Restoration Committee would like to advise the residents in Phases 2 and 4 that they are in the process of having the carport under hangs cleaned. 

Our next HPA Board meeting will take place on Monday, October 21st at 10:00 am in the theater.   We are hoping to officially hire the clubhouse designer at that time.   The architect is almost ready to start working with our choice. 

It’s been six and a half months of meetings whereby I have asked the board to bring their pajamas to meetings in order to finish discussions and go to the next step.   Stomachs growl, eyes start to close, but we are exhilarated knowing another concern has been addressed and crossed off the list.  

Halloween and New Year’s Eve reservation forms are in the Lifestyle and on the front desk.    Halloween is creeping up on us.   Don’t miss the fun!! 

$10.00.   Barbara Evans.   8:00 pm.   Sat. Oct. 12th. 

The box office will be open from 6:45 to 7:45 Saturday evening for the purchase of tickets.   It will be much faster and not any more expensive to buy them online.  Do not expect to go the the box office window at 7:55 and buy a ticket.   It is an inconvenience for our volunteer seller,  volunteer ushers, patrons already seated, and delays in starting the show.   Thank you for your consideration. 

Concert Series tickets will be available for pickup  on October 18th from  10:00 am to noon in the lobby.   Additional dates for pickup will be announced. 

I sincerely regret that I must make the following request.  I have given it much thought and realize that it is a necessity.   I have returned every phone call received or if necessary delegated someone to help specific concerns.   I answer each email although at this moment I am behind by several days.   

The majority of residents are thoughtful, caring, and respectful.   Unfortunately there are a few that feel their individual needs are urgent and need attention at midnight or 7:30am.  Because of this I am designating phone hours UNLESS it is truly an emergency.  Calls will be accepted from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.   Many times I am in the office or at meetings or simply unavailable. Emails of course do not have time constraints. I too enjoy lunch, a matinee or shopping with friends.   Please leave a message and feel confident that you will hear from me. 

Thank you to all the residents who took the time and wished my family and I a happy healthy New Year.  

I am hoping that Tues. morning I will hear the welcome sound of machinery paving the road…………….or yet another robo call with another change  (oh no!!) 

Be well. 

Shirley Kafka, President HPA

Friday October 4, 2019

Dear Residents: 

 It is October.  For those living here full time it seems the seasons meld one into the other.   It is hard to image others wearing heavy sweaters and socks while we prance about in sandals and shorts.  Now we prepare for friends we haven’t seen for the past six months and there is anticipation in waiting for their arrival.  


This Monday, October 7th the paving of our roads begins.  On Monday you will notice equipment on our premises.   All residents will be informed of the timing of their area whereby cars will have to be moved.  You will have plenty of notice.   In the interim, be prepared to move your bicycles from the racks and of course, your cars.   We cannot stress enough that cars not moved at the designated times will be towed.  Leave your keys with friends or neighbors. We have given you months of notice in preparation. 

We are not talking long term.  It will be a day or two.   If not your turn please refrain from parking in visitor spaces so that there will be availability of room for cars that temporarily need the parking area. 

They are initially starting in Phase 3.   Yes, you can leave your cars in your driveways.   However, keep in mind that you will not be able to move them while the work is in progress.  Please move your cars early Monday morning. 

You will constantly be getting robocalls to advise you of the status of your area. Signs will also be placed appropriately.   It is being done methodically.  You will be able to move about the community.   It is advisable that you drive slowly and STOP at  all designated signs.   It will be an active 45 to 60 day period. 


What an exhilarating feeling on Thursday morning when we started the approval of the patio applications.   This perplexing project was in the making for three years.  All that have been submitted have been reviewed.  Some were lacking the necessary paperwork.  You will be called or emailed requesting what remains due for completion.  Those approved will be advised.  Please remember that ALL step outs and existing patio owners must submit their applications by December 31st.  

It is another project completed.  Thank you to all who worked hours on this job. 

Can you guess what this popular sport is?   Players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court.  It’s played with a hollow rubber ball.

At Huntington Pointe it USED to be played mostly in the morning.   Having received the necessary permits (finally) new lights were installed yesterday and being completed today.   Now residents can comfortably play at night. 

