Body Wellness has created a registration portal. The main reason for the online sign up is that our Fitness Studio capacity is 27 residents (depending on the class) which is why some classes are repeated several times during the week.

Registering through Body Wellness’ portal will allow everyone an opportunity to participate in various classes. NOTE: Body Wellness is limiting how many classes individuals can sign up for (12) weekly. This will allow everyone an opportunity to eventually attend all classes.

Once you have registered, you can put the Body Wellness icon link on your computer and your phone.

If you have registered for a class but find you cannot attend, PLEASE take your name off the list allowing someone else to attend that class. (Disregard where it says you cannot cancel in the instructions.)

Please note that many of the classes are in red. Those classes will expire as of December 31st and a new calendar will be circulated. Whichever classes are not well attended will be taken off
the calendar and something else will take its place.

It is important that everyone registers for the classes, otherwise you will not be able to attend. If you are having difficulty in registering, ask a neighbor or friend to assist you. For those of you who continue to have difficulty registering, please reach out to Karen Gerry (828 989-8566), myself (201 397-1022), Susan at Body Wellness (561 413-3499) or Jineen Pavesi (as a last resort).

If you do not have a computer or a cell phone with which to register, please contact me directly.

Below is our calendar of classes. Although we still do not have a start date, these are the classes which are being offered.

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