HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

Friday April 16, 2021

Hello Residents,

This past Saturday we held our Clubhouse Auction.  We had many residents physically attend in addition to those on-line.  It was a task in trying to recognize people.   We had to listen to voices to help the process.  Masks, different hair styles, changes of hair colors, and chocolate laden bodies made this a game.   Amazing what a few months can do!

We laughed and found the entire procedure entertaining, exciting, and interesting.  We were hoping we might gross $5,000.   Although we do not have the final numbers at this moment, we are anticipating approximately a total income of $18,000 less our expenses.   For those that have a moment,  take a trip to the clubhouse and peak inside.   I will admit that I did feel sad in seeing the emptiness.   It is the end of one novel and now we go to the sequel.


Date:              Sunday, April 18th
Time:             11:00am
Link:               https://zoom.us/j/99893927035
Phone:                      929.436.2866
Pin:                             9989 392 7035

The Social Club is inviting all of HP as their guests to see Carl Guerra, famous comedian.    Sit, relax, have your breakfast and start your day with some laughs.  Reminisce the times you spent at Dangerfield’s, The Comic Strip,  and The Improvisation.


As of today, the covered area with the canopy, table and chairs behind the cafe on the deck of the main pool is officially open.   You can order a meal from the cafe or bring your own snacks and sit and eat.   The rule of no food on the actual pool decks remains in place.   Please keep the space as neat and clean as you can.   Please remember that social distancing OR masks is recommended.    Thank you.

In speaking of pools, the hearing aid found at the East Pool has been reunited with its owner.   Thank you.


I have found that the following message from the desk of Commissioner Maria Sachs is one worth reading by our residents.

“It has been a year since the County officially entered into Covid emergency operations.

Twelve months of illness, isolation, loss of jobs, and even death.   We are all experiencing a fatigue in the uncertainty of not knowing when it will end.

Now, a full 12 months later we are told that we are “almost out” of danger, that we can see the “light at the end of the tunnel.”   But is it the light of freedom from restraints or the light of an oncoming train of a Corona spike or variants that are even more contagious?

Until we are certain, we must all continue to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Follow the guidelines, wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing.    Almost there is not there…yet.”


If you opted for electronic/online voting, you will receive an email to create your account.

We would like to have every owner who opted-in get familiar with the online voting system.   This test vote will prepare all for future elections or surveys that the association may send.

Thank you.


Our next BOD meeting will be held on Monday, April 19th, 2021 at 10:00am.

Agenda Items:

Motion and vote whether to continue with the paving suit.

Motion and vote whether to allow guests to use our facilities.

Motion and vote on landscaping the areas behind HP2 & HP4 lobbies to facilitate drainage.

Ratify the landscape expense.

Ratify the Bliss Construction vote.

Motion to repair existing or purchase a new golf cart.

Those that are thinking they would like to be more active on committees next term please take the following seriously.  There is a reason they are called committees.  When you are on one for too long, you start to think about committing something else such as murder or yourself into a mental facility. 

This is the final meeting of the current board.    Before adjournment, I will propose a new rule:  meetings can not last longer than my laptop battery or my bladder!!

Link:              https://zoom.us/j/83533376526
Phone:                      301.715.8592
Pin:                             8353 337 6526

Be well everyone.

Enjoy your week and be careful.


Friday April 9, 2021

Dear Residents,

Yes, back again!!  


The Clubhouse Auction is taking place tomorrow, Saturday,  April 10th at 11:00am.   Feel free to come earlier and browse around.   You may not be interested in making any purchases but it is an opportunity to see another stage of what the clubhouse looks like.  You may even run into some friends who you didn’t even know were still here.  Listen to the auctioneer and watch the gavel bang away!!   Check your postcards and go online
(J. Sugarman Auction Corp.) if uncomfortable with entering the clubhouse.   It has been sanitized and is clean. Remember your masks please.



In four weeks we will finally have our elections for the Phase Boards and the reorganization of positions for all boards.

Below are the 2021 candidates who have submitted notices of their intent to run for office.

Phase 1            Two seats open.            No  Election

David Berman
Serena Gonzalez

Phase 2            Three seats open.        Election on May 13th, 2021

Mark Donovan
Marvin Krakower
Iris Serin
Boris Spektor
Jay Sussman
Jim Yarmus

Phase 3            Three seats open.           No Election.

Elayne Flechner
Hal Pugach
Mary Rudnick

Phase 4            Four seats open.            Election on May 11th, 2021

Dale Berger
Lenny Kaplan
Richard Marcus
Marvin Morrell
Harvey Shapiro


Residents are leaving their noodles behind at the pools.   Whatever you bring to the pools must be taken home with you.   Items left behind will be discarded by maintenance when cleaning.  Thank you.


Once again, the Social Club is gracious enough to open their Sunday entertainment to the community.   Last month there was a wonderful singer who all enjoyed immensely.

