HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

May 29, 2020

Dear Residents: 

At the time I am writing this article (12:15am) it is calm and peaceful. I am yearning for my bed knowing I will be able to sleep through the night. The thunder, the storms, will be non existent for several hours. I will not be receiving phone calls that the canals are dust or the grass is baking. Our conversations this week changed to weather related items rather than the looming virus. 

The other topic of chatter has been the news that after two weeks our cafe is once again reopening. The dinner delivery service started last night. It was successful considering residents only had one day notice. Orders can be placed from 9:00am to 11:00am for same evening delivery at the cafe’s number, 561 499 9888. 

This morning I set my alarm for 8:30am. I wanted to be first. I had the menu in front me. I had my blue card in front of me. I had the telephone number in front of me. At 8:45 I proceeded to dial. I know—we were told 9:00am but who listens around here? I sat and dialed, and redialed, and redialed, and redialed. Nothing would be left for my husband and I. I just knew it!! At 9:35 I heard a familiar voice. “Lori, good morning.” I could hear the ringing of the telephone in the background. She was calm but I felt rushed. I was excited. (Doesn’t take much these days.) I WAS going to order salad with raspberry wine dressing. I ordered honey mustard. I WAS going to order pecan crusted chicken or salmon. I ordered chopped steak. I rarely eat meat but it was the grilled onions and mushrooms that enticed me. I WAS going to order double green beans. I ordered mashed potatoes. It’s fun and it takes away 5 minutes of your time. 

The end of this story is that our delivery arrived at 6:15, still warm. It smelled wonderful. It was delicious and best of all, I have half left for tomorrow. The people that I know and ordered this evening all proclaimed the same thing—-they will continue to order dinner from our very own cafe. One of my friends didn’t realize this was available six days a week. Her prayers have been answered.

Cafe Hours: 10:00am to 2:00pm with available seating or take out.

Monday to Saturday. CLOSED Sundays. 

Dinner Orders: 9:00am to 11:00am  (561 499 9888) 

Delivery Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm 

Eat, Manger, Essen, Mangare, Taberu, Yest, Comer, ENJOY!! 

Residents, please note that private landscapers are not allowed to do work here at HP. We do not need broken sprinklers, or damage done to homes. Thank you. 

We have always received complaints about the driving habits of people here. Our signs are slowly being replaced and are higher. With that there will be no excuse for not stopping at the stop signs because “I didn’t see it.” Check your speed. It won’t be long before tickets will be issued by the local police. 

Residents, prior to leaving to go north, all flower pots and gardening decorations need to be brought inside your units. Make sure some one has your key in case of a hurricane and access is necessary to your home. 

Phases Two and Four: 

The carports will be cleaned and new lights installed during the month of July. If you are planning to be away from HP and leaving your car here, we ask you to leave a car key with a neighbor so it may be moved. 


Michael Levine, Snowbirds Plus, and Residents.  

It is most gratifying to report that the amount donated is now $15,000. Thank you again.  


We were finally given the dates of availability for the Covid-19 testing. The lab will be here on Tuesday, June 2nd. Please take note of the following: 

Phoenix Health Rising and Alliance Laboratories will be providing COVID-19 and respiratory panel testing. The testing site will be a drive through site, which is designed to provide a high level of safety for testing participants, the community and staff. 

Testing is covered by Medicare and all third-party health insurances with NO ADDITIONAL COSTS to participants.  

No referral and no symptoms required but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

One registration per person however up to two people can be in the same vehicle. 

Register online starting today. More time frames will open up as registration time slots fill up 


Please check your emails or ask your friends for updates on the opening of our facilities. 

(6 feet; masks; 6 feet; masks; ) 

Shirley Kafka, President, HPA

Hello Residents,

Do you remember as a child you telling your parents that “Jane’s parents let her go” or “John has a great toy” or ” Elizabeth has a swing so why can’t we?”  We are Huntington Pointe. This is our home, our family.  It’s very nice that Community A has card rooms open; it’s very nice that Community B has their movies open; it’s very nice that Community C has their pool open.  Let other communities envy our “safety first” motto rather than your thinking how lucky the others are. The extra few days we wait to open our facilities will benefit us.  Allow us to make our decisions in a methodical manner.  Please stop reminding us what others have or are doing.  We are totally aware of what occurs in other communities. Thank you.

