Covid-19 Cafe Hours : 10 AM – 2 PM

Take Out Orders: Please call 561-499-9888 at least 30 minutes ahead for your food order.

The hours are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. There will be NO dinner deliveries on Sundays.

According to PBC, 50% capacity may be utilized.    Please be assured and feel confident that Mario and the staff have been, and will continue to be compliant.
Curbside pickup is still available as before.
NEW DINNER DELIVERY SERVICE [See the Dinner Menu Link Below]

Every week there will be  a new dinner menu, which will consist of 8 to 10 entrée choices e.g. Briscut, Lamb Shank, Duck L’Orange, Stuffed Cabbage, Salmon, Pecan Crusted Chicken etc.  Order dinner from the café at 561-499-9888 between 9:00 am and 12 noon.  Dinner orders will be limited to the first 100 meals as we acclimate to this new style of service and gauge interest from the residents.

Dinners will be delivered to your door. no contact necessary.

You may use your red or blue cards for payment upon placing your order.  Personal checks or cash will be accepted but no change will be issued.  Tips will be accepted on the cafe cards.  
No delivery charge will be added.  However, we encourage residents to tip the drivers as they  will be doing this voluntarily. Click on the link below to see the Cafe Dinner Delivery Menu.
In an effort to serve the Huntington Pointe residents during this challenging time, the café will now be offering non-contact dinner delivery service for the homeowners. Orders will be taken by calling the café at 561-499-9888 between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on the same day in order to ensure delivery between 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM. Payment will only be accepted by café cards upon placing your order. Cash/Checks will be accepted however no change will be given. Please make checks payable to Lebano and Associates.

Takeout dinner orders will be limited to the first 100 meals daily as we acclimate to this new style of service and gauge the interest from the homeowners for delivered meals. All entrees will include a garden salad with your choice of dressing. No dessert or beverage will be provided.

While a delivery charge will not be added, we encourage homeowners to tip the drivers as they will be doing this voluntarily. During this temporary duration of delivery service, the café will allow gratuities to be left on the café cards. We at the café wish you the very best during this difficult time and hope you will support us to make your dinner plans a little easier. Please keep in mind this service is being offered on a trial basis and its continuation relies solely on resident support. The menu will be distributed weekly via email. Those without internet access may call the café to inquire regarding the weekly menu. Please remember that for the time being the café is closed on Sundays.

Please note: The container your entrée is delivered in is not microwaveable. Any heating of your meal should be done in a separate plate. Anyone completely dissatisfied with their meal should save it and call the Café the next morning. A café employee will pick it up and a full credit will be issued. The availability of meat products from our distributions may cause items to temporarily be out of stock at times.

Call and Pickup Orders
  • Call the Cafe @ 561-499-9888 at least 30 minutes ahead of your projected order.
  • Drop off your orders at the cafe and wait, or come back when it’s ready.
  • Lori Watson, one of the servers, has graciously offered use of her cell number for your orders: 561-901-0138
  • Please, only use the cell phone number for ordering between 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM

Lunch Specials are cancelled.

Day of WeekSpecialPrice
MondayNo Special$9.99
TuesdayNo Special$9,99
WednesdayNo Special$9.99
ThursdayNo Special $10.99
FridayNo Special$10.99
SaturdayNo Special $8.99
SundayNo Special $9.99


To see a PDF version of the Breakfast menu, click on the following link: Huntington Pointe Breakfast Specials 2020

To see a PDF version of the Cafe menu, please click on the following link: Huntington Pointe Cafe Menu 2020


Ordering Grilled Food items shortly before closing time

A resident went to the café and ordered a salad with grilled chicken at 1:51 PM.  She was told that it was too late for grilled items, so she asked why she could not be served since the cafe closing time is currently 2 PM (3 PM starting November 1st).  Here’s the answer:

  • Everyone can come in up to the actual closing time.
  • The grill is shut down about 15 minutes before closing to allow for cooling and cleaning of the grill.
  • Everything else can be ordered.  That includes any hot items such as soup or eggs, but not grilled items.
  • Any resident can call ahead if he/she’s running late and wants a grilled item.