The answer:        TENNIS 

Thank you Tennis Club for your patience in resolving all the tennis light problems we encountered.   Enjoy your games!! 

Reminder:    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.   It is imperative that you schedule your appointments—-please. 


Following Hurricane Dorian’s devastation of the Bahamas, Commissioner Nicole Fried is encouraging consumers to avoid scams by donating to recovery relief efforts through registered charities.  The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the regulatory agency for charities in the state of Florida. 

To verify a hurricane relief charity, find lists of vetted charities on:

charitynavigator.org           charitywatch.org            guidestar.org


 This is a reminder from the sheriff.   Recently there seems to be more frequent reports of stolen cars.  Please do not leave your car doors open and remove all valuables from your automobiles.

 Starting on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 there is no texting while driving.

 Also starting Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 there will no longer be any late fees at public libraries. 

October 1st was also the first day of using our new garbage cans.  Please discard your old ones as they will not be recognized as receptacles. 

Recently fire fighters had a tough time entering a house on fire because the hurricane shutters  were still closed.  Open your shutters.  New rules will be implemented as of January 1st, 2020. 

Once again a reminder that Halloween and New Years reservation forms are at the front desk. 

The Board of HPA will have their October agenda meeting on Monday, October 7th at 2:00pm in the library.  Please make note of the change due to the Jewish Holy Day of Yom Kippur. 

Our next show is on Saturday, October 12th at 8:00pm.   The price is $10.00 per person.  For this show only the box office will be open Thursday October 10th and Friday October 11th from 9:00am to noon.    Saturday evening the box office will be open from 6:45 to 7:45.   Please buy your tickets online if possible in order that we do not encounter long lines prior to the show. 

Our performer is Barbara Evans.  Her extensive vocal range and ability to change the sound and strength of her voice makes her performances supreme.



 You move to Huntington Pointe.  You select a unit overlooking the calming lake.  You enjoy your morning breakfast and newspaper while sitting in your back Florida room.    Evening views are beautiful, relaxing, with fountains mesmerizing you. 

One day you look carefully and realize you are seeing a dead bird on the lake.  You become concerned wondering when the buzzards will arrive.    You worry about a potential horrendous odor. 


What you are seeing is a duck, a decoy duck, a fake duck, a fraud, a dummy, a bogus duck. 

It is installed to allow the intake lines of the irrigation pumps to suck up clear water instead of the murky water at the bottom of the lake. 

Ahhh, relief, once again, enjoy your lake view without worry. 

This is not an original written by me but certainly appropriate for those observing the Jewish holidays and for those that do not as well.    Have you ever heard someone say, “That person is worth five million dollars?”  I always think, how do you know how much they are worth?   They could HAVE five million dollars and be worth two cents.  The true worth of a person is based on our values, not our incomes.   If we make ourselves into loving, sensitive people, our net worth skyrockets, no matter how much is in our bank accounts.”

 Yom Kippur commences at sundown on Tuesday, October 8th and continues until the evening of October 9th.   Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement is THE holiest day in the Jewish calendar.  It is a day of fasting, repentance and self-examination.  It is the one day that Jews can atone for their sins, and be forgiven for them.  It is the most auspicious day of the year for the Jewish people.  Pray for the well being of dear ones.  

We ask G-d to forgive us and seal our fate for the coming year in the “Book of Life.”    May we have “a good seal.”

 Thank you. 

Shirley Kafka, President, HPA


Friday September 27, 2019

Hello Residents: 

Hope everyone’s week went well.  

Our next show is scheduled for Saturday, October 12th, 2019 at 8:00 pm.   The price is $10.00 per person.   The entertainer is Barbara Evans.   She is a singer who is gifted with a clear, distinctive voice that is instantly recognizable.  She possesses a rare artistic versatility that evokes a sophisticated style of her own.  Her extensive vocal range and ability to change the sound and strength of her voice makes her performances supreme. 

Please note that for this show only the box office will be open on Thursday,  October 10th and Friday, October 11th from 9:00 am to noon.  Tickets will be sold on the day of performance from 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm. at the box office. 

Should you be buying your tickets the day of the performance, please arrive early.  Anticipate the time you may need.  Arriving at 7:45 or 7:50 is unfair to our volunteer seller and in particular, the start time of the show.  It is disruptive.  Please be considerate.  