We are receiving more and more requests by officials and our residents to remind people to vote by mail.  There may be fewer voting stations for the August and November elections.  We do not yet know if our clubhouse will be chosen as a polling station.
If you request a ballot you can mail it in (no cost for postage) or take it to the nearest polling center and it can either be sent from there or you can trade it in for one of their ballots.

Vote by Mail:         pbcelections.org  or call 656 6208.

I had mentioned this several weeks ago and the person on the telephone finally asked from where all the calls originated!

G-d does have a sense of humor.  The pickle ball and tennis players have been salivating for the courts to open.  Sure enough, the deal is made and what happens? Torrential rains open the skies.  Perhaps this morning went better.  We want to hear the groans and moans of those whose muscles haven’t been used in months.  We want to hear the slamming of balls against rackets.  Most of all, we want to hear how wonderful it is to play once again!!

By mid week we should have the schedule for the virus testing here on our premises.  Please keep your eyes and ears open for the information.

This evening my husband cut his thumb badly opening a can of Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable Soup. I didn’t have this problem with only a piece of matzho with cream cheese.  This was one of the gourmet dinners  of the week.  After close to two hours of my nagging that he needed stitches and his telling me to be quiet, we finally sat down to fine dine.  We remembered the last real restaurant we had frequented.   Why did I order salad, dressing on the side?  I should have put gobs on it.   Why didn’t my husband order the marbleized rib steak?  Why did I order steamed assorted vegetables when I wanted penne pasta?  Why did he say he didn’t want dessert and why did I have fresh fruit?   

Learn another important thing from what we are experiencing.  When our routines get back to some form of normalcy, do not have regrets.  It’s absolutely fine to occasionally indulge in the things we like.  


Be safe, be cautious, and be well.

Shirley Kafka


Friday May 15, 20220

Dear Residents,


Once again it is Friday and time for connecting with the community.  An interesting point was brought to my attention this week. Only 60% of our residents have emails and only 45% are actually reading them.   Is it any wonder that many have to rely on the multitude of rumors they hear or claim they didn’t receive any news from HP? Should you know of any friends or neighbors who do not receive information please update them or perhaps get them signed up for emails should they have computers. Try and keep them informed. Thank you.

Someone this week remarked that since all is closed here, the boards have nothing to do. This person’s friend interjected and said had she known it would be so easy she would have run for a position.  I didn’t comment.  I initially thought she was joking but she was serious.

All 20 board members wear many hats.  Many of you do not know all that we are involved with.  I will try and give you a synopsis of some of what we do.

Hat #1:           
We have become engineers.   There were approximately 10 board members representing their phases in walking throughout the property checking for the repair work from our paving project that needs to be addressed.   They walked, discussed, talked about core samples (how many can say they even know what this means?) and water issues.   “Hey Shirley, how many samples do you think we need?”  I can answer that question better than answering how to make chocolate covered strawberries!!

Look over there, the road is unraveling and Bldg. 5090 and Villa 8745 have flooding issues.  What’s the pitch?  What’s the thickness of the asphalt?  All 20 of us can answer. 

Current Status:   
We did walk through the phases and had our punch lists updated.  Be patient and repairs will be addressed shortly.  Marvin is occupied with the spreadsheets.

Hat #2:         
We are architects and designers.   We have a Steering Group of five that are working continually on the renovations.   Although it has been quiet for several weeks, we are busy with the plans and continue to move forward.   Ask any of us how to read architectural plans and understand the usage of storage and lobby space.  I now know not to look upside down at a blueprint and that taking down a column might cause the building to collapse!!  Putting in slot machines and having an ice cream bar just wouldn’t be suitable.

Current Status:       
We will advise the residents when our professionals are ready to show their work and answer questions.  It won’t be long now and something exciting to look forward to.

Hat #3:       
Although not nurses or doctors or members of medical teams, we are learning each day.   Many of us have attended seminars giving us information on the virus.   The last two I attended had 300 at one and 273 at another.   We are keeping up to date through the county with its guidelines as well as management companies and attorneys.

Current Status:       
Those who attended the HPA Agenda meeting last week heard our debates.     Should we have further updates, we will give them at our BOD meeting this Monday at 10:00am. 

