Café Hours : 9 AM – 2 PM Tuesday through Sunday

Click on the following link for the new Café Menu: Café Menu

  • The Dinner Menu option was terminated October 2nd. 
  • Lunch Specials are cancelled.
  • Our new, cloud based computer system for the café is working properly. That means you can use your blue and red café cards.

Ordering Grilled Food items shortly before closing time

A resident went to the café and ordered a salad with grilled chicken at 1:51 PM.  She was told that it was too late for grilled items, so she asked why she could not be served since the café closing time is currently 2 PM (3 PM starting November 1st).  Here’s the answer:

  • Everyone can come in up to the actual closing time.
  • The grill is shut down about 15 minutes before closing to allow for cooling and cleaning of the grill.
  • Everything else can be ordered.  That includes any hot items such as soup or eggs, but not grilled items.
  • Any resident can call ahead if he/she’s running late and wants a grilled item.