Hotwire Communications Customer Service Number: 800-355-5668

  • You are entitled to 1 hard wired TV and 2 wireless units. However, Hotwire will do their best to make all 3 hard wired, because that’s more reliable. With all 3 units hardwired, you won’t have to rely upon the variables of wireless. On the flip side, wireless provides flexibility and many people prefer it.
  • If you want more than 3 TV’s installed, you have to pay for the extra units.
  • The Internet speed will be approximately 200 mps downloading and 50 mps uploading data. You can check your download/upload speeds by going to this website: SpeedTest
  • The wireless router is an Eero Pro.
  • Phase I residents are enjoying state of the art Internet and TV service, paid for by the Association. You no longer have to pay a 3rd party vendor for Internet service, it is included in the Hotwire TV/Internet deal.
  • Remember, nothing in life is truly free. Your quarterly condo rates will rise because of this deal. However, the rise in your condo fee is only a fraction of the money you will save as a result of not having your own Internet bill.

Hotwire Feedback from Phase I Residents

  • The TV picture quality is clearer and sharper.
  • My Internet speed is faster and more reliable.
  • I canceled my internet contract, I’m saving $60 per month.
  • I cancelled my AT&T Landline & transferred it to Hotwire, where I’m saving around $40 per month.
  • My wireless service is more reliable.
  • I love the voice activated feature of the remote control but I don’t like the design of the Hotwire remote control.