HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

Friday October 15, 2021

Good Day, Good Week, Good Month to all.


Enjoy the length of the days as much as you can.  It’s only a matter of 3 more weeks before the clocks are changed on Nov. 7th.   We wake each morning and many of us wonder whether it is Tuesday or Friday or maybe it’s Saturday.  Now with the time change we’ll have dinner when we used to have lunch.  We have enough adjustments to make and here we go with another!!  Make a memo and remind yourself as the time gets closer.


Not enough that we will have the change in time, our cognitive skills are being tested again.  Some people are not even aware of yet another change.  On October 24th, we will have to dial area codes in addition to the contact number on our telephones  This means a total of ten digits.  With time it will become a habit and we will not even think about it.   We will just do it.  Should you not reach your party, it will probably be because you neglected the “561” area code.


There will be an HPA Board meeting on Monday, October 18th at 10:00am.

The current agenda is as follows: HPA 2022 Budget Vote.


Prior to each meeting you hear the same requests from me.   You have a 3 minute time frame to speak once.   When there is an open forum at our general meeting, you may address any topic.  Do not repeat questions already asked.  There is to be no chatting.
At our last agenda meeting, several residents insisted on doing so.   Your chat comes across our screens and does not allow for the board to concentrate and focus on the issue at hand.  If you have comments, save them for the open forum.
The residents have the right to talk. We ask that you do so in a respectful manner.  Do not open your remarks with comments that put the board on the defensive immediately.   We are there to reply to your questions as best we can.  Should you have remarks that should be private and inappropriate for the public, refrain from speaking and ask for an individual meeting.  We would like to have orderly productive meetings.  

Remember that we are human beings with feelings just as you.  I was about to close this article and remembered a quote from William Shakespeare from “The Merchant of Venice”.  Take it to heart.   It may seem a little dramatic, but seems to fit the circumstances.  “If you prick us, do we not bleed?  If you tickle us, do we not laugh?  If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”  This is meant for all to think about in the treatment of others.  Thank you.

Have a good week.  Be cautious.


Friday October 08, 2021


Hello Residents.


We have the permits in hand and were told that ours were processed with lightning forces.  We are truly fortunate that we had Dutch Bliss work on the processing for us.   Not only Dutch, but the entire team of experts hired have been devoted to us.

Needless to say, there remains pieces of the puzzle that need to be placed before we say “today is the day.”   My analogy has been simple.   You have a forkful of food on your lips but cannot yet get the fork into your mouth.  This is how close we are.

Please go to the website whereby you will find a current update on today’s renovation status.


This is a reminder that our cafe will be closed on Sunday, October 10th.  Ismael,  Mario’s most tenured employee, passed from Covid at age 37.  Mario and his staff from all his cafes will be attending the services to say their final goodbyes to their coworker and to console his family.


For those disappointed when the water aerobics classes were canceled on Saturdays,   you are receiving a gift you will appreciate.   Get your noodles ready, and I do not mean lo mein or penne.


Mark you calendars please.   Commencing Saturday, October 23rd at 9:30am, Joel will once again lead the group.   Change your hair and nail Saturday appointments.  Enjoy everyone!!


There will be a BOD agenda meeting on Tuesday, October 12th at 2:00pm.


At this moment, the following is the agenda:

Letter of Intent for Bliss Construction.

The new HPA budget for 2022.

Thank you.

Be well and be safe.


Friday October 01, 2021


Good Day Residents.

It’s the month of October.    I have never given much thought to the month itself, other than being our anniversary.   I only think that it’s autumn which will be followed by winter and the cold.   Is there anything “special” about October?   I managed to gather a little information so that should questions appear on Jeopardy, we will all be geniuses. 

The birth flowers are the Cosmos, a symbol of joy, love, and peace. The Calendula, represents winning grace.

The opal is the birthstone which goes hand in hand with faithfulness and confidence.

October 11th is a busy day with three holidays packed into 24 hours.
1.  Canadian Thanksgiving is similar to our American equivalent.
2.  Columbus Day which is a federal holiday .
3.  Indigenous Peoples’ Day.
4.  My sister’s and her son’s birthdays (which I am sneaking in here.)

October 24th is United Nations Day which aims to bring awareness to the work of the United Nations across the world.

And then we have October 31st, Halloween.  If you do not know the true history, it’s not as frightful as you might think!!    All treats are accepted (Mr. Goodbar, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Kit Kats!!)


Please remember that as of October 2nd, the dinner pickup service will no longer be available.   Don’t forget that your red and blue cards are acceptable and you have three more months before the red ones expire.  There is no expiration on the blue ones.


Iguanas are a menace and not a pet.  They may look as cute as a frog but can be dangerous.   They can grow to five feet long with claws and sharp teeth and can carry salmonella and parasites.

They are invasive and blend into the environment.   There seems to be an influx of iguanas this year and of course we will have our share here as well.  STAY AWAY.   IGNORE THEM.  DO NOT FEED THEM.   I am not writing this to scare you.   I am making you aware that they do exist and to be cautious.


Your new HP Directory is available.

Please check your emails sent yesterday from HP in reference to the pickup schedule for the new telephone directories.    Thank you.


This is a reminder that all current information in reference to the renovations may be obtained on our website.


At this time no BOD meetings have been scheduled for next week.

