DateWhat Happened?
9/15/2021There will be no team meeting next week. The next meeting will take place on September 29th.
9/15/2021The final reconciling of the GC contract and the WDG contract take place after the budget numbers are in.
9/15/2021The fire panel currently exists in the lobby in an area that will house the new conference room. That fire panel will have to be moved because the fire code indicates that the fire panel must be accessible as soon as the firemen enter the building. This is another action item for the future.
9/15/20219/15/2021 All permit issues seem to have been resolved except two plumbing issues: one regarding the pit of the new elevator and one regarding the hot water circulating pump. Those two issues should be easily resolved and then our permit should be issued.
09/14/20219/14/2021 At the HP Agenda Meeting the Steering Group (SG) asked for Renovation Working Capital Fund so that the SG can pay for items and not come to the board for every expense. An accounting for the expenses would be provided monthly. This motion will be voted on at the 9/20 HPA BOD meeting.
09/14/2021Jose (Slattery), Tim (Zabik), and Dutch (Bliss) met at HP to look at the storage shed area and the potential outdoor dining area. Coincidentally while they were there a PBC code inspector came to check on the shed violation issue. Dutch spoke with the inspector and explained the big picture. The code inspector was satisfied that a plan for the storage area will come to the County within the next few weeks.
09/14/2021Slattery, Zabik and Bliss talked about all the possibilities for the storage area and the potential outside dining area. Dutch requested that Jose create some sort of drawing for each area and then Dutch could give us a ball-park price as to what a modified storage area and a potential outside dining area would cost. These are action items for Jose and Dutch.
09/14/2021A rollaway dumpster was delivered for Joseph and Danny’s cleanup efforts.
09/09/2021Dutch Bliss is collecting pricing and Andy Wyman and Larry Zabik are working on a contract for the GC.
09/09/2021Larry Zabik has received the pricing for a lightning protection system. This is not an alert system nor is it a surge protection system.
09/09/2021WDG distributed the shop drawings for the lighting fixtures. Of the 10 drawings, only three fixtures need engineering due to their weight (DL3 at 662 lbs., DL4 at 220 lbs.), so Slattery’s engineers can now figure out what must be done to hang these three fixtures.
09/09/2021The Steering Group has approved the Process Charts as edited by Larry Zabik’s team. The charts should be distributed at next week’s team meeting.
09/09/2021A proposal was received for mold and asbestos surveys for the clubhouse. The Akouri report is over two years old. The professional team advises us to get this done. It seems everyone uses the same vendor and that is who submitted the proposal.
09/09/2021A lot of time was spent today discussing storage space. There are items that need to be stored during the renovation (and will be returned to the clubhouse afterwards) and there are items that need to be stored for good. Some items need climate-controlled storage (items with fabrics, etc.) and some do not (tables, etc.). We mentioned before that the storage sheds are in violation of PBC rules in that there were no permits pulled before the sheds were erected. Because we have found that the volume of maintenance and janitorial materials is far greater than we thought, we are looking into maybe building a maintenance storage building rather than using the sheds.
09/09/2021When Slattery, Bliss and Zabik are at HP they will also investigate the outdoor dining area that has been requested by some residents. This would go between the café and the existing “Chuppah” area. If we need to alter the site plan for the maintenance building, then we may be able to also slip in the changes need for outdoor dining. No promises yet, but we will keep you informed
09/09/2021Next week Slattery, Bliss and Zabik representatives will come together to evaluate the possibility of a permanent maintenance building. It would mean altering the HP site plan, going to the zoning dept., etc. etc.
09/09/2021Dutch reports that we are down the very last items from the permit process. Our goal is to begin the actual renovation on October 1. It looks good that we can make that date.
09/09/2021Next week Larry will again meet with WDG to continue to flush out the scope analysis of the GC and WDG.