Please remember that the Halloween and New Years Eve reservation forms are at the front desk and in The Lifestyle. 

Due to religious Jewish holidays, the Open Mic meeting for October is canceled.   The BOD Agenda meeting has been scheduled for Monday, October 7th at 2:00 pm.  THE CLUBHOUSE AND ALL FACILITIES ARE OPEN. 

Once again,  flu shots will be administered on Thursday October 3rd at 10:00 am compliments of CVS. 

DANCERS WANTED!   HP’s 2020 Theater Arts Production invites you to join them in the clubhouse. 

Contemporary Dancing:  Fridays at 10:00 am in the theater and/or Tap Dancing:  Saturdays at 10:00 am in the ballroom. 

Be a star here at HP.  You will be discovered (we just don’t know by whom!) Call Carol Pam 561 638 8930 or Gloria Santolini at 201 396 1022. 

On September 19, 2019 Boca News Now wrote an article  in reference to a community plagued with recent problems.   This community’s HOA president, a highly respected New York attorney and humanitarian resigned from his UNPAID post as HOA president just weeks after taking the job.  He and his family were berated by homeowners upset at he prospect of rules being implemented and order being brought to the community facing problems ranging from speeders and according to multiple sources, swinger’s sex parties. 

Members of the elected board had been working to implement order from chaos.  Budgets needed adjusting and rules that needed enforcement were attempted by the board only to find themselves on the receiving end of threats, anger, and angst.   Among the issues, in a community full of Teslas and BMW’s was outrage over a $200. special assessment of “traffic hawk” units to control speeders.  “Plain and simple” said one person in contact with the news, “unhappy people have absolutely no comprehension of how HOA’s work.” 

The news indicated “it’s an absolute disgrace.”  “This community should be ashamed of itself.   There are those who devote themselves and those who complain.   It is disgusting that they are verbally attacked for doing an unpaid job.” 

I have chosen excerpts from the above article.   It seems most communities are similar.  We need to open our eyes and make every effort not to become the focal point of negative gossip.  I hope I am not naive in thinking we are different.   I can honestly say we are better.   We are civilized.  We are a kinder breed.  Our years and past experiences have educated us.  Let Huntington Pointe set a good example.  Let Huntington Pointe have the reputation of an appealing, welcoming place to live. 

At this time patio applications are being submitted at a rapid pace.  We are receiving multiple forms.  The administrative staff is going through them as quickly as possible.  Please have patience with responses.   As with all new programs, it will take time until we are fully trained with the process.  Those filling out the forms, they are self-explanatory.    Read carefully and use your check list as a guideline.  

Our architectural firm is busy working “behind the scenes.”  The fact that you are not visually seeing any movement does not mean nothing is happening.   You will see strange faces as they stroll through the clubhouse making notations.  It’s all for us residents……..  all for us. 

The paving company will start within  two weeks.   They have almost completed the plan for the timing and the sequence of the areas to be done.  Make sure your bicycles will be moved from the racks and most important, that you have given your car keys to someone who will move your car.    CARS WILL BE TOWED to a parking area within our parking lots.   Cameras are being installed for security purposes.   Everyone will be notified of the schedule very shortly via email and robo calls. 


When I moved from Toronto to New York for many years I always referred to Toronto as my home.   I thought New York was just a stop in my life. I had left my family, my friends, my  life that I loved.  It wasn’t until we moved to Maryland for several months that I started to say I was moving back home to New York.  I realized that I had made a comfortable place for myself there as well,  making many friends, enjoying my profession, and being a part of a great city. 

I had never given living in Florida a thought.  I had said “never.”    However, circumstances brought us here to Delray Beach.   It is close to six years later.   From the moment we moved into Huntington Pointe, I knew it was home.  I have not looked back. 

However, it is not always so simple.  It’s holiday time for many of us here.  If not now, then for some in the next few months.   The holidays bring memories and often a sense of nostalgia for the good times that are now gone.  Very few are fortunate enough to have family close by.  The rest experience a certain homesickness.  As a mood or feeling, it is universal and cuts across cultures.   We know that the past is irretrievable and it will never be again.   We have and are building new families here at HP with new wonderful traditions.  It is sharing.  No one should be left alone for any holiday. Holidays are notorious for making you feel lonely.   As each holiday approaches, I tend to feel a tenseness in hopes that we will not be sitting in our home without others. 

