HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

Friday July 30, 2021

Hello Once Again.

Of course I do not know your histories or experiences with vaccines.  What I remember is as a child we lined up in school and were told we were getting needles.   Many cried as soon as they heard the word.  Others didn’t know what it meant.  We knew we had to roll up our sleeves and get jabbed.  To some, it was a shock.   To others, it was a sign of bravery and we had to be stoic.  Within seconds it was done and we never even knew why.  There was no information or educational material that I was aware of.   I don’t even know what my parents thought.  They just followed the rules.

Vaccines have been around since the late 18th century and have saved millions of lives.

I remember hearing about smallpox being one of the deadliest diseases known to humans.  A successful vaccine was developed and we rarely hear of this sickness. The MMR vaccine is another one many are familiar with as it is highly effective against the measles.   We have heard of the Tdap vaccine which protects us against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough.

Polio played a role in my life as a very close friend had developed it.  Years ago we pictured children using iron lungs to survive.  The visions are ingrained in our brains as we saw newspaper photos and some television ads.  Polio has virtually been eradicated. 

The year 2020 was a race to develop a vaccine for Covid-19.  It was done.
With vaccines, not only are you protecting yourself and your families, but you are also protecting others.

All of the above leads to the following information:

For the many residents who have shown interest over the years, we once again will be offering FREE FLU VACCINES.

Save the date of Monday, September 20th between 9:00am and 12:00 noon.  The location will be here on the premises of Huntington Pointe.    Specific details will follow as we get closer.


Covid-19 numbers continue to rise.   We are carefully following the trail.  Some communities have already implemented precautions and have closed their clubhouses and mandated masks once again. 

It seems the Delta variant is the culprit for the increased numbers.

Let’s go a little backwards for the safety of all here.  Suggestions are the following:

Remember to wash your hands frequently.


Wear a mask indoors and outdoors when interacting with others.

If you have any symptoms, take a test even if fully vaccinated. 

Please notify management or a board member should you be tested positive.  The information will only help others who may want to be tested again.  Thank you.


The cafe will be closed for vacation from August 2nd to August 8th.


There are no BOD meetings scheduled at this moment for next week.

A few days ago I drove a friend shopping for merchandise she needed as she has just moved close by.   Fifty years ago we would have whipped through all the aisles at a Bed Bath and Beyond within an hour.  This time we realized it had taken us 2 hours to go through 3 rows.  We didn’t even recognize some of the new items available.  We were tired and hungry.  My friend happen to have two protein bars.  I saw two chairs and a desk at the side.   We sat down and started eating and laughing. She had water in her bag as a beverage.    young woman sat down behind the desk and asked how she could be of assistance in a very serious tone.  I glanced around to see exactly where we had plopped ourselves down.  My answer was simple.  “We’ve come to register for bridal showers.”  You too now know where to rest.  Don’t be embarrassed.  It’s a privilege of aging. 

Have a good week everyone.  Be cautious and well.


Friday July 23, 2021

Hi Residents.

Once again it is Friday and once again we look forward to the weekend.  Weekends have always seemed special to most of us.   The school week was over and it was play time.  We became older and it became date time.  We aged and then the work week was over and we slept in and socialized.  Even though every day here is a weekend, Saturday and Sunday still remain separate from the other days of the week.

What a disappointment when we awake Saturday and we have rain.   What a pain!!  It isn’t a grand idea to go out in torrential waterfalls but at times it is only drizzle.  You need some ideas for rainy day play.  We change our plans.  We cancel.  We have a pajama day. 

A rainy day does not mean you are cooped up inside, with quiet activities such as watching movies, listening to music, playing video games, reading a book.  Being wet outside doesn’t mean you have to spend your day indoors.  Use your creativity.   Remember when you were a child?  Recreate those days and bring a spark to your lives.  Revert back to your childhood.  Go out.   Catch raindrops on your tongue.  Look at the earth around you.  See the dirt, the sand, the grass and make note of how the rain changes these things.  Jump into puddles.  Who of your friends can make the biggest splash?   

Listen to the rhythm that the rain makes and dance.  Choose songs that mention rain such as “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” and “Rain, Rain Go Away.”  Our weather has certainly not been an A+ but make the very most of it.  Be as giddy as I am being silly.   We are allowed.

