HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

Friday January 15, 2021

Hello Residents,


We are now into the second week of 2021.   There was a very smooth transition from 2020 as very little has changed!!  We still find a crisis in each day. The Covid numbers keep rising.  Palm Beach County received 120,000 email requests in one day in reference to the vaccine.  The weather has been cold and dismal.  The temperaments of people continues.   Our government was compromised. 

The most exercise we get is the continual dialing of various vaccine sites hoping to register for an appointment.  We at HP remain in the same position and wait for the government to distribute our way.  Again, we have no control.


Once again one of our office staff members contracted Covid.   He was not feeling well Tuesday evening. He used his instincts and went for a Covid test.   The result  was positive.  Using logic and safety precautions, all staff members were told to get tested immediately and leave the clubhouse.  As of Thursday evening we are only waiting for one more result.   The rest are all negative and should have returned to work today.

We have requested no one go into the office area, including board members.   It is not difficult to adhere to this strong suggestion.   

All the best for a very speedy recovery!!


Yesterday a blast was sent to all residents indicating there would be no dinner deliveries effective yesterday until January 19th.   Mario is sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.  Otherwise, the cafe remains open as usual. Thank you.

RENOVATION UPDATE    Submitted by Sue Loeser

“Just a quick word to update you on the status of our Clubhouse Renovations.  Jose Fernandez is finishing the work on the renovation documentation for Palm Beach County and for the bidders.

The colored renderings of six of our rooms are almost finished.   The Wells Design Group (WDG) is also putting together color boards that display the actual colors of the fabric, carpet, etc.  This is important since the renderings are pictures of the actual colors but we all know that pictures cannot display the actual colors as well as the swatches on the color boards can.  So, when you see the renderings, if you have questions about the actual color hue, check the color boards.  All of these will soon be on display in the clubhouse lobby.

It may look like we are idle, but that is far from reality.  We are busy researching kilns, theater sound and lighting systems, fob systems for our new doors and a handicap chair lift for a pool.  We have knowledgeable people working with us on each of these projects.  There are so many choices, options, and features for each of these;  we are getting quite an education.

We thank you for your patience as we work hard to make all the separate pieces of our renovation come together.”

The Steering Group  (Enid Friedman, Shirley Kafka, Susan Levine, Sue Loeser, Phyllis Sandler.)


Join us at our monthly HPA Board Meeting on Monday, January 18th at 10:00am.

The Link is: https://www.huntingtonpointe.net/live/


Although all of us know of others that have had loved ones hospitalized or in rehabs and in need of care, there are many who have been fortunate enough not to have the experience.  Although I empathized with others, I did not fully grasp what some have sustained.  I have now learned.  Those that live alone or are caregivers are to be applauded for their stamina and endurance.  Most smile and continue living their lives the best way they know.   They show strength and set examples.   They are to be admired. 

You shop, prepare meals, tidy up, do laundry.   You sit down to relax and realize it is garbage day so off you go once again.   You lay in bed and remember you didn’t do laundry or change the sheets.  You forgot to bring in the mail.  What disappointment in realizing it is Wednesday and you missed watching your favorite show on Tuesday evening.  You are finding you are not functioning in the way you are accustomed.  It’s a whirlwind.  It’s a change in your life.   For some it is thankfully temporary.  For others it is unfortunately permanent.

There are many lessons to be learned once categorized as seniors.  Millions of elderly adults get admitted to and discharged from facilities each year and adults over 65 account for a large percentage.  Stays can be confusing, frustrating, and scary for family and friends.  Keep your wits about you and stay focused.   Don’t be shy in asking for help.

Yes, I do need a wife to help cook in an unused oven.  I do need a wife to reach down in the washing machine as I am only 5′ tall.  I need a wife to advise me that an extra safety bar would be a good idea in the shower. I need a wife to sit and listen to me when I want intimate conversation.   It sounds quite sexist, but it seems that women are geared to deal more with everyday functions of life.    It does not mean that having a husband, a male companion or any special person is any less.  I need someone to fill my gasoline tank and to help unload groceries.  I need someone to bicker and disagree with.  We all need someone—whatever the purpose.