Date:        Sunday, April 18th at 11:00am
Place:       Again, the comfort of your own home
Attire:       As always, pajamas, nightgowns, ball gowns, high heels…….

Carl Guerra  is the special guest.   He started performing comedy in the New York metro area as soon as he graduated from college (Cornell University—his parents must have been thrilled when he became a comic!)    He honed his craft at such clubs as Dangerfield’s, The Comic Strip, Star Search, The Improvisation, and cruise ships.

Join us for some hearty laughs!!  Jot down the information.

Link: https://zoom.us/j/99893927035
Phone: 929.436.2866
Pin: 9989 392 7035


I received only a couple of inquiries in reference to the PBC report of “breakthrough” Covid cases in vaccinated residents.   One of our board members pointed out some facts that should alleviate our fears.

Palm Beach County has about 134,000 cases of Covid so 136 breakthrough cases is a tiny fraction of the total.   This is consistent with other states.   CDC statistics state the vaccine provides about 90% protection, and not a full 100%.    Simply put, although you have had your vaccines, it does not make you totally immune.   Please continue to be cautious.



Date:            Tuesday, April 13th
Time:            2:00pm

Link: https://zoom.us/j/83533376526
Phone: 301.715.8592
Pin: 8353 337 6526


We have a tiny, little, small, surprise for our residents.   It isn’t much but it does add a choice for those that still hesitate to enter the cafe.   In front of the indoor pool between the cafe and the clubhouse you will see a few tables with two seats each whereby residents can enjoy their breakfast or lunch.  Go into the cafe to order your meal and one of the ladies will guide you.  It may not be quaint or elegant but does bring a little diversity for us.

This is a temporary accommodation.   IT IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ANY RENO PROJECT.

Lori at the cafe answers the phone and says “Hello.”   The person calling asks “Do you serve crabs?”   Lori replies,  “We serve everyone.  Come in.”

New Addition to the Cafe Menu:

I’ll have something.                         $10.00
I don’t know what to order.             $15.00
I’d like everything.                           $25.00
Whatever.                                         $10.00

Be well and have a good week.


Friday April 2, 2021

Hello Residents,


Today is the Friday before Easter, Good Friday.  It is observed in some states of the U.S. as a legal holiday.  Many go to church for services.

Sunday is Easter.  Traditions and symbols have evolved over time.  It is also linked to Passover by much of its symbolism as well as by its position in the calendar.  The last two days of Passover are observed just as the first two days following the rules of the Sabbath.  It all culminates this weekend.

When many think of Easter, we think of the Easter bunny, the decoration of eggs, Easter parades with exotic bonnets.  The Easter Parade lives on in Manhattan with Fifth Ave.  being closed from traffic from 49th St. to 57th Street.  There was a movie starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland featuring the music of Irving Berlin.  We think of jelly beans.  And how many remember the marshmallow Peep, a sugary, pastel-colored confection?  Both Passover and Easter are reminders of early springtime, happy celebrations, and rebirth.

To all, whichever holiday you observe, may it be happy and full of hope for good health and peace.


The cafe will be closed this Sunday, April 4th in observance of Easter.


As more and more residents get vaccinated there seems to be a better comfort level.   With that, we are receiving some emails requesting usage of the clubhouse.  Some would like to play cards and some would like to exercise.   We would like to remind you that the clubhouse was not only closed due to Covid issues, but also for the safety of the residents due to the hazardous ventilation system.

We are preparing for the renovation.  As of April 10th, the clubhouse will be empty.  There will be no exercise equipment and no tables and chairs for the playing of games.   We know it is disappointing but nothing has changed from the original plans.   Just think of the future and the modern gym and exercise area with novel equipment and fresh card rooms where you can safely breathe the air.

In mentioning card rooms, we had samples of two chairs for residents to try this past Tues. and Wed.  We had sheets whereby residents signed their names and marked the type of chair they preferred.   The turnout was poor but we do want to thank those that did cast their vote.  To most it doesn’t matter what type of chair they have.  They just want a clean, comfortable area to play their favorite games.   They want to sit and win!!

Reminder:  The auction will be held on April 10th.  You should be receiving post cards the beginning of the week with all information.


Throughout the entire process related to Covid, we have and continue to have the best interests of our residents as a priority.   We have gradually advanced and even had to go back a few steps.    We thank those that have followed the guidelines and have complied with our rules.   We have been quite fortunate.

We have had many requests by residents to once again relax some of the rulings.  In consideration, the following are the pool changes.

As of Friday April 2nd, all pool furniture will be available for use.

Hot tubs will be available for use.  At this time, the west pool tub may be having repair work but will reopen as soon as complete.

In addition to our basic rules, the following Covid ones still remain:


Should you have any problems, please do not have an altercation with anyone.   Call the office and explain the issue and request Marvin or a staff representative check the concern.