Remember please that safety is first. The rest will fall into place in a methodical way.
We must comply with Palm Beach County rules and in turn, the residents must also adhere. 
Once we do start opening facilities, it will only take one resident who is not in compliance to have those facilities closed.  Many have already seen the sheriff’s cars here and checking to make sure we are complying.   They would like nothing better than to fine us.  After all, they are losing income by our not driving and getting traffic tickets!


(Yes, I once again have to remind you!!)


For all the phone calls and emails I have received, yes, we will be having testing for the COVID 19 virus here on our premises.   The arrangements have been made.   We now await the timing from the company and the information needed.   It will probably be within the next two weeks.   As soon as we know, you will know.  Your test will be by appointment and results sent directly to you. 

Hat #4:       
We now put on our visors, use our inkwells and feathered pens, pull out ledgers, and transform into accountants.   Each phase plus HPA has a treasurer. Budgets and financial reports require review and official signatures.  Preparation for the future is one of the priorities. We can easily point fingers at the person who tells us 200 divided by 2 is 37.  This job is precise work.

Current Status:       
Should any resident  care to see the financials of their phase, they may request them.

Hat #5:       
We have learned “legalese.”   We think we are attorneys.  We think something sounds logical.  That does not mean it is the law.   We currently have an Attorneys’ Committee who are working on the amendments recommended by the Document Committee.   Committee, Committee, Committee………

This was grueling work by both groups.

Each board has contract negotiations such as insurance or outside lighting or exterminators.

Current Status:  
Some of the committee will be discussing the completed work prior to addressing the board.   In turn, the documents will be sent to our attorney for any adjustments.  We are bringing the documents into our world.   No longer will you have to have lights out at 8:00pm; no longer will women have to wear bathing suits 6″ above the knee;  no longer will bicycles be your only source of transportation on premise (yes, this means cars allowed!) and no longer will men

have to cover their chests at the pool. 

The other topic that falls into Hat #5 is the work done and being done on our Rules and Regulations Booklets for everyone.  Although we did think this project was over, there is currently another change prior to being sent to the printer.  This was another project that took concentration and time.

Hat #6:     
We are all social directors.  Entertainment, shows, concerts, exercise classes,  New Year’s Eve parties, Memorial Day and July 4th gatherings, are all done for you, our residents. Each one of these events has a board member as their guide.   We are not magicians whereby we say “poof” and it all appears.  There is again much work and effort put forth.

Current Status:       
Due to the current virus situation, all has been canceled EXCEPT FOR ONE EVENT.

I have mentioned this before, but the time is here.   Please jot down the following information:

Date:            This Sunday, May 17th

Time:            11:00am

Place:           The comfort of your home.
                      Choose your special refreshment from your fridge or pantry.
                      Dress Code is none. You can wear nightgowns, pajamas,
shorts, tuxedos, heels, sandals.  No Restrictions.  Nice to hear, right??

Speaker:                                     Dr. Robert Watson

Telephone Call In:                        312 626 6799

Zoom I. D:                                     8977 685 7464

Hat #7:           
We are psychiatrists.  Most of us answer our phones and listen to the resident’s complaints, stories of their lives, their concerns.   We have become their liaisons to the community.  We can calm the angriest person with a kind word or just paying attention to their needs.

Current Status:       
This is new every day.  All 20 of us can write books on some of our experiences.

Hat #8:           
We are writers and journalists.  When reading The Lifestyle, we are the ones with the pressure to present articles on time.  How would you like a blank President’s message?  For those that think finding new material for any of us is a simple task, you are wrong.  We sit, we think, we write, and we hope we are original,only to read duplicates from other Phase Presidents.

It is the board that gets most of the initial calls  (before management) when an elevator breaks down;  when a roof has a leak;  when someone has taken their parking space; when there are late parties; when someone leaves garbage on the grass and street;  when someone is riding a bicycle the wrong way not wearing a mask and when someone’s meat loaf burned (yes, this too is our fault.)

Finally, the biggest Hat of all:       
We are humanitarians. 

Today our cafe will close until further notice.  Mario, our caterer, has been here for 13 years and this is the first time he is temporarily closing without a projected opening date.

