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Huntington Pointe Community: 6251 North Oriole Blvd. Delray Beach, FL 33484

Latest Updates

Phase One BOD Meeting: Vote on partial or fully funded reserves Monday November 30th @ 10 AM. Phase One residents must bring their proxies to the clubhouse by Sunday, or Monday morning before the meeting starts.

Residents Section/Phase Info: Read the financial info at the bottom of the page where you will learn how your quarterly condo assessment is created and where the money goes.

LIFESTYLE: November – December 2020: Read the latest edition of the Lifestyle

Hotwire Launch Call Center Number: 561-509-5429

The installation of your equipment will take approximately 3 to 4 hours. If you’re a snowbird, you must tell Hotwire when you’re returning to HP. Here is some general information for Phase I residents.

  • You are entitled to one hard wired TV and 2 wireless units. However, Hotwire will do their best to make all 3 hard wired, because that’s more reliable. With all 3 units hardwired, you won’t have to rely upon the variables of wireless.
  • If you want more than 3 TV’s installed, you have to pay for the extra units.
  • The Internet speed will be approximately 200 mps downloading and 50 mps uploading data. You can check your download/upload speeds by going to this website: SpeedTest
  • The wireless router will be a Euro Pro.
  • The current AT&T TV contract ends November 30, 2020
  • You must return all equipment to AT&T. Bring the equipment to a UPS store where they will scan the serial numbers, package the equipment, and ship it back to AT&T at no cost to you.
  • Hotwire installations will continue through the end of November and probably longer for late returning snowbirds.
  • Phase I residents will enjoy state of the art Internet and TV service, paid for by the Association
  • Once Hotwire service is installed in your unit, you no longer have to pay a 3rd party vendor for Internet service. It will be included in the Hotwire TV/Internet deal.
  • If you have a landline phone, do NOT cancel your phone or the Internet until Hotwire transfers your phone to their service
  • Remember, nothing in life is truly free. Your quarterly condo rates will rise because of this deal. However, the rise in your condo fee will probably only be a fraction of the money you will save as a result of not having an Internet or Landline Phone bill.
  • If you do not agree to schedule an appointment with Hotwire before November 30th, you will no longer have TV service paid for by the Association.
  • Effective December 1st: If you want TV and/or Internet, and if you didn’t allow Hotwire into your home for the installation of new service, you will be responsible for contacting a 3rd party vendor, setting up the equipment, and paying for it yourself.
  • You can avoid paying for TV and Internet service by agreeing to allow Hotwire access to your unit for the equipment installation before November 30th. Snowbirds can extend that deadline but they will have no AT&T service after November 30th.
  • We will soon have a Hotwire page for Phase I residents in the Entertainment section of this website.

Phase I Hotwire Installations Completed: There are 304 units in Phase I. As of November 18th, 224 units have completed their installation, 48 are scheduled for their installation, 14 units have not had their consultation or they haven’t scheduled a date for their installation. Four units are in the process of being sold, so they are not on the schedule.

Hotwire Feedback from Phase I Residents

  • The TV picture quality is clearer and sharper.
  • My Internet speed is much faster and more reliable.
  • I canceled my internet contract, I’m saving $50 per month.
  • I cancelled my AT&T Landline & transferred it to Hotwire, where I’m saving $48 per month.
  • My wireless service is more reliable.
  • I love the voice activated remote control.
  • I don’t like the design of the remote control

Latest Covid-19 News: Visit our NEWS page located under “What’s Happening”.

HPA BOD Vote: On August 4th, they agreed to spend no more than $325,000 to finally activate the Clubhouse Renovation project.


Please give them your support.  Dinner orders will be taken Monday morning.  Start using your cards as many of you still have hefty balances remaining. Remember, that balance will become zero dollars as of December 31st. You can see the delivery menu on the Cafe page, located in the Resident’s section.

Trash Collection in the Villas: Haven’t you noticed that trash is no longer picked up at 8 AM? SWA generally arrives in Phase I between 11 AM and 12 Noon to start their community wide trash collection. Therefore, it’s no longer necessary to put out your trash the night before. You can comfortably wait until approximately 9:30 AM on the morning of trash collections. 

 Main, East, West, & North Are Open With Limited Hours

  • The indoor pool will remain closed.
  • The gyms will remain closed.

Guidelines for the Main Pool

Hours:  8 AM – 10 AM for Lap Swimmers Only, 7 days a week at the MAIN pool

Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM for recreational use, 7 days a week

  • Campbell Management will be in charge of the sign in list.
  • Residents must bring their ID card or some other proof of residency.
  • Only residents can use the pool. Guests from outside the community are not allowed. 
  • A maximum of 25 people can use the pool at the same time.
  • There is a one-hour time limit on use of the pool. However, that one-hour limit will be waived if no one else is waiting to use the pool.
  • Residents must bring their own chairs.
  • Residents must follow all PBC and HP guidelines.
  • The HPA BOD will periodically re-evaluate the pool status. During that re-evaluation assessment, the board will decide if they are going to open all of the satellite pools.

North, West, and East Pools


Leisurely swimming from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Time Constraints:   
One hour unless nobody is waiting

20 people per session which includes both those 
in the pool and on the deck.

Bring your own chairs, no HP furniture will be 

Swimming Gear:   
Personal noodles allowed

PBC Rules:              
Social distancing of 6′ apart is mandatory.

Remember, the main pool is available for lap swimmers only from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

Please be courteous to fellow swimmers and comply with the county rules.  Enjoy everyone!!

The new hours will be 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, with no dinner menu on Sundays. According to PBC, 50% capacity may be utilized.    Please be assured and feel confident that Mario and the staff have been, and will continue to be compliant. Curbside pickup is still available as before.   

NEW DINNER DELIVERY SERVICE [Go to our Cafe page in the resident’s section to see the menu]   
Every week there will be a new dinner menu which will consist of 8 to 10 entree choices e.g. Briscut, Lamb Shank, Duck L’Orange, Stuffed Cabbage, Salmon, Pecan Crusted Chicken etc.  Starting Monday June 1st, order dinner from the cafe at 561-499-9888 between 9:00 am and 12 noon.  Dinner orders will be limited to the first 100 meals as we acclimate to this new style of service and gauge interest from the residents. Dinners will be delivered to your door, no contact necessary.
You may use your red or blue cards for payment upon placing your order.  Personal checks or cash will be accepted but no change will be issued.  Tips will be accepted on the cafe cards. No delivery charge will be added.  However, we encourage residents to tip the drivers as they will be doing this voluntarily.