Social distancing and masks are highly recommended.  PBC will be lifting restrictions shortly.  In the interim, we adhere to the rules.  Do not think for one moment we are clear of their inspections.  They were here this week and we did receive a violation.  Fortunately, Marvin and staff rectified the problem immediately and we did not incur any fines or penalties. 

PLEASE be respectful and compliant.  Otherwise, we will have no choice but to make changes once again and revert back.   


Thank you and Enjoy.


Our April meetings are on the following dates and times.   Links to follow as we get closer.

BOD Agenda  Meeting                  Tuesday April 13th  at 2:00pm.

BOD General Meeting                   Monday April 19th  at 10:00am.

Be well and happy holidays.  It’s almost the official time to stop eating matzho and enjoy the chocolate bunnies!!



Friday March 26, 2021

Hello Residents,


As of this moment, we have no BOD meetings scheduled for next week.  You will be advised if there is any change.

Our regular monthly BOD agenda meeting will be on April 13th and the BOD general meeting will be on April 19th.  As usual, details to follow.


As the expression goes,   “so far, so good.”   Thank you everyone.


When we showed the renderings for the clubhouse, a few residents requested that chairs with arms be considered.   We had two sample chairs delivered to the clubhouse this week and available for “sampling.”  Plop into one and form an opinion.   Change to the next and compare.  It’s our version of musical chairs.

We will take a consensus from the residents and explain the differences when you take your chair test.  You will do your own evaluation and vote for your choice.

PLACE:                     Inside the clubhouse near the main desk.

DATES AND TIMES:   Tuesday March 30th between 1:00pm and 4:00pm

                                 Wednesday March 31st between 10:00am and 1:00pm


Just a reminder that our auction for the clubhouse contents is being held on Saturday, April 10th between 9:00am and 5:00pm.  This will take place in person or online.   Look for your V.I.P. invitation in the mail with further information.


Although our phones were extremely busy not as many people registered as we had anticipated.   In order that the vaccines not go to waste, we did reach out to other communities.   Yesterday hundreds of calls came in.

I cannot give any update as vaccines are currently being administered. The National Guard and paramedics are here making sure all is in compliance.    It’s one of the many extra benefits our residents have available.  Many thanks to Chiara and Marvin for organizing this event for our community.

Certainly you can’t make up the following.  We have waited months for vaccines for our residents, staff, aides, and family members.   All was going well.  Yesterday Marvin spoke to the office of DeSantis.   We are giving the shots tomorrow to 50 and over.   Starting Monday they will be changing the age bracket.   You may be 49 today and cannot have access.  There are NO exceptions, even if there are left over vaccines.  However, if it was Monday, you would be eligible.   Go figure this one out!!

Several residents have taken their proof of inoculation cards and had them laminated.   I was told yesterday that Staples was offering this service free of charge.  I called Office Depot to inquire on their policy.  They charge $2.50.   I informed the gentleman that Staples was not charging.   His simple answer was “Staples makes more money than we do.”


It has indeed been a difficult week with disappointments pertaining to the renovation status.   Until the previous Thursday, we certainly did think the agenda for Monday would have been much different than it was.  It’s an uncomfortable position for the group and board but addressing this topic is unavoidable.

Since the meeting on Monday, the following is a synopsis of what has taken place.

Immediately following the BOD meeting, the Steering Group had a meeting whereby we set up a Zoom meeting with Dutch Bliss, one of the general contractors who is bidding.  Although he has not been awarded the contract and is aware of this, we discussed  his involvement with preparation for getting the permits necessary.  We also made an appointment with our attorney for discussion.

We spent a very productive hour with Dutch. The county is slow in granting permits.   It may take as many as 5 months.  He would be working during the waiting period.   He is agreeable in working with an Owner’s Rep.   He is forwarding a Letter of Intent to us for our attorney to go over.

On Tuesday, we had chairs delivered for evaluation (see above for card room chairs) and then held another meeting.   We saw the kitchen blueprints and reports.

On Wednesday morning, the auctioneer was here so he could see what was for sale. At 4:30 we had a Zoom meeting with our attorney, Andy Wyman to discuss the process with Dutch Bliss and the permits.  Andy agreed that our proposed approach is good.

In the interim, we also obtained recommendations for three OR people.  We will investigate each one and compare the findings.  We will bring the information to the board as well as our recommendations so that we can interview the candidates and select which person we want to engage.

Bids will be submitted in the format we requested.  A choice of general contractor will be made.  Once again, please be assured that we ARE working everyday.  The architect is putting in every moment so that we do not encounter any future concerns.

WE ALL WANT THE SAME RESULT—-a fresh clubhouse for everyone to enjoy.   All of HP must work as a team.   We move forward. 


Palm Sunday is this weekend and the following week we have Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

This Saturday evening is the first Seder and Passover begins for the following 8 days.

May we all celebrate with joy.   Much has changed since last year and we hope next year all the current issues will be history.

Be well and all the best.