For everyone here, think twice or three times or ten times about those alone or in need.  Invite that person to lunch or dinner.  Ask them to accompany you shopping.  Make phone calls.    We are a caring community.   It’s been proven countless times.  Share yourself.

Thank you to all.


Be well.


Friday January 8, 2021

Hello Residents,

Hope you are all doing well.


Additional source for appointments:

Memorial Regional Hosp.
Hollywood, Fl

954 276 4340

Distribution is finding its way to the various communities.   We have no control.   We wait as do another 300 communities such as ours.


Once again, just reminding residents  they are to call or email the office with questions, complaints, or work orders.   Do not reach out to board members unless you get no response from the office.


BOD Agenda Meeting:  Tuesday January 12th, 2:00pm

Link: https://www.huntingtonpointe.net/live/

To those that send me such kind wonderful emails after reading my articles, I am sorry to disappoint you for not connecting this week.  It certainly makes it easy for those that delete or don’t care to read what I have to say.

Be well and be cautious.

Enjoy your weekend.  Remember to wear your masks and social distance.


Friday December 18, 2020

Hello Again Fellow Residents:


We may be colder than usual but we avoided the snow storms of the north.  Smile.   It’s happy stuff.

As of this moment, and of course it could change, there are no scheduled BOD meetings.  This too is happy stuff.

Once again, the Social Club is graciously inviting you to a morning of entertainment.  Happy stuff surrounds us!!

Date:            Sunday, December 20th
Time:            11:00am
Place:           Your own comfortable home via Zoom.

Link:             https://zoom.us/j/95892924643

“The Three B’s:  Brooklyn, (the) Bronx, and the Bungalows of Rockaway” Zoom talk with Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe.

If you grew up on Long Island, chances are one or more of your relatives originally came from Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Queens.  Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe is a retired business educator and free-lance writer whose articles have appeared in the Long Island Jewish World, The New York Times, The Jewish Press, and many other publications.




Effective November 20th, all requests, questions, and work orders should be submitted DIRECTLY to Campbell.  Call the clubhouse at 561-496-3801.  Fill out your work order at the clubhouse front desk or on the HP website:


Do not call volunteer board or committee members.  Only call your board members if you do not get a response within a reasonable time frame.  You can also email management at hpinfo@campbellproperty.com

I personally cannot possibly answer all the email questions I receive on a daily basis. Please come to meetings or ask friends and neighbors to keep you informed with facts, not rumors.

Those placing work orders cannot expect someone to address your issue in an hour.  It’s a process.    Please have patience.   Thank you.


Without fail, I receive 3 to 5 emails per week requesting I put the individual onto the HP email list.  No board member has access to personal information and we cannot add or eliminate any information from your account.   We are finding that 99% of the time, the residents have unsubscribed in error or the email is unopened and remains in spam.  Please notify  jpadilla@campbellproperty.com and she will gladly find the source of your problem and make the adjustments for you.


It’s time.   As the expression goes, “use it or lose it.”  Your red cafe cards expire on December 31st.   If you have large balances, treat a neighbor or friend to lunch  Take out food and freeze it.   Order dinner a few times and indulge yourself.    Sell the balance at a discount and someone will be happy to make the purchase.


Just when you think you have encountered almost every issue, concern, and problem, something else arises.

Our Clubhouse closed due to Covid.  Many were disappointed and routines were altered.  We had several who were quite vocal in reference to the gym not being available.   Go forward several months.  Our Chairman of the Health/Recreation Committee went to the gym to check our inventory.  He found two costly barbells were missing.   I was not sure whether we still had our camera tapes available .  We did.  It took Marvin a short time to find our culprit on camera.   What an ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon—-playing detective and watching video tapes.