09/02/2021A follow-up on-line auction took place today and we were able to sell most of the left-over chairs and the lockers in the men’s gym. Next week several other people are coming to HP to see some of the other items that were up for sale. Stay tuned!
9/1/20219/1/2021 The Steering Group asked if something could be done so that the clubhouse is not struck by lightning so often. There apparently are three types of protection. By next week we should know the differences of these protections and their costs.
09/01/2021On a phone call with David Zemlin, our insurance agent, there was a discussion regarding Builder’s Risk insurance and a Performance Bond. David will check with the agents and get back to us by September 15th.
9/1/2021WDG reports that the shop drawings for the light fixtures should be here by next week.
9/1/2021We need to make a list of everything in the clubhouse that will need to be stored before the demolition begins so we know what size storage space we will need.
9/1/2021Three prospective Threshold Engineers’ proposals are being reviewed.
9/1/2021The responses to the second permit upload so far only contain two mechanical items and some plumbing ones. However, every discipline has to respond to each upload so there may be more. Again, our team can only respond when every discipline has signed off on each upload.
8/31/2021WDG sent the Steering Group and Larry Zabik their pricing sheets as of 6/2/21. The latest one we had was dated 5/20/2021.
08/31/2021Larry Zabik, Dutch Bliss and Susan Wells had a first meeting re scope analysis.
08/29/2021Process charts were reviewed and edited by the Steering Group. They will be reviewed by Larry Zabik.
08/25/2021Permits – Water Dept has accepted everything. Dutch has all the paperwork he needs from the Water Dept.
08/25/2021Permits – Before windows, doors, roof, assemblies, etc. can be installed, all need to be tested by Miami/Dade County in hurricane conditions. Once they pass this testing an NOA (Notice of Acceptance) is sent back by Miami/Dade. Dutch now has all the NOA’s.
08/25/2021Permits – Slattery/Bliss responses to the second round of County permit comments should get uploaded in the next few days. Barring anything unexpected arising it looks good that permits may come in by the second week in September.
08/25/2021Bliss continues to get subcontractor bids. Should have all by mid-September.
08/25/2021Bliss spoke to someone at County to explain the code violations (storage sheds, etc.) will be taken care of as part of a much larger project.
08/25/2021Steering Group was sent process charts to review and approve.
08/25/2021Check for WDG for the lighting fixture shop drawings still has not reached them, but WDG fronted the money for us so we should get the shop drawings soon.
08/25/2021Zabik still has to reconcile project scope with WDG and BC.
08/25/20218/25/2021 Attorney Andy Wyman should have the GC contract by mid-September (without pricing)
08/25/2021Zabik and Bliss working on low voltage issues
08/25/2021The law requires that police and firemen can use their devices to communicate in our clubhouse in case of an emergency. There are several options available to us. Zabik, Bliss and Slattery are looking into this now to avoid change orders later on.
08/25/2021Since our clubhouse often gets hit with lightning strikes Zabik, Bliss and Slattery are looking into options (none of which are cheap) to prevent/lessen the number of such strikes.
08/25/2021Performance Bond should cost 1% of the cost of the project (1% of GC contract, etc.). Since we are paying in arrears, do we need to spend this money? Issue for the HPA BOD after pricing of Bond has been researched.
08/25/2021Research is being done for the cost of an Environmental Inspection and an Asbestos Survey.
08/24/2021Two additional proposals for Threshold Engineers arrived (now a total of three)
08/20/2021Larry Zabik: Zoom Presentation to the Residents
08/18/2021County beginning to comment on revised/updated permit docs
08/18/2021County notes violations re storage sheds and related open space
08/18/2021First two proposals from Threshold Engineer arrived
08/18/2021Requesting low voltage consultant proposals
08/182001Sent email to attorney asking if office can work out of a vacant HP unit
08/18/2021Phone meeting with David Zemlin, HPA insurance broker – DZ to confer with underwriters re need for separate Builder’s Risk Policy
08/16/2021Revised/updated permit docs uploaded to county