HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

Friday January 17, 2020

Good Day Residents: 

An old standard joke is that marriage is a  relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband!!  This secret ingredient has kept many marriages together. 

I do not generally list birthdays, anniversaries, births etc. in my articles.   This week is different, unusual, and a very happy occasion.  

Two of our residents are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary on January 23rd. 

Congratulations Marilyn and Jack Hoffman of Kings Gate Circle on this very significant event. 

I personally do not know this couple.  There is a Chinese proverb which seems appropriate at this time.  “Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking.”     Huntington Pointe wishes you a very happy anniversary.  May you find love, health, joy, trust, and companionship for all the years to come.  

Tomorrow evening the Bronx Wanderers will be performing here in our theater.   I gave you a week to study for the starting time of the show.  I sincerely hope you remember as you were to be tested. 

Answer A:                9:00pm

Answer B:                9:00pm

Answer C:                9:00pm

 The show is sold out.   As there are no tickets to sell, the box office will be closed.   Arrive early and go directly to your seats.   With over 600 people entering please keep the lines moving carefully and safely. 

We will have additional lighting in the parking lot to make it easier for residents to see where they are walking.   PLEASE BE CAREFUL.   The roads are milled and not paved.   Enjoy another wonderful evening in our theater.  

Tuesday January 21st is another evening of pleasure given by the Concert Series.   “An Evening of Jazz” stars Steve Torme, son of Mel Torme.  He is an international recording artist and has wowed audiences in every venue from intimate jazz clubs to performing art centers.  Tickets are still available. 


 Tickets will go on sale in the clubhouse lobby on January 20th.  Sales will be Monday and Wednesday mornings; Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Price is $14.00 per ticket.   You will have an enjoyable, entertaining evening.   How wonderful watching fellow residents perform and display their talent.  This annual event is not to be missed! 

In one of our focus groups a minimal amount of residents requested consideration for a coffee bar or snacks for the lobby/atrium area.   You don’t have to wait for renovations to begin.  The impatient ones have already started their “want list.”  On Tuesday there were coffee cups, plates with napkins, forks, and food left on the table near the theater entrance.  Some had the audacity to not only eat in an area where it is not allowed but also left their garbage.   When the little ants appear to nibble and the larger rodents come to graze do not complain that maintenance is not doing their job.   You are not doing yours!!

We are a caring friendly community with morals and good judgment.  On January 13th between the hours of 1:00 and 3:30 someone trying to pull out of a parking space hit and badly damaged the car next to them.

No note was left.  No asking if anyone knew whose auto it might be.  Just hit and escape quickly seemed to be the culprit’s solution to the problem.  No paper or pen in your possession?  Come to the front desk.  Can’t print or write?  Some one would have helped you.  No feelings of guilt?   Shame on you.  Your car had to be damaged as well.   Should anyone have seen anything please report your findings to the office. 

You walk into the clubhouse smiling and ready to play your game of choice.  You come home distressed and feeling sad over some one else’s lack of judgement and poor ethics.

Please mark Monday, January 20th 10:00am on your calendars.  It is our monthly BOD meeting in the theater. 

The following is a note from Sue Loeser, Chairperson of the “Steering Committee.” 

“Dear Residents: 

Several of you have been asking me if there is any news regarding our Clubhouse Renovation project and my response has been that when I know something more, I will let everyone know.  When I am asked why everything takes so long, my immediate response is that everything is a process and there are many steps to the process. 

We heard from Jose Fernandez, our architect, this week.  He and his team have now compiled all the notes from the Focus Group sessions.  Jose and his team will be getting together with the Wells Design team early next week to begin the Space Planning Process. 

So, to quote Shirley Kafka,  “The train has left the station.”  As I learn more, I will share the information via our Community Connection. 

Sue Loeser” 

Our amenities, clubs and organizations here are like no other.  Where can you go, have lunch, and play your favorite game for $22.00?   Where can you go for $35.00, have snacks, drink wine, walk into a ballroom a novice and walk out a Picasso?  Where can you go for an annual fee of $10.00, have live entertainment and homemade breakfasts?  (If you bring a plastic bag and no one is looking, you can fill it and eat for a week!)  Where can you go for free; sit in a comfortable theater seat where ONLY water is allowed; watch a first class movie;  throw your candy wrappers and half eaten sandwiches on the floor; stick your gum under the seat; and have a good nap?  Where can you go to exercise, love the instructor, feel sore, crippled, and complain about the severity of the  workout and say you wish we had four classes a day?  The answer is simple: 

Huntington Pointe, our wonderful home!! 