Your value doesn’t depend on how much money you earn, what type of car you drive, where you shop, what restaurants you frequent.  Those are superficial things.  Open your hearts and your doors.  Nostalgia can take on a sweet tone.  People tell funny stories about what has happened to them, the traditional foods they have enjoyed, and learn about each other’s histories, likes and passions.   There is a sense of being connected, a sense of identity in a new place, and a sense of forming important new relationships. 

Reach out. Make room.  Set an extra plate or two at your table. 

May you have a New Year that brings health, joy, and peace. 

Thank you. 

Shirley Kafka, President HPA

Friday September 20, 2019

Hope you all had a good week fellow residents. 

$10.   Bargain            $10.  Bargain         $10.  Bargain  

In thinking about how to start this week’s connection I have decided to begin where we left off last week.   I had requested that those able please attend Saturday evening’s show.   You must admit it, I was right!!   Diane Denoble was a delight.  She was an incredible entertainer who had us totally under her spell.    Please listen to me again.   You will not regret it.   Purchase tickets for Saturday October 12th for $10.00 each.  

Some may remember Barbara Evans who performed here at a Pap meeting.  She was wonderful. Barbara is truly gifted with a clear, distinctive voice that is instantly recognizable.  She possesses a rare artistic versatility that evokes a sophisticated style.   Her extensive vocal range and ability to change the sound and strength of her voice makes her performances supreme.   I am going to say “I told you so!!”  

I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit to Mary Rudnick, Paul Cohen and Norman Barr for their choices of entertainment this season. 

This brings me to another issue.  Please remember there is a dress code for the Saturday evening shows as well as the Concert Series.  NO Tee Shirts and NO Shorts are allowed.  We don’t want to be rude to outside guests by not admitting them as they are not aware of our rules.   However, please tell your company to dress accordingly.  It is difficult for our ushers to turn people away. We don’t want to lose the sale of a ticket, however we will be left with no choice.  We cannot have two sets of standards although sometimes the situation requires a little “gray.”

SCAMS         SCAMS              SCAMS

Once again we are being victimized by scams.  There has been an increase in email “phishing” recently that involved board members.   Be extremely careful whenever someone sends an email with a link or instructions to transfer money.   You may recognize board member names and feel it is legitimate.  We do not solicit funds.

Although this time we had a name and an actual bank account whereby it was requested we transfer money, according to the PBSO if the computer was not hacked there is nothing they can do.  Under FS815 (Florida law) such action would be considered a felony.  

If you are sent a request to transfer money, confirm it is legitimate.

If you are sent a link via email, be careful before clicking it even if you know the sender.  Their email may have been hacked.

Any email that asks for or sends you to any site asking for your username or email address and password to access anything is 100% attempting to steal your credentials. 

Often the best phishing emails come from someone you know whose email has been hacked. 


On Monday, September 16th we held our monthly BOD meeting.    What you are witnessing is your board at work.  You see discussions and ideas presented and not all are in agreement.  It is not a well rehearsed Broadway show.  At our agenda meetings we decide which issues need motions to be passed.   The motions are then brought before the board and residents.   They are read, discussed, and voted on.   Frequently the motions need to be changed due to wording or general corrections.   Some motions are not completed until five minutes before the meeting.  You will see us arrive the split second we are to start and Marvin runs in with papers.  We try to include as much as possible so we are able to start the process of some of the items rather than wait an additional month.

For the majority of the audience who fully comprehend what we are trying to achieve at each meeting, your comments mean a tremendous amount to us.    We thank you for all the positive friendly calls, and emails.   It reinforces our desire in going  forward in helping the community.

Many comments were made on the motion to utilize the back gate.   We will be preparing the space for a trial run with a guard from Platinum Security for the busy hours between 8:00am and 2:00pm.   We are hopeful it helps the congestion from the front.   Please remember that this is a trial and will make all necessary changes to help implement a smooth running system.  Some have already come forth with valid suggestions.  Keep them in mind please.

With this, is the revamping of current permanent lists. Please remember to update the forms available on the website and at the front desk.