Be well, be cautious, and enjoy the weather.


Friday September 24, 2021

Hello Residents.

It’s fall.   We do not have the brisk cool mornings and we do not have the explosion of fall colors. The fall foliage of amber, crimson, bronze, copper, yellow and cherry linger in many of our minds.  Many long for the season changes.  It’s when winter arrives that people scramble to the south.  Leave your parkas and boots north. Avoid the swirling winds, icy drifts, and the cars that get stuck.  We can hear the tires roaring and unable to move.  Point them in our direction and make the trek.

What we do have here are temporary rainfalls with intermittent blue skies, beautiful palm trees, beaches, pools, and paradise.  We have water aerobics, tennis, pickleball,  bocci,  and shuffleboard.   We see neighbors and friends and nod to those not familiar to us.   We manage some outdoor dining for socialization.   Even in these trying times, we have much to be thankful for.

Enjoy a new season here at your HP home.


Please remember to go to our website for the current status of our renovations.   Most have already heard that we are only a few stops away from our journey.   Stay tuned for some wonderful news.


Last week we had several complaints in reference to missing newspapers from driveways.  A couple of years ago it seemed there were papers taken from the buildings and then it stopped.   Now Phases 1 and 3 are experiencing the same issue.   Please keep your eyes open and become detectives.   Advise the office or your board members should you see anyone “picking” up newspapers.   We thank them for keeping our driveways clean of debris.  If in such dire need of a newspaper, please advise me and I will make sure you receive some weekly.


Many thanks again to Karen Bleier who did an outstanding job in organizing our flu shots this past Monday.   Sharon Cadoff helped make the process painless.

We had more people than usual and had to have a refill of serum  delivered to us asap.

This is one of the benefits we offer to residents,   Not having to leave the community and knowing the source is CVS makes it comfortable for all.   I had my shot on Monday and felt nothing until just yesterday when I reminded myself.  I cannot even complain: no pain; no reactions;  but I guess some sympathy would have been nice.


As of this moment there are no scheduled BOD meetings taking place next week.

Enjoy the week and be cautious.


Friday September 17, 2021

Hello Residents.

After an extremely hectic day on Wednesday, sundown arrived.   With it came a peacefulness; a time to take a deep breath; and thoughts of the past year with all the events that took place.  It was “Chicken Soup For the Soul” except we were fasting.  It was tranquil, serene and the illumination of the memorial candles caused a much welcomed coziness.

Now it is Thursday night, and having eaten more than sufficient,  am looking at the calendar for the coming week.   All that comes to mind is I shouldn’t have had an extra bite of this or I shouldn’t have eaten more of that.   Three hours of continuous food causes the brain to lapse.    That being said, this article will be short with much information that has been previously given.


Once again I am reminding you that flu shots will be administered here at our Clubhouse on Monday, September 20th from 9:00am to noon.

Please wear masks and bring identification.   There is no fee for this service.


Our monthly BOD meeting will take place on Monday, September 20th at 11:00am via Zoom.

See the link below:




       Motion for removal of trees
       Motion for East Pool landscaping 

(I almost wrote Eat Pool. My mind still remains on the breaking of the fast.)

Clubs and Organizations

        Address lighting if proposals have been submitted
        Motion for usage of available space  (e.g. parking lot.)
with permission

       Motion for approval of funds “bucket.”

For all updates on the renovation, go to the website.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be cautious and be well.


Friday September 10, 2021



Friday September 3, 2021

Good Morning Residents.

It is Friday, September 3rd, and Labor Day weekend is upon us.  Some will go to the pools, have BBQ’s, or shop and prepare for the Jewish holidays.   Labor Day, to many, means the end of summer vacation, and excuses for stores sales.  This year again is different.  It’s important to keep in mind that Labor Day is a celebration of laborers.  We should recognize the contributions workers have made to America’s strength and well being. 

This week has brought further sadness.  The airlift out of Afghanistan caused anguish to so many.  And then, the death of 13 of our protectors.  Our flag outside of the clubhouse was lowered to the half way point as a symbol of honor, mourning, and remembrance.



We were not done.   Hurricane Ida arrived and devastated New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.   New Jersey, New York, were part of Mother Nature’s wrath.  Be grateful for what riches we do have.

All in one week………………..


The Florida Health Covid-19, 24-hour hotline is available to answer general vaccine questions.   Call  866  779 6121.

No new cases to report here at HP.  Protect yourselves and wear a mask.


No new updates.   Dinner entrees are now available.   Call the cafe at 561 499 9888 to place your orders for pick up.


Please remember that all new updates and information are listed on the website.   We recommend you check every Thurs. or Fri.


The BOD agenda meeting will be held on September 14th at 2:00pm.   Details will be given next week.

Our BOD regular meeting will be on Monday, September 20th at 11:00am.   PLEASE NOTICE THE TIME CHANGE FOR THIS MEETING ONLY.

The reason for the change of time is that free flu shots will be given at our clubhouse between the hours of 9:00am and noon on the 20th.  No appointments are necessary.   All wishing to attend the BOD meeting will have the opportunity to receive their vaccines.   I will give further details next week.


This week the Jewish residents celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

May this year be sealed with love, peace, happiness, and HEALTH to ALL.

Be well,


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