HP Clubs

Club Presidents are invited to submit a description, club purpose, contact names/numbers, upcoming events, and their meeting schedule at the following email address: huntingtonpointeinfo@yahoo.com

The men meet every Tuesday @ 9am at AMF Lanes located at Boynton & Congress For information contact Bill Schecter: Home: 561-499-5775 / Cell: 561-436-5966

Mixed Bowling: They meet every Wednesday @ 3 pm at AMF Lanes located at Boynton & Congress. Contact Bob Steuer: 561-908-2432 for more details.

Computer Club
Our computer club meets in the Library on the second and last Monday of each month at 10am.    We cover all subjects computer so that we all come away with having learned something and enjoyed the experience.  Our first few meetings were well attended, so I think what we are doing  is working .

We have people within the club that know about things and we all help each other with problems and questions.   We deal with computers running windows and other operating systems, Apple products- the Ipad, Iphone, Android products, the web, the cloud, useful apps and programs, and anything else that is requested.  We will be covering our community web site, which has become very useful thanks to the work of Robert T.  We can also do the history of computers and how they work as requested.   All skill levels are welcome and you may bring your portable devices to the meeting as wifi is available

Looking forward to seeing you.  Bring your ideas.
Mike Furst

The Computer Club: Keeping e-mail Addresses Secure

Whenever you send an e-mail message to a group of people, all the e-mail addresses are usually displayed and that means that the recipients are able to “grab” everyone else’s the e-mail address.  Because of concerns with privacy issues, the HPA Communications Committee has urged all clubs and organizations to send their e-mail messages out in a way that does not display the addresses of recipients.  This is something that may be a good idea for all residents to do with their own e-mail.  You can do this easily if you enter all the addresses you are using as bcc (for blind carbon copy), a variation of cc (for carbon copy). Every e-mail system (outlook, g-mail, aol, etc.) does it slightly differently, but the principles are the same.  We outline how it works with several of these systems below.

First, enter your own address in the To: box.  Then, you have to set up the message to display the bcc: box where you enter the e-mail addresses of all the recipients.   When you send the message, each person receives the message as if it were addressed just to him or her.  No one else’s address is visible, so it can’t be copied.

Using g-mail   Start as usual by clicking on Compose and then enter your own address in the To: box.  At the far right of the line, you will see Cc: (for carbon copy) and Bcc: (for blind carbon copy) displayed.  Click on Bcc: and a new line appears under the To: box.  Enter or copy all of the e-mail addresses into this box and proceed as usual with the subject line and the content of the message.

Using Outlook   Start as usual by clicking on New and then enter your own address in the To… box.  Then click on Options… at the right of the top line.  

In the window that opens, click on the check box next to Show Bcc and then click OK. 

The New message window then includes the Bcc… line shown below.  Just enter the list of recipients in that box, enter your message in the main box, and press Send as usual.

 Using Apple’s Mail App When you start composing a new message, the line under the To: box reads bcc: or cc:.   Simply click on the bcc: and enter the list of the people you are sending to.

Using AT&T’s e-mail or Yahoo’s Mail When you start composing a new message, at the far right of the To: box, just click on CC/BCC and two extra lines appear.   Simply enter the list of the people you are sending to on the BCC line.

The Freda Foss Book Club
For information – Gloria Fisher: 561-381-0666  /  Freda Foss Movie Club

The HP Finance Club
The HP Finance Club meets the first and third Tuesdays from 10:00 to 11:30 AM in the library.
Carol: Phone Number: 561-562-5405  Email:  spiegelgrp@yahoo.com

Pickleball Club
We play 7 days a week, starting at 8:30 AM on courts 6 and 7.  Join us for some fun and exercise, playing this exciting new sport. Extra paddles are available. Free lessons for those interested. All are welcome to play at any time.