The Snowbirds Plus Club offered to organize a fundraiser on behalf of all of us. The response has been beyond expectations.  I seldom mention names in this article but today I am making an exception.  Michael Levine, the Snowbirds President, asked if I would accompany him as HPA President, in the presentation of donations to the cafe staff.  They are in dire need.  We met with them yesterday afternoon whereby they received their checks.   There were flowing tears, including Mike and myself. It was quite emotional.  HP has outdone themselves.   Money is still coming in.   It will be distributed to food pantries and meals to First Responders.  Should you be able and care to donate, the final date is May 20th.   I previously mentioned that all amounts are appreciated, whether a $1.00, $10.00, $25.00, etc. etc.  All recipients receive a note that the donations are from Huntington Pointe. To Michael and the Snowbirds,  a simple two words with heartfelt meaning behind them,  THANK YOU.

I did omit one important hat.  We, all board members, wear the same hat as you.   We are all residents of HP.  We too have personal lives just as you do.  We are you.  We work for you and for us.  We attend 3 hour meetings four days a week for you and for us.  We run to the clubhouse when called.   It’s for you and for us.  We have discussions into the late night.   It’s for your interests and for ours.  We thank you for the privilege of representing all of us.

Be safe, be cautious, and be well.

Shirley Kafka

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Friday May 8, 2020

Hello Residents,

This week I learned a new word from two different sources.   It’s a new Yiddish word  “Oysgezoomt.”  For the many who do not speak Yiddish, it means over-exposed to, fatigued by, exhausted from, bored by, had it with………………ZOOM!!

Personally, I have fallen in love with Zoom.  All of our meetings are now on Zoom.   I sit by my computer in my comfortable chair;  my feet are resting on the computer tower;  I don’t have to travel and look for parking anywhere.   I am settled.   I call in on the I.D.   The ONLY time I have a problem with connecting is when I am dealing with HP.   I can’t see an individual;  they can’t see me;  they can’t hear me;   I can’t hear them.  “Unmute” they all yell.   I did.   I keep trying.  Is it me?  It’s someone who is knocking me off, I’m convinced of this.   My doorbell rings.   It’s Ann from Campbell coming to rescue me.   It’s the social distancing rule. 
How is she going to help me? We play catch.  We manage to get my cell phone to her.   She plays with it.   We are now only about 3 hours late in commencing the meeting  (o.k. I am exaggerating.  It’s for dramatic purposes.)   Ah finally, by accident only, I am functioning. 

Now the fun begins.  I can only see the person speaking.   I do not know whether there are 10 or 1000 listening.   I bring out my papers and bring the meeting to order.  While others speak, I am reading the Sunday comics on my desk.  How would anyone know differently?   All who can see me think I am drinking water.   I am sipping flavored teas.  I don’t wear makeup.   Later I hear “You look so tired.   You need to relax.”   They should have told me during the meeting and I would have grabbed a 5 minute nap.   My battery is low.   I have to go to the kitchen and charge the phone.   I plug it in and stand while the meeting continues.  It’s only two hours into it and the agenda is still long.  I can put the phone down and escape to the bathroom.   I’m hungry.   When I open the fridge, should I have fruit or chocolate?   I need to be discrete. Chocolate slides down whereas I will need a fork for the fruit.  I am running a meeting.  I must show some decorum.

After 2-1/2 hours it’s over.  Meeting adjourned.   I have 20 minutes before the next Zoom meeting and an hour before a Zoom seminar.  I am  “Oysgezoomt”.

Once again, a reminder to remember our cafe on premise.  They wait for our calls and we wait for our food.   Please help in these tense times.  Don’t forget our cafe family.

Please look for notification from our exercise classes. We have the following two new additions: 


Wednesday at 2:00pm        Balance 
Thursday at 2:00pm           Chair Yoga

At this moment, our status with anything pertaining to the virus remains the same. I am making the same request as last week.  Please  do not call or email me with virus issues.  You are being kept up to the minute with any news received.  I am certain if not tomorrow or the next couple of days, the governor will make announcements that will change South Florida’s status.

Anyone needing to be tested for the virus can call 561 804 0250.   The testing site is on Jog Rd. at the Civic Center.