One more thing.  At the opposite side of the spectrum is the exposure to the sun.  Always use sunscreen and reapply often.  Wear sunglasses to protect against UV rays, and wear protective clothing that covers most of your skin.


This is the third notification to all residents.  Today is the deadline for updating all of your information that will be placed in the new telephone directory.   Should there be errors or your name is omitted it is your responsibility to update NOW.


The following information pertains to Phases 2 and 4.   The downspout project has not been forgotten.   Due to Covid, (best factual excuse ever) manufacturing of many products have been delayed.  We are still awaiting shipment of some parts that are needed for completion.    As soon as they arrive, the staff will do the assembling and installation will begin.

The carport under hangs are on a bimonthly maintenance schedule.  August will be the next month for the cleaning.   We will also be removing some seedlings that have started to grow in the gutters. 


Residents, this is a reminder that water aerobics classes take place at the main pool.  If you are not taking part in the classes, please use the North, East, or West pools for your swimming leisure.   We pay for the classes and all are highly complimentary of their enjoyment.   In order that you keep this amenity please give your consideration to the instructor, our liaison, and those exercising.   Again,  if not in the class, use another pool.  The entire duration is only one hour.  Thank you.


We have worked very hard to find an immediate temporary fix to the “fried” cash register in the cafe.  At this time, cash and credit/debit cards may be used.   Tips are to be cash only please.   

Due to the global semiconductor (chip) shortage,  NCR and Alliance are having difficulty replacing the cafe register with the right unit that can be configured to handle the custom programming of the red and blue cafe cards.   NCR informed us today that it may take about 4 weeks before we have a new register on site.   While it is inconvenient in not being  able to use our cards at this time, we have installed a different system in the interim to enable credit/debit cards as options to pay. 

The cafe will be closed for vacation from August 2nd to August 8th.  Make note please.

PLEASE SUPPORT THE CAFE.   DO NOT COMPLAIN SHOULD WE HAVE TO CLOSE IT.  IT IS YOU, THE RESIDENTS, WHO HAVE CONTROL OVER THIS.  The inconveniences are all temporary.  Complain about the slowness of service;  complain about the lack of an item you may want; complain, complain, complain BUT come anyway.  Shrug your shoulders   Bear with the cafe staff until the glitches are gone.  One day it will just be another story to tell.


Our new HPA and Phase rule books are currently at the printers and will be ready for distribution within the next one to two weeks.  The current ones are now 10 years old and there have been many adjustments, deletions, and new items added.  

Each home will receive a copy via mail to their 33484 zip code.  The procedure is no different than your current delivery method.  Please watch for them; read them; and put them in a safe place.   

These are NOT the amended documents.  You will receive those in a few months.  They will be written in a format that all will understand.  We have been referring to them as the “Reader’s Digest” edition.

Thank you.


Last Monday our BOD meeting was an hour and productive.  We thank the residents for complying with our 3 minute speaking limitation and not repeating the same questions.
We have no BOD meetings scheduled for next week at this moment.

Enjoy your week.  Be safe, cautious, and well.


Friday July 16, 2021

Good Day Residents.

There is currently a very large influx of movement within our community.  For many that have had to leave without choice due to illness or wanting to be closer to family, we wish you all the best.   To the new community members, a hearty welcome.

Although our clubhouse is closed, you will still be able to take part in our outdoor facilities.  Read The Lifestyle and blasts that will inform you of organization and club events taking place.   No, it certainly is not the same as in the past.  We all just need patience with the process of our renovation.   It will happen.

Once again, as I have repeated myself countless times, many do not have the correct information.   Read all forwarded to you and on the website.  That is the only correspondence you should follow for current status and most important, the truth.

This past week there was an article forwarded from Campbell Management entitled “Sense and Sensitivity.”  I am quoting some parts written by Lallis A.C. Jackson.   With the diversity of our expanding community, it is an ideal time to make us all cognizant  of our differences.

“Many people aren’t aware of the different cultures that live together in community associations and the need for sensitivity, respect, and understanding.   When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the lack of sensitivity to the existence of cultural differences leads to misconceptions, stereotypes, and false characterizations.   When you understand where someone comes from and how they might have grown up with different understandings and norms, it generates respect.  The willingness to learn more about those differences creates progress; ignoring them, thinking they’re not important, or believing they don’t exist fosters conflict.”