Have an uneventful, drama free week.    What, am I dreaming?

Be well everyone. 


Friday January 10, 2020

Hello Dear Residents. 

As I walked around the clubhouse and met people in the cafe over the past couple of days, I was wondering why I saw so many black and blue marks on heads and a multitude of bandaged hands.   Then, the light bulb burned brightly. These are the residents who didn’t pay attention to my advice. They are the ones who banged their heads and put their fists through the walls after realizing that once again they missed two spectacular shows here in our theater Saturday and Monday evenings. 

Uptown had us dancing in the aisles, singing along, and in awe of their stamina.   Married to Broadway, the Sharpe family, were superb. The sold out audience would have sat for hours being indulged with their talent and diversity.   We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, the show. The cherry on the evening was their attendance and participation in a question and answer period at the soiree sponsored by Ort.   

I was asked what my question was.    My response was simple. I couldn’t speak.  I was too occupied gulping down a vanilla cupcake!! 

Our next show is the Bronx Wanderers.   Although I believe we are sold out there may still be a ticket or two available.  They deliver a “Back to the Future” type of rocket fuel in this high-octane 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s Rock N’Roll experience!   They are masters. 

IMPORTANT:    Date: Saturday, January 18th.

                          Time:  9:00pm

                          Time:  9:00pm

                          Time:  9:00pm 

Test, what time is the show???? 

For those that say they can purchase tickets for $3.00 less elsewhere, think carefully.   Why would you not support your own community for $3.00? You are saving NOTHING. Everyone knows we are in a deficit with our shows.  HP pays for the entertainment. How does HP get the funding? It comes directly from your pockets. Enough said. You are all intelligent enough to figure out what I am saying. 

HP owes all an apology.   We are truly sorry we started your New Years with major problems.   We caused an electric outage. We wanted you to sleep longer in a darker home.  We shut down the elevators. We wanted you to panic at not having access to go up and down.   We wanted ADT beepers to disrupt your lives every couple of hours. The worst of all is that our equipment was damaged for the projector in the ballroom and bingo had to be cancelled Friday evening.  You now didn’t know how to spend the extra $10. you saved. Look how powerful HP is. We caused havoc for just under 6,000 people affected by this issue. Oh yes, one more thing, I wanted an additional 43,298 telephone calls inquiring as to what happened and when they would have their power back. 

On Tuesday January 14th, we will be having our BOD agenda meeting at 2:00pm in the library.  Once again, all residents are invited to attend and listen to your board at work.  

On Tuesday January 21st we have the second show of our concert series.  Because of this, the movie “Lemon Tree” is rescheduled for January 30th.  Many are interested in this sub-titled movie from Israel. Take note of the change. 

The parking lot will be open until Monday morning.  Be careful walking on the uneven surfaces due to the milling.  Irrigation on Point Pleasant Circle and Kings Gate Circle will commence on January 10th.   Paving should be the end of next week or possibly even the following week.

At this point we have another 3 to 4 weeks of work remaining.  The repairs on the punch list will be addressed at the very end. 

What would posses anyone to move the orange cones and park in the parking lot followed by about twenty cars.   Because of this, work could not be completed on Wednesday and caused hours of delay. Again cones and restraints were placed in the parking lot on Thursday.  This time the tow truck was prepared and did remove cars at their own expense. We were not heartless. Instead of catching up on backlogged office work, we were trying to find the owners of the vehicles illegally parked.  We were only successful in having one car respond. Thus, the rest were towed. Who do you think pays for the delays? Why did you think you were entitled? Rather than having the lot closed for less than two days you have added two days to the schedule. 

We then had a woman who actually called the police as she couldn’t find a place to park.    She came to play cards and was frustrated at the lack of spaces. She then sped away after the authorities realized she was a nuisance call. 

Please be assured that we are constantly working on the major projects.  We are hoping we may have some concrete news the beginning of February.   

Two months from now we will be having elections.  You should be receiving paperwork to fill out if interested in being a candidate.   You will consistently hear me refer to this event as it’s very important to all. 

Be well and have a happy week. 

All the best, 

Shirley Kafka, HPA President

Friday January 03, 2020

It’s 2020 !!! 

It honestly doesn’t feel as if it was just 20 years ago that we celebrated the entrance into 2000.   The computer system was going to destroy itself with the change. We thought we would be flying in the air Jetsons-like.   Hover cars would take us from place to place. We saw photos of walking sidewalks, which by the way, we do have at many airports.  Our imaginations gave us a science fiction life. 

Depending on whom you speak to, our lives did turn into science fiction.

