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Welcome to the Huntington Pointe Box Office. Click on the “Purchase Tickets” button to start the process.


The Clubhouse is CLOSED. Therefore, All Shows are Cancelled until the Clubhouse is re-opened. 

1. You can purchase tickets for shows by clicking on the “Purchase Tickets” button below.
2. You can have tickets sent to you via email and then print them.
3. You can have a QR code sent directly to your phone. A QR code is essentially a bar code, which will be scanned at the theater entrance.
4. You can pick up your tickets at the Box Office.

Password Protection: Our shows are open to anyone who visits our website. In order to give our residents first priority for high demand performances, some shows require a password before you can purchase tickets. If there is a password requirement, it will expire 30 days before the show date. You can obtain our password by calling Campbell Management.

Note: When buying tickets, if you are unable to select your seats, don’t worry because the system will automatically select the  best seats available. All you have to do is provide the number of tickets you want to purchase. Please note, if you have a preference for aisle seats, check the appropriate box. If you’re happy with the tickets automatically selected for you, accept them. If you’re not happy, reject the selection and prompt the system to check for seats again.

Purchase: Click on one of the buttons below to start the ticket purchasing process.

2020 Show Schedule
Unless noted, shows start @ 8 PM

All Shows are cancelled until further notice!

August 8thSaturdayThe Fabulons
August 22ndSaturdayCheryl Labriola & Steve Zimmerman
September 12thSaturdayMarcel & Marcela Rasa
October 10thSaturday The Motowners
October 24thSaturdayMindy McGee and John LaValle
November 21stSaturdayJoey and the Paradons

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