We must all realize that there are residents and staff members that may not think or act in the way we are accustomed.   We are becoming a place where our residents consist of a variety of people and cultures who are assimilating into a cohesive whole.   We are melting together creating a common culture.  How wonderful for us!!

JULY 4th

Last week I referred to the problems we had with our entertainer on July 4th.    This week we received a note from Michael Rapposelli from Inside Entertainment.   He is the agent for many of the people we engage for our venues.   With his permission,  I would like to share part of his correspondence with all of you to give you a better understanding of what occurred. 

“Jonny is in the hospital suffering from complications from his recent toe amputation.  While doing your event, he suffered horrible symptoms from the infection from his poorly done procedure.”

“I’m sorry that your event was not up to the usual standard that we’ve established over the years.  I hope to make sure that your next event is memorable for the right reasons.”

Michael is a gentleman and he will certainly see to it that we are compensated.


We have been receiving complaints that some of those with service and emotional support animals are not complying with our rules. 

A resident must immediately pick up and remove any solid waste deposited by their animal when outside of the unit.  It should be deposited into the garbage.  At no time should animal waste be deposited into the storm sewer.

While outdoors, animals MUST be on a leash not longer than 6 feet and must always be under the owner’s control.   No retractable leashes are allowed. Thank you.


We certainly understand the inconvenience with the lack of a cash register at the cafe.  Due to the lightning strike we are still trying to make repairs to the damages.   We are trying very hard in working with NCR to restore our system whereby once again cafe cards will be able to be processed.   Be assured that no one will lose any money due them on their red or blue cards.

Please bear with us.  CASH ONLY is temporary for a few more days.  Without our support the cafe cannot function monetarily.  There are enough issues with the lack of food deliveries and service people to work.   Please let’s not cause another major problem with a lack of business.  It’s slow enough.  It is a time for us to show loyalty to Mario and the staff that has become caring family.   THANK YOU.


Please note the following change:

As of July 20th the Wednesday Yoga class that took place from 4:00pm to 4:50pm has been changed to Tuesdays from 10:30am to 11:30am.

Due to a lack of participation we have cancelled the following three classes:

Monday Balance from 1:00pm to 1:50pm.

Wednesday Balance from 2:00pm to 2:50pm.

Thursday Chair Yoga from 2:00pm to 2:50pm.


On July 9th residents received a blast in reference to the HP Directory for the 2021-2022 printing.  Please update your information.   Review the NAME,  ADDRESS, and TELEPHONE NUMBER currently listed.   If no changes are necessary, you do not need to do anything.   All will remain the same.

Otherwise,  check your blast for directions as to how to update your information.


Should you have any questions you can contact JoAnn Padilla at
561-359-2071 or email her at  

This is the second notification you are receiving.  It is your responsibility to make sure all is in order.    Thank you.


Our BOD meeting will take place on Monday, July 19th at 10:00am via zoom.


Status on new shed
Status on Cafe register

Yes, that is it!!  Feel comfortable making game appointments, luncheon plans, or taking afternoon naps.  It won’t be a marathon.

Link: https://www.huntingtonpointe.net/live/

Have an enjoyable week and be well.


Friday July 09, 2021

Hello Residents.

We continue to speak about the weather.   It’s been THE topic for almost two weeks.   We were so anxious to have no rain for the 4th, we forgot to pray for no heat as well.   Observing the people in the pool just standing with very little movement watching the thermostat reach 110 certainly added to the story of the day.

It’s unfortunate that our entertainer was not well.   However, thank you for making the best of an uncontrollable situation.   It’s pleasant just to sit, mingle with people, and relax for a couple of hours.  One thing I have learned by living in Florida is that many things are in the 80’s and 90’s: the heat, the humidity, the amount of weekly games some need and the average age.


Please note that as of Wednesday, July 14th the time for the class has changed.  Please mark 11:45 as the start time continuing to 12:45.


In the past Lifestyle, you will find a request for those interested in joining the Entertainment Committee.   Submit an email with a brief resume indicating your experience.   Please respond by July 16th.    Email to our board entertainment liaison, Mary Rudnick, at kipsbay52@aol.com  Although we have received many responses, we are leaving it open for another week to give you  an opportunity to reply.
Thank you everyone.


When we lost power to the clubhouse and cafe, we lost many services plus equipment. One of the items that “fried” was the cash register which kept track of the cafe cards. As of this moment, those dining will have to use cash only. This is indefinite until repaired or replaced. We have been working on the issue and will be more specific next week. It is unfortunate that the cafe is now suffering from another  glitch. Please bear with us. We are totally aware of the inconveniences. Don’t give up. All corrections will be made.