Today I received a call indicating that someone is spreading RUMORS about our May 17th lecture.   Did you know we are having 500 people in our theater for a show? The concerns of people, and rightfully so, are “how will we sit?  We didn’t get tickets.  The clubhouse is closed.”  NOT TRUE.  NOT FACTUAL.   All information is in last week’s article.  We are having a lecture on Sunday, May 17th at 11:00am. The speaker is Dr. Robert Watson.   This event is compliments of Jim Yarmus and the Social Club.  Refreshments of your choice will be served in your home.  It is for HP residents.  And exactly how will you watch?    ZOOM.  IT’S NOT ANYTHING OTHER THAN ZOOM.  Details will be in next week’s Community Connection.

The Snowbirds Plus Club has been gracious enough to organize a Community Fundraiser.   Donations will be distributed to our cafe workers;  food pantries;  First Responders.  You received emails this week with details.  Needless to say, it is your choice whether to contribute.  All recipients will be advised the funds come from the Huntington Pointe Community.  For further information, call Michael Levine at 561 499 8783.   The response has been wonderful and we should be feeling proud.

Masks,   gloves,   masks,  social distancing,  masks……………….

Please note the following BOD dates:

Tuesday May 12th        Agenda Meeting                   2:00pm
Monday May 18th         BOD General Meeting         10:00am

Brought to you by no other than ZOOM, OF COURSE.

Be safe, be cautious, and be well.

Shirley Kafka

May 1, 2020

Dear Residents: 

Did I just write May 1st? It can’t be. I had the entire month of April to take advantage of being home to complete tasks.  Not one was done. I kept thinking I had plenty of time.  I had time to eat, to talk on the phone, eat some more, catch up with several emails, snacks of course, sleep a little later, and decide what to eat again.  Time indeed does march on. 

Speaking of eating, once again I would like to remind you that our cafe is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  PLEASE do not forget about them. Enjoy lunch, bring home a few dinners, but keep them going.  It’s very difficult for the staff, some of whom have been furloughed until they are back in full business.  The convenience of having them here so we do not have to cook sums it all.   


I will now give you warning.  If you care to take my advice, grab your favorite beverage, be it coffee, water, tea, a soft drink; find a good snack or pick up lunch from the cafe; sit in your most comfortable chair; and get ready to read a novel rather than an article. My choice of drink would have been a chocolate milk shake—-not a thick shake whereby your cheeks pucker but one that is smooth and rich. 

The exercise classes seem to have worked out the kinks from the first week and many are enjoying the experience.  Classes are available to every resident at no charge. 

Many seek alternate ways of exercising.  Those that opt for the outdoors, please take note of the following: 

–The most important rule is that bicyclists ride WITH traffic and walkers walk AGAINST traffic.  This should be done on the sides of the roads or streets, not in the centers.

–You can run or walk side-by-side with appropriate social distance but when you see someone approaching from either behind or in front, move into single file formation until everyone has passed.

–Slow or pause at intersections.  While cars should stop you cannot always assume they will.

–Be aware of your surroundings and don’t get distracted by music or conversations on your phones. 

We now have a special lecture planned compliments of the Social Club and Jim Yarmus.  Jim approached me and offered their cancelled program for the enjoyment of Huntington Pointe.  Thank you.  Please save the date and mark the following information on your calendars: 

Date:        Sunday, May 17th, 2020

Time:        11:00am

Place:        The Comfort of Your Home   Refreshments of your choice served.

Zoom I.D.     89776857464    (Telephone connection 312 626 6799)

Lecture Topic: AFFAIRS of State 


This will be funny, poignant, and apolitical.  It will be first come first serve. Marvin has arranged for the capacity of 500 to join so there shouldn’t be any problem.  

Once again we are requesting that you update your permanent lists for access to the gate.  Only keep necessary people on them and call everyone else in as needed. 

For those that booked shows sponsored by HPA please check your credit card account for your refunds. Look for Vendini for your credit.  It is being done show by show and not in a lump sum. If you paid by check, refunds will be mailed to you. 

On April 27th on page 5B in the Money Section of the SunSentinel

there was reference made to paying dues on closed amenities. Asked of expert Gary Singer, “Since I cannot use the amenities, do I have to pay my full monthly dues?”  

