Café Hours : 9 AM – 2 PM

NOTE: The café will be closed Aug. 2nd through Aug. 8th for their annual vacation.

Click on the following link for the new Café Menu:  HP Café Menu

The café is closed on Mondays. We cannot expect the employees to work a seven day week, so in exchange for Sunday availability, we are giving up Mondays.
Call and Pickup Orders
  • Call the Café @ 561-499-9888 at least 30 minutes ahead of your projected order.
  • Drop off your orders at the café and wait, or come back when it’s ready.
  • Lori Watson, one of the servers, has graciously offered use of her cell number for your orders: 561-901-0138
  • Please, only use the cell phone number for ordering between 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM

Lunch Specials are cancelled.

Day of WeekSpecialPrice
MondayNo Special$9.99
TuesdayNo Special$9,99
WednesdayNo Special$9.99
ThursdayNo Special $10.99
FridayNo Special$10.99
SaturdayNo Special $8.99
SundayNo Special $9.99

Ordering Grilled Food items shortly before closing time

A resident went to the café and ordered a salad with grilled chicken at 1:51 PM.  She was told that it was too late for grilled items, so she asked why she could not be served since the cafe closing time is currently 2 PM (3 PM starting November 1st).  Here’s the answer:

  • Everyone can come in up to the actual closing time.
  • The grill is shut down about 15 minutes before closing to allow for cooling and cleaning of the grill.
  • Everything else can be ordered.  That includes any hot items such as soup or eggs, but not grilled items.
  • Any resident can call ahead if he/she’s running late and wants a grilled item.