Cars are now keyless; cell phones allow us to call anyone from most places;  we have done away with maps. We can facetime others and see them sans makeup, clothing, and spotless homes.   

It will be indeed interesting to see where the next 5 years take us rather than 20.   We will still be waiting in line for dinner at 4:30 at 3-G’s; we will still be complaining about daughters and sons-in-law;  we will still be getting off ships with colds and complaints about the food or staff.

AND we will be complaining that we do not have any shows here on Saturday evenings in our new theater. 

We can avoid the last sentence. Support our shows. This Saturday evening is “Uptown” at 8:00pm. This is a vocal group that brings you those old school melodies you love with the fresh feel of today’s contemporary hits.  Imagine seeing the Temptations in their prime, a young Marvin Gaye, or landing at a Bruno Mars concert where you can experience it all X3. This trio of young men out of New York not only swoon you with their soulful choreography and showmanship, but also melt your heart with their smooth vocal harmonies and crazy range. 


Speaking of “missing it” many are now very regretful they did not attend the New Year’s Eve party here in our ballroom.  It was wonderful. The group of attendees were all on our “two” dance floors. The band was excellent and inclusive; the decorations were festive; and the food, catered by our very own Mario, was hot, delicious, diversified, and in abundance. There was one couple who almost didn’t attend.  A gentleman called me mid afternoon on the 31st asking me if the party was that evening or on January first. I told him New Year’s eve. His response was that New Years is on Wednesday and that’s when we should celebrate. With that he yelled out to his wife, “you are right, it’s tonight.” He told me they will be attending and hung up the phone.

We all went home with smiles and feeling good about the coming year. Thank you to the HP Event’s Committee. 

The box office is currently selling tickets to “Speak Up For Kids”  taking place on March 30th starring Sarge. Tickets are very limited.  Do not hesitate. 

Our first Concert Series show is this Monday, January 6th at 8:00pm.  Married to Broadway will be followed by a soiree sponsored by ORT America.   Many have not picked up their previously paid tickets yet. This is a reminder to do so. 

This Sunday, January 5th between 2pm and 4:30pm we will be holding our annual EXPO in the ballroom.   Browse around and take note of the various clubs and organizations here at HP. See which may suit your needs.   Take part in the amenities offered to you. 

On Wednesday January 8th between 4:00pm and 6:00pm NEW RESIDENTS are asked to join us for wine and cheese.   The purpose of this gathering is to meet fellow newcomers and your board of directors for the phases and the master board. This is by invitation only. If new since December 1st, 2018 and you have not received your notice, please leave your name and information at the front desk marked “New resident.” Thank you. 

This year the Men’s Club requested to do Valentine’s Day rather than HP Event’s Committee.   This will take place on Friday, February 14th. The cost is $15.00 per person. The evening will consist of music, desserts, and beverages.  Further details will follow in the next Lifestyle. Call Lenny Kaplan at 561 499 9685 for information.


From January 11th to the 31st, Palm Beach County Water Utility will perform a chlorine disinfection to clean the pipes and their distribution system. 

It is mandated by the Health Department.    As they will be using a higher dose of chlorine,  residents may notice a stronger taste or odor. IT IS TOTALLY SAFE TO DRINK THE TAP WATER. 

If someone is sensitive to it, they can place water in a container and let it stand for about an hour.  The smell and taste should dissipate.

Our road work will commence again next week. 

Weather permitting, on Monday 6th milling and irrigation work will start on Kings Gate. By Tuesday afternoon milling will start at the clubhouse, cafe and tennis courts. Pointe Pleasant will follow in the coming days. Please be cautious when driving around the premises. Please be plan and prepare accordingly. Thank you.

Again and again and again……..rumors, rumors, rumors………..I was called on Wednesday asking me if it is true we are being assessed for $10,000. each for the renovation project.   Why not make it $25,000. or $75,000. or a simple $1.00. WE DO NOT YET KNOW what the cost will be. Nothing has been selected. No decisions have been made. Can you tell me how much your roast will cost when you don’t know the cut of meat (prime, choice, rump ,rib, sirloin) and the weight (5lbs. 15 lbs.)   We know we are having a “roast.” We do not know the type or the weight. When that choice is made we will know the price and divide it equally among the units. It’s as simple as that. 

Anyone claiming he/she knows is saying this without knowledge.   The individual knows nothing more than you do, and perhaps even less.   Please believe us.

Quite frequently I feel as some of what I have written sounds like a “Hallmark” card.   However, it comes with genuine feelings. It’s the first week of a new year. It’s up to you to find new ways, travel new roads, repair what is broken, eliminate what’s foolish, and go forward to the future. 