Til then, see you on the courts.
Rich Kreitzman – Pickleball Coordinator
Phone: 631-459-0499

SOCIAL CLUB  – In Campus Events (abbreviated), 3rd Sunday of each month at 10:30:

January 21, 2018 Professor Watson in the theatre

February 18, 2018 Don Stansfield Broadway tunes and more

March 2018 Subsidized lunch or brunch

April 15, 2018 to be scheduled

Off Campus Events Expanded:

We have some wonderful off-campus trips planned for the 2017/18 season and are accepting reservation deposits. Our trip to the KENNEDY SPACE CENTER is a one night sleep-over and should be exciting, educational, and FUN!  Call to make your reservation – don’t be left out! The details are:

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER AND HISTORIC COCOA VILLAGE – Mon., Tues., Nov. 6-7, 2017, $299.95 P.P., contact Ellen Grossman, 499-0149.

THE FLAGLER MUSEUM (WHITEHALL) AT HOLIDAY TIME — LUNCH AT THE BOUTIQUE HOTEL CHESTERFIELD – Thurs., Dec. 7, 2017, $76.00 P.P. – contact Eileen Holiber, 381-0852.

THE WEINER MUSEUM OF ART/THE GALLERY OF AMAZING THINGS – LUNCH AT DOCKERS, INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY – DESSERT AT THE FAMOUS JAXONS ICE CREAM STORE (price of dessert on your own), Thurs., Jan. 4, 2018, $ 57.00  – contact Joyce Liebowitz, 637-5978

“LIPS” DINNER AND SHOW – Wed., Feb. 7, 2018, $48.00 P.P., contact Toby Nathanson, 637-0742.


You may email our HPsocialclub@gmail.com

Details at Robocalls time and as programs develop
You may also call President Jim Yarmus at 561-927-0543

Softball Club
H.P. Softball is played at the South County Civic Center softball field which is located at 16700 Jog Road in Delray Beach.  Coming from Huntington Pointe you would head south on Jog Road and you will make the first left after the first traffic light after Linton Boulevard then a quick right and immediate left to reach the parking facilities for the field.  The field is beautifully groomed and well maintained.  Our permits are for every Friday between 8:30am and 11:30 am.

So dig out those cleats, bats and gloves and c’mon down.  It’s great fun, great exercise, camaraderie and the opportunity to start up new acquaintances.  Many of us head to the Huntington Pointe Café after the game, or practice, in what has been fondly referred to as “The Breakfast Club”.

Looking forward to seeing you on the field.
Bob Gehr, Commissioner

Snowbird Club
The Huntington Pointe Snowbird Club meets on the second Tuesday of the month, November through April. The club is open to all residents of Huntington Pointe, not just our Snowbirds.

The purpose of the Snowbird Club is to provide social interaction, sharing of knowledge, and facilitation of integration of snowbirds in to the general Huntington Pointe community.  To that end our club provides educational and entertaining in-house meetings as well as many varied activities and trips off our premises. Two highlights of our season are our annual brunch in January and our annual barbeque in March.  Both of these events are completely run by our members. Each year our membership numbers grow since our Club is known as the one to join at Huntington Pointe.  We look forward to additional new members each season.

$10 membership dues (per person), all checks should be made out to Huntington Pointe Snowbird Club.

The Yiddish Heritage Club


Our club strives to make each meeting enjoyable by all members even if they speak no Yiddish or Hebrew. There will be a sing along at every meeting and audiovisual programming as well as amazing gifts to be raffled at no extra cost to our members in attendance. Our Yiddish and Hebrew speakers will practice their language skills, and those who would rather be entertained in English will continue to be treated to high quality shows. Fred Tischler will work with Ronnie Cohn as Programming co-Chair.

There will be celebrations and commemoration of events according to the Jewish calendar and respect the secular holidays every time for all our members. Fruits of Israel as well as cookies and cakes will be catered to you as appropriate for each event.

Many members have lifetime experiences that will enrich our own events and you may share those in addition to the very entertaining professional and membership talents. Whether you dance with us to celebrate our culture or enjoy the celebrations from your chair, the new season will be bigger and better than the last. Email our President at Yarmus@yahoo.com or call Jim Yarmus 561-927-0543 with your suggestions.