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Welcome to the Huntington Pointe Box Office where you can buy tickets by clicking on one of the buttons below. If you want to purchase tickets for one show or one concert series performance, click on the “Individual Shows & Concerts” button. However, if you want to purchase tickets for an entire month (same seats) with just one credit card transaction, click on one of the “Package Buttons”. We have more detailed instructions below the show and concert series schedule.

February 24th8 PMSantana Tribute Band
March 4th8 PMKOL Esperanza, An Intimate Evening from Israel
March 5th8 PMConcert Series: The Tamburitazans
March 11th8 PMLou Christie
March 14th8 PMConcert Series: It's a Grand Night for Singing
March 24th8 PMRockin' Legends
April 14th8 PMMartin Dube
April 28th8 PMThe Whitestone Band
May 12th8 PMNatalie Jackson & Ray D'Ovidio
May 19th8 PMJeff Laub & Judy Scott
June 2nd8 PMSpanky and Dino
June 16th8 PMThe Rhythm Chicks
June 30th8 PMThe Rambling String Band
July 14th8 PMThe Jamie Mitchell Band
July 28th8 PMRandi Fishenfeld and Yaniv Zarif
August 18th8 PMThe Happy Daze Band
August 25th8 PMKen Block and Kenny Waltan
September 15th8 PMRoy Michaels and Bob Diverdi
September 29th8 PMSharon Daniels and Wes Anthony
October 13th8 PMJamie Danger and Michael McGeehan
October 27th8 PMMotown Express
November 11th8 PMMichael Minor with a Band
November 17th8 PMShania Twain and Garth Brooks Tribute Band
December 1st8 PMCopacabana
December 8th8 PMMe and Ella Starring Andrea Frierson
December 15th8 PMThe Crests with a Band
December 22nd8 PMThe Unreachable Stars / Jeremy Stolle with a Trio


Welcome to the Huntington Pointe Box Office where you can purchase up to 4 tickets per show.

Please Note: When buying tickets, if you are unable to select your seats, please read the following.

  1. Don’t  worry because the system will automatically pick the best seats available. All you have to do is select the number of tickets, and if you have a preference for aisle seats, check the appropriate box .
  2. If you’re happy with the tickets automatically selected for you, accept them. If you’re not happy, reject the selection and prompt the system to check for seats again.

When buying tickets, you have an array of options
1. You can purchase tickets for individual shows by clicking on a button below.
2. You can purchase multiple shows for an entire month (same seats for each show) in just one credit card transaction by clicking on one of the Package options.
3. You can have tickets sent to you via email and then print them.
4. You can have a QR code sent directly to your phone. If you don’t know what a QR code is, you’re probably better off with option 3 above. If you elect the QR code option, you need to download a free application (Walletini) to your phone.
5. You can pick up your tickets at the Box Office.

Purchase: Click on one of the buttons above to start the ticket purchasing process.