Huntington Pointe

HP2 Milestone Inspection Notice

Hello HP2 Residents,

On August 3, 2023, we received notice from the Palm Beach County Department of Planning, Zoning, and Building, that our 30-year milestone inspections must be completed within 180 days.  The milestone inspections were mandated by the Florida Legislature as part of a new building safety law for structures of three stories or more. This law was enacted in response to the tragic Surfside condominium collapse in Miami, highlighting the need for strict safety measures. 

Although Palm Beach County does allow for an extension, the Phase 2 Board has already begun gathering proposals to do this work. We will review these proposals and select a vendor in the coming weeks.

The study is a visual inspection of the structural elements and systems of the buildings, including the foundation, roof, walls, mechanical, fire safety, and electrical systems, and other components.

Our recent elevator and fire safety upgrade projects put us in good stead to pass those portions of the inspection.  The fact that we have done periodic painting, waterproofing, and other maintenance should be positive factors as well.  

Our impending roof replacement project has been mandated by insurance requirements and will be reviewed as part of the milestone study.  The Board, our consultant and our roofing vendor will work with the milestone inspector to assure our roofs are safe and secure for decades to come.