Our BOD Agenda Meeting will take place this Tuesday, July 13th at 2:00pm.


Communal Car Wash

Presentation request by resident Andrea Weiss

Expenses and purchases due to the lightning strike (cafe register, energy management system, fire panel, gate access computer)

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/83533376526

Please scroll and continue reading for a renovation update.

Be well and stay dry.


Dear Huntington Pointe Residents,

We just want to provide a short renovation update.  Sometimes the news we bring is encouraging, other times there are issues.  We promised to share ALL the news with you, no matter what.
This week a subcontractor who does drywall, framing and sheetrock came to our clubhouse.  Next week a subcontractor will be here to check the condition of the existing elevator and associated equipment.  A few other vendors also still need to make a site visit.
Some not-so-good news is that some construction trades are unable to staff their companies and thus are reluctant to commit to pricing.  Other trades also do not want to commit because of the unstable pricing that exists.  Dutch Bliss is working through these concerns.
The County has not provided any comments about our permit documentation in the past 10 days; yesterday Dutch Bliss requested updates from the County.
The bottom line of all of this is that the pricing may not be available for us at the end of July as we had hoped.  Yes, the pandemic is far less invasive as it was; however, our renovation project is still being affected by Covid 19 aftereffects.  We promise to keep you posted with all the news.
Thank you for your patience.

The Steering Group
Enid Friedman, Architect
Phyllis Sandler, Phase
Sue Loeser, Phase II
Shirley Kafka, Phase III
Susan Levine, Phase IV


Friday July 2, 2021

Hello Residents.

It’s puzzling to realize how fickle we are.   Many times I arrive home, check my phone messages, and comment on how many return calls I have to make.   Then there are the days I check my  messages and there are none.   “No messages??  What?  Can’t be.  Am I forgotten?”

This relates to the weather as well.  For weeks conversation has been focused on how empty and dry the canals are and the lack of water for our sprinkler system.   The grass was turning brown and our plants were dying.    It was upsetting.    Go forward to this week.   “What torrential rains we are experiencing!  How terrible.  Can’t go out.   No outdoor activities.  Did you hear the thunder and did you jump at the lightning?”  What a task in trying to keep us satisfied!!  We always have to have a topic of conversation.

Wednesday we lost power at the clubhouse and the cafe.   We had no control over nature.   It was not our fault.    You may have wanted to blame us for another issue you are unhappy with but please keep in mind that we did not do this!!  Hopefully by the time you read this, we should be fully functional once again.


The Clubhouse will be closed on Monday July 5th due to the July 4th holiday taking place on a Sunday this year.  Security will be present at the front desk.   The staff will be absent.


Date:                     Sunday, July 4th

Time:                     1:00pm to 4:00pm

Place:                    Main Pool

Entertainment by Jonny Loew




Please keep in mind that our cafe remains closed on Mondays.

The cafe will be closed for vacation from August 2nd to August 8th.

We continue to ask your patience with the lack of services at our cafe.  We anticipate that  employment will open and we will have the required servers necessary to function fully as before.  Gradually food services will increase their distribution and  variety of menu items.   There isn’t any reason to be rude or disrespectful to our cafe staff.  They are trying very hard to please you.  It’s a stressful situation for them to be in as is and we do not want them leaving us due to the behavior of a few.


The Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department has issued notice that their annual chlorine water flush will take place this week.  You may notice a slight chlorine taste or color in your tap water but these conditions will not cause adverse health effects. 

Should you be sensitive to the taste or odor you can refrigerate the water for a few hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate.


The state sales tax holiday begins July 1st and ends on July 7th.  This was designed to encourage Floridians to return to normal events by tax exempting purchases during Freedom Week for camping supplies, concerts, sporting events, museums, movies, state parks etc.    Do not be shy in asking store keepers if their merchandise applies to the exemptions.


As of Wednesday, June 30th, the following is the current permit status:

The permit has passed for fire, zoning, and electrical.

Comments from the county have been issued for building, mechanical, plumbing, and water utilities.

Comments are pending from landscaping and health.

Please note that the Building Dept. is designating this project a Threshold Project, which requires a 3rd party structural inspector.


As of this moment, no meetings are scheduled for next week.