We have the man on tape removing the barbells.  He knew exactly what he was doing.   He was trespassing as the clubhouse was closed.   It was 9:20pm and he knew there wouldn’t be anyone to prevent him from this act of thievery.    To this guilty man, please turn yourself in.  Call or email Marvin and make arrangements to return the equipment.  This is your opportunity, prior to our bringing in the sheriff’s office and filing a legal complaint.  This was mentioned at our BOD meeting but as of now, no response.

Think this through carefully and do the right thing.



Approximately 15 minutes prior to our BOD meeting on Monday,  I opened my front door and found an envelope in the bag I leave for misc. purposes.   It was a petition signed by 34 people.  The actual letter was typed and NOT SIGNED.   To whom am I supposed to respond to?    Of these signatures, 6 were from married people.  Two individuals called me and requested I eliminate their names.   The other odd part is that I know that two signatures on the paper were from residents who are up north and not here to physically sign.  What magic did you perform to obtain them?  How valid does this make your requests?

The letter itself was well written and in good taste.  With the exception of one item, you already have what you are asking for.  How many times have we repeated ourselves?  The final item is in reference to food at the pools.   We have never allowed food at the pools.  It is a matter of pests, bugs, broken glass, garbage etc.    Eat prior to or after your one hour stay at the pool.  If you are absolutely in need of something,  bring a sucking candy.

You claim you are not being heard.  EVERY resident has the opportunity to speak whether at their phase board meetings or at the BOD meetings.  I looked at the names and mentioned them to other board members as there are many I do not recognize.  Have any of you attended and spoken at the open forum?   Sending an unsigned petition without knowing the facts is not the direction for accomplishing any requests.


Our security company, Platinum has been hired to have a dedicated employee to monitor our pools.  This guard will be circling the pools the entire day.  Make sure you have I.D with your Huntington Pointe address on it.   Important to remember is no visitors and no guests are allowed.  Wear masks and social distance.  

Our  Covid numbers are the highest they have been here in Florida.   Living in a community automatically does not entitle you to do what you please.   There must be rules in order to live in a well functioning area.   What we are doing is for the safety and health of each person.


Next week is Christmas.  The few lights that people decorated look beautiful.  It gives a sense of brightness and calmness.  The peacefulness here is on the opposite spectrum of spending holiday time in New York.  What used to be is no longer.  Now they too have a lull.   The crowds, the joy, the lights, the excitement are now gone.  

Once again, many will be Zooming with their families on holidays.    Enjoy the technology we have and be thankful for being able to visit family and friends.

I am Jewish.   I moved to Toronto at age 2 and was not cognizant of Christmas until I was 4.   I saw lights in windows and decorations.   I did not understand what the time of year symbolized.   My very first friend, Rosemarie, lived across the street and her parents invited me to see their tree.   I was mesmerized.   I received my first Christmas gift and the tradition continued until I married and moved to New York.

Although I had experienced the “gift giving” aspect, I thought it only happened in Rosemarie’s home.   I didn’t realize the scope of it.   I was in grade 1, age 6.   I distinctly remember coming home from school on Dec. 24th and crying.   I explained to my parents that the other students had given my teacher, Mrs. Buist, presents.  My parents were unfamiliar with the Christmas customs.   My father immediately put on his warm coat and left in a hurry.   He returned in an hour.   He had gone to the local drug store and bought a box of chocolates and raced to the school to give Mrs. Buist a gift.   Several days later, we received our very first hand-written thank you note via the mail.   Mrs. Buist used every complimentary adjective she could in telling us the candy was her favorite and how much she appreciated how giving we were.   I still have the note.   I know how special she made us feel.   It is because of her that I made it my business to thank those that give of themselves.   This is what holiday is.  Use the lessons learned.

“I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included.”  Barnard Manning

To all those that celebrate Christmas,  we at HP wish you a joyous holiday.

Be well, be safe, and be happy.