AND, speaking of the future, it is January.  Next month you will be hearing the rumblings of who is running for office in different phases.   I have one request and you will hear it again. Keep your eyes and ears open. Evaluate the work your current representative has done for you. Research the credentials of new people wanting positions.  You do not have to like this person. You may not like the haircut or the choice of clothing. You may hold a grudge because this person didn’t smile at you in the cafe. Because he/she likes vanilla ice cream rather than chocolate does not show poor taste.   You only need be pleased with the work achieved and the manner in which it has been done. This is not a popularity King and Queen Homecoming contest. It is serious business. If disappointed in the past, now is the time to be heard. These are the people who will mold your lifestyle here at HP. 

Be well everyone. 


Friday December 27, 2019

Dear Residents 

It’s been a hectic week full of gatherings.  All we have done is comment on how much we have been eating.   We are promising we will eat more fruit (snacks that is!)   The combination of Hanukkah and Christmas falling at the same time this year has made it a truly happy holiday time.  Don’t let go of this opportunity to be a little naughty on the joys of the season. 

This week I actually stopped my car in the middle of Royal Vista  (yes, I did check my mirror so I wouldn’t disrupt traffic) as I spotted a young toddler who was perhaps 3 years of age.   I am assuming he was with his grandmother and mother (or dating two very much older ladies!)   He was busy with a small skateboard, broad smile, and absolutely adorable and so proud of his accomplishment.   I watched him less than a minute and derived much pleasure from this small incident.   This is definitely a sign of aging— a true appreciation of the youth. 

There are a few things you can count on when it comes to New Year’s Eve.  For most it will be a late night filled with copious food, some sort of liquor or champagne toast, and a countdown to midnight.  There will be hugs and kisses and good wishes.   There will be phone calls to loved ones.  Most of us do tend to get a little emotional, a little “fahklempt.” 

It’s a new year once again and it’s the same old life you’re living once again.  Instead of thinking what is there to celebrate, think of the positive.   A lot of people pick something to complain about rather than just say “that was great!”  Think about all the common resolutions:  to eat less, to do more.  Just be kinder to yourself and others.  Being happy is a choice.  Do it. 


For those residents that are anxious as you have not yet received your payment coupon books, be assured they are on their  way.   They were not all mailed at the same time.  If not received by the first week of January, advise Bonnie in the office.  


Come and see what is happening at Huntington Pointe…………. 

Sunday, January 5th, 2020 

2:00 to 4:30 in the ballroom of the clubhouse 

We have over 35 clubs and organizations.   Come take a peak and see where your interests may lead you.  


Tickets for the March 30th show will go on sale at the box office on January 2nd and will be available whenever the box office is open. 

Tickets are $50. and $100.  Included is free valet parking and a wine and cheese party prior to the show.    The headliner is Sarge.   This is for a charitable organization and everyone raved about the show last year.  There are limited seats available to us.  Get ready and purchase your tickets. 


Welcome New Residents 

Please join us for our annual Wine and Cheese, Meet and Greet gathering. 

If you are new since December 1st of 2018 and have not received notification, please leave an envelope marked “New Resident”  at the desk with your name and contact information. 

By Invitation Only 

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020;   Huntington Pointe Clubhouse Ballroom

from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. 

Please do not come to the door requesting admission because you moved in 18 years ago and this party did not exist at that time.  It won’t help you!  Have a glass of ginger ale and a slice of American cheese at home.   Add a grape. Add an apple slice.  Invite a neighbor over and reminisce about the beginnings here at HP.  It will be close to the same thing.  The difference is you get to sit in comfort with your friend rather than stand on your feet and mingle with strangers smiling nervously trying to make a good impression. 

Residents, PLEASE PLEASE be cautious when driving in the community.  It won’t be long before paving starts again and all need to adhere to the rules.   Thank you. 


HP is considering setting up a new committee consisting of retired attorneys.   We can use the expertise of our community and would appreciate your considering joining.   Please leave an envelope at the desk for me marked “Attorney Committee.”    

We are getting close to the expiration of your usage of the red cafe card.

Open your mouths and order six eggs, four bagels with cream cheese and lox, soup and sandwiches and bring your cards to a zero balance.   If you are having difficulty doing this, just invite me to lunch and not only will I  gladly accept but also help you resolve your problem.  

To all, a very HEALTHY HAPPY NEW YEAR.  On the count of three, yell “Best Year Yet To Come!!” 

Be well,