Thank you.

Have a wonderful July 4th weekend.   Hopefully the sun will shine for us.

(The following document was sent to a resident yesterday in response to an email which lamented the “lack of progress” on our clubhouse renovation project.  It turns out that this resident was totally not aware of what has been done.  He has not attended meetings, not read our emails – you will catch on as you read this response.  We are including as part of the weekly Community Connection so that everyone is aware of everything mentioned herein.)

As I sit in “da” Bronx reading my July 1 NY TIMES I cannot help but share my thoughts about a front page (albeit below the fold) article titled “As Condo Boards Squabble, Disaster May Loom” written by Mike Baker and Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura.  The sub-headline reads “Fixes Often Delayed by Fights Over Money.”
Of course, the article is about the Champlain Towers South, but it could be about any condo, co-op, or HOA association.  The problem:  The Board of Directors has only $X in its reserve account but knows that the association needs many times that number for repairs.  To take care of the known problems a sizable special assessment to the residents is necessary.
In Surfside some Board members quit because they felt they must live in the community and did not want to be known as someone who caused the assessment.  Other Board members did not want to vote for the assessment because they thought they would never be re-elected.
And so, association repairs in Surfside and elsewhere are often deferred or only partially done until more money is accumulated.  The health and welfare of the association’s residents are repeatedly decided by volunteer Board members with little expertise in finance or maintenance to avoid infighting with neighbors and to heed pressures to keep the expenses low.
In 2019 the existing HPA BOD hired Akouri Engineers, an independent engineering company, to identify all the health and safety items that need to be addressed in our clubhouse.  Our Board knew the clubhouse was nearly 30 years old and it was time to take a good look at our building.  The most critical finding concerned our old, faulty HVAC system: the quality of the air in our clubhouse needed to be updated/upgraded.  There were also many other findings.  That report was/is available to any resident.
The HPA BOD then began a long process to plan and institute our clubhouse renovation.  The Board has tried very hard to maintain a methodical process every step of the way.  When necessary, we hired professionals who are degreed and certified in their area of expertise.  When the candidates appeared before the BOD, the residents were included; the Board has been transparent every step of the way.
In December 2019 we began with seven focus groups allowing residents to tell the professionals and the Board what features our owners wanted to include.  (The residents were also invited to the Ballroom to select a color scheme for the renovation.)
Our architect created plans based on the focus groups.  In our theater in February 2020 at an open meeting, he showed slides of what existed at that time and what will exist in the future.  We learned that we now must adhere to all the current ADA requirements, and those were also built into the plans.  These plans were available for any owner.
Our Interior Design Group created renderings of the selected furnishings.  The renderings were available for everyone to see.  Included too were samples of flooring, wall coverings, tiles, etc.
And then came the pandemic and life in the entire world changed.  We were one of the first communities in South Florida that opened our outside activities.  This was done in steps so that we obeyed the CDC and PB County.  The HPA BOD was very concerned with the health and safety of our residents.  Despite all of this, the renovation plans continued.
All meetings were open meetings; all contracts with the professionals are on our website; Robo calls and/or email blasts alerted residents of future meetings, interviews, etc.; our president updated everyone in her weekly emails; now that we are getting closer, we include a renovation update in recent Lifestyle magazines.
There was an open auction of the existing clubhouse furnishings.  Residents were able to purchase items without paying an entrance fee; outsiders were charged such fees.  A separate line was created in our financial documents to separate the auction money so that it is used only for the renovation.
Recently our permit plans were submitted to PB County. The county has already approved some aspects of the permits and questioned other aspects.  Sometimes changes are required; sometimes further explanations are requested.  In one instance an opening needed to be one inch larger to assure that someone in a wheelchair could turn around.
In the meantime, as changes are made, updates are made by the still-to-be-hired GC so that the pricing reflects the latest plans to avoid change orders in the future.
The HPA BOD also approved hiring an Owner’s Rep to represent us every step of the way.  He will begin as soon as our attorney and his attorney agree on the text of his contract.  Interviews for this position were open.  If you zoomed in as we met our new Owner’s Rep, you know that the selected Owner’s Rep understands concrete, plumbing, electricity, mechanicals, etc. and has many years of experience in areas of expertise we need.
That sort of fills you in on where we are and what has happened at HP to get us to this point.
And yet —-