Once again, by eliminating the old lists, it will prohibit people who use our facilities on a daily basis for their pleasure at our expense.   Residents must be here on premise for guests to use the pools, the card rooms the exercise rooms.  You cannot be living elsewhere and give permission to your friends and family to  spend a few hours or a day at our resort.  It is not a recreation park. When you are present, this does NOT mean you have to accompany them everywhere, especially when they are overnight guests.  We also understand there may be times your children, sisters, brothers etc. are offered your homes for a few days while you are not here. This is an entirely  different situation.  Guest passes are available for them at the desk.


This was a painful portion of our meeting whereby we had to address serious infractions by some of our residents.    The State of Florida has implemented a new process and we must follow the laws.   As I had stated, this is communal living.   Rules are made for safety and security for the community.   This type of living is not for everyone and difficult for some to adapt to the lack of independence.    According to law,  we are to inform the community who has infringed on the rules.   I for one did not want to embarrass anyone by announcing names.   In order to comply with the state,  someone suggested giving the addresses so no names would be mentioned.   It was a good compromise.

It was truly unfortunate this had to be done.  The severity of the infractions left no choice.  These were serious issues compromising safety and security.  Please know we did not do this to anyone. The residents did it to themselves.    We followed the law and the procedures.     The board spent a great deal of time in discussing the new law and the punishments with the attorney.   The rest is up to the Compliance/Enforcement HP Committee.

This all started in our search for the “Library Culprit” in looking at our video tapes.  Those that doubted the cameras work are fully cognizant now that yes, they do.

I do very much want to commend one particular person who recognized her/his address when announced and knew exactly what had been done.   This person addressed one other board member,  called me and admitted she/he was guilty of the actions.  Apologies were genuine.   This person was contrite and said he/she would be telling others not to do what he/she did. This individual was concerned with losing our respect for her/him.  On the contrary.  We think even more highly of her/him and with greater esteem for the way he/she handled the situation.   We sincerely thank you.

GOOD NEWS              GOOD NEWS            GOOD NEWS



As of 1:30 PM today we anticipate that the paving project will start in two to three weeks. Be mindful of all notices, emails, robocalls, and postings for details. Especially for news in reference to your parking lots. If you’re physically not here please make sure someone has access to your car keys, otherwise your cars will be towed to a designated area within the Clubhouse parking lot.

 There was a feeling of excitement in the audience when Jose and Bob from our architectural firm spoke.   Once Susan Wells gave her presentation, we saw actual smiles from the audience.   Our residents embraced them.  Questions were wise and answers informative.   We had a feeling of vast accomplishment.  Thank you everyone for your patience and being wonderful hosts.

Now it is time for contracts to be drawn and the involvement of the attorneys.   Susan’s hiring has not yet been approved by the board.   However she seems to be our potential designer. 

We also are still waiting for the tennis light permits.  Once here,  the installation will take place.

Halloween and New Year’s Eve reservation forms are in the Lifestyles and on the desk.

Patio applications are on the web or at the desk ready to be filled out.

DATES             DATES               DATES

Due to religious Jewish holidays, the Open Mic meeting for October is being canceled.

The BOD Agenda Meeting will be held on Monday, October 7th at 2:00pm.

The BOD Meeting will be held on Monday, October 21st at 10:00am.

We are a non-sectarian community whereby all religions meld and have respect for each other’s beliefs.  Some may question the cancellation or changes of various meetings, classes, and events.    Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the high holidays of the Jewish religion. 

Rosh Hashanah marks the start of the Jewish new year.   It is both a day of judgment for mankind as well as an exhilarating time of closeness and reconciliation with G-d.  It is customary to greet others wishing them a good year and to be written and sealed in the good book.  Literally it means “head of the year.”

Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement.  It is a day of fasting and repentance affording the opportunity to cleanse people of their sins and renew relationships with G-d and others.

Because of the seriousness we are all respectful of the changes for 3 days.  Yes, the clubhouse is open and available to all for use of the facilities.

The next religious holiday is Christmas and we will follow the same guidelines of respect at that time.

It’s a wonderful whirlwind here at HP.

Thank you everyone.   Have a good week and be well.

Shirley Kafka, President HPA