“Yes. You must pay your maintenance dues. Your condominium is not a vendor, such as a gym in your local strip mall. You own a portion of the common areas in addition to your unit and are responsible for its upkeep.  If you do not pay your dues, you could be liable for collection costs and could face foreclosure if you continue not to pay.” 

Once again, should anyone feel the necessity to get tested for Covid-19, the Civic Center on Jog Rd. has a health testing center. The number for an appointment is 561-804-0250. 


–Coronavirus scams are still surfacing.  Report any suspicious calls or requests to local law enforcement immediately. Individuals in white coats knock on doors and advise they are from the CDC.  THEY ARE NOT.  Please do not answer the door and notify the police at once. 

–As of this moment we still have had only three reported cases and unfortunately one them resulted in death.  Should you have the virus please advise Marvin, Ann, or myself. This is for residents to be aware of the area as they may have been in contact with you or your surroundings.  We cannot disclose your name or address without your permission or we will not be free from liability for our actions.  I repeat, please let us know.  Thank you. 

–Palm Beach County issued Emergency Order 2020-005 which calls for the reopening of certain public and community recreational facilities.  The reopening of these activities is subject to STRICT GUIDELINES AND CONDITIONS.  These activities are subject to compliance with the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) In addition, Palm Beach County has placed additional restrictions on each category. 

–Of particular concern for community associations is the conditions the county has placed on reopening of tennis and other outdoor courts and pool facilities. Social distancing must be adhered to. Only single play is permitted on the courts. Congregating on the court or sidelines is prohibited. 

–Locker room and shower facilities must remain closed. Restrooms, however, must be opened and must be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day. 


CDC guidelines include social distancing which must be adhered to. Pool capacity must be limited to ensure social distancing and must maintain a distance of six feet apart. The burden is on the community association boards and managers to limit the number of residents permitted at any given time. Gatherings are to be ten (yes, 10) people or less. 

–These guidelines may have to implement temporary rules to limit the time residents may use the courts and pool to permit other residents the opportunity to use them. 

–Pool furniture (chairs and lounges) must comply with social distancing and restricted to the same limit of ten. 


One or more facility staff or management must be present at each facility location to monitor and ensure compliance with the restrictions within this order. 

Practically speaking, how many community associations are in a position to implement these requirements? Do we have personnel to oversee each facility? Are we prepared to clean and sanitize the restrooms and furniture on regular intervals? This will have an impact on community budgets. 

Will residents be willing to wait in line, six feet apart, to enter the pool for an extremely limited time to take a swim and leave so another person may enter? It will not be a place for socializing. 

The liability associated with re-opening without being in compliance could be a costly misstep.  An official may enter at any time and we will be fined. I will refresh your memory to the time we closed our pools and received some opposition from the residents.  The next day a neighboring community received a $2500. fine for being open.  

Thankfully to date, we as residents have been fortunate.  Our staff has been healthy. They are working with caution.  Should they have to take shifts outside to monitor the recreational facilities and one gets sick, it means we will be left without workers as all would be put on leave. This would impact the entire running of HP. This is another scenario to deal with should we open too quickly. 

There are many variables we have to consider.  The board will be meeting this Monday at 11:00 am for discussion and ideas for when the time comes to reopen. The meeting is via Zoom, I.D. 83027815657. 


Phone: 929.205.6099

Pin: 8302 781 5657 

Sincerest thank you to an abundance of emails received in support of our board.  Words are most encouraging and makes us even more determined to make this one of the best places to live.  We are here to help and guide you in the best logical way possible. 

Remember to wear masks and gloves. Social distancing does not mean social isolation.  Keep in contact with family and friends.  

This past Monday I received photos of beautiful otters in the back of the canal on Mill Pointe Circle in Phase 3.  In speaking to Hal, a member of Phase 3’s board, I mentioned that we had new residents in Phase 3 and would send him photos. His reply was so unique and made me laugh so heartily that I have decided to share it with you in hopes that you too will find it as funny as I did. 

“Wow. I thought it was just one but it appears to be a family.  I guess that’s a whole otter matter.  There’s the motter and the fotter and even the baby dotter.  Otterly amazing.” 

We will keep you updated whenever we get news. 

Wear masks, if not for yourself, for others.  Be safe, be cautious, and be well. 

Wake up!! You have finally come to the end of this week’s Community Connection.