  • Some residents still tell us that they have no idea what is going on.  All the HPA BOD can do is to share the information.  If our residents did not come to the focus meetings or send suggestions to the Steering Group, do not listen to meetings, do not look on the website, do not read the Friday Community Connection, do not read Lifestyles, etc. etc., that is not a problem of the BOD.  The BOD is sharing everything; it is doing the best it can.
  • Our residents still ask what the assessment to them will be.  If the BOD had that information, we would make it available.  We still need the GC’s pricing.  We know that we do not have enough reserve money (see the beginning of this piece) and will have to go to banks for a Line of Credit.  NO BANK WILL TALK TO US UNTIL WE HAVE A SIGNED GC CONTRACT WITH PRICING as well as many, many other documents (all of which are ready for the banks).  We have announced this many times, but the assessment questions never stop.  Usually, the assessment question is followed by “What is taking so long?”
  • Our residents continually ask our president and members of the HPA BOD if activities could take place in the clubhouse.  Everyone knows what the Akouri report said.  Some small groups think that we could make an exception for them so that they can meet.  The BOD will just keep denying club/organization access to the clubhouse.
  • The BOD has been asked again and again if residents could just use the inside pool despite the known ventilation problems that exist.  The BOD cannot approve use of the inside pool.

On the other hand, most of our residents are aware of what is going on and thankful for the meticulous detail that the HPA BOD openly is providing for this project.
Unlike the Champlain Towers South BOD, recent HPA BOD know and understand that we have no choice with many of the repairs that are part of the clubhouse renovation plans.  Our HPA BOD is not afraid to move forward.  Our HPA BOD is not afraid to take a stand and make unpopular decisions.  As said, your BOD realizes that the health and safety of its residents takes precedence over everything.  And remember, every member of the HPA BOD will pay the same assessment as every other owner.
Rest assured, when there is some news regarding the HPA clubhouse renovation, the news will be publicized.  We hope that those who care will avail themselves of the news.
Thank you for your patience.
The Steering Group

Enid Friedman, Architect
Phyllis Sandler, Phase I
Sue Loeser, Phase II
Shirley Kafka, Phase III
Susan Levine, Phase IV

Friday June 25, 2021

Hello Residents.


As of this moment, there are no scheduled meetings for next week.  Should there be any change, you will be notified.

For those that attended this past Monday’s BOD meeting, it went smoothly and was productive.  You can find the minutes on our website.  The best part was that it did not exceed two hours!!   Thank you for your interest and input.

JULY 4th

Date:            Sunday, July 4th

Rain Date:    Monday, July  5th

Time:            1:00pm to 4:00pm

Place:           Main Pool

Entertainment by Jonny Loew


Join us for a little celebration in honor of July 4th.   Swim, dance,  socialize, and be entertained.


Please note that the cafe will be closed for vacation from August 2nd to August 8th.

A reminder will be forwarded as we get closer.

Once again, we are aware there have been issues with the cafe in regard to availability of food items and slow service.  We are not alone.   
Those that have kept up with the news,  major problems exist  within the service industry.   We ask for your patience and indulgence.   Mario and staff certainly apologize for all the inconveniences caused.   Much of this is beyond an individual’s control and hopefully will get resolved quickly.


The Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department  has issued notice that their annual chlorine water flush will take place the first week of July. 

You may notice a slight chlorine taste or color in your tap water but these conditions will not cause adverse health effects.

If you should be sensitive to the taste or odor you can refrigerate the water for a few hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate.

A reminder and details will follow.


And the rumors continue………………Again, should you have ANY questions please go to the source, your boards, your management company.    Why would anyone want to perpetuate untruths?! 
We recognize this will be difficult to halt.  Help us put our energies into time well spent rather than our correcting the spreading of myths.


I had something in mind to write but now feel it inappropriate.    I do not want to project negativity.   We are human and we are allowed to be sad.  Within a few days, we paid a shiva call; we received news of a death and a young person severely ill, and then the cherry: the collapse of the condo in Miami and learning someone we know has a relative they cannot locate. 

Once again we have clouds and thunderstorms encompassing us. 
With the relaxing of the pandemic rules and starting to embrace life again we find the blows continue.  We must remember that rain does not fall every day.  It passes.  It becomes history.  That history becomes our memories.  The rain in our lives cannot last forever.  The sprinkles of sunshine are starting to show once again.  Live your lives to the fullest!!  That’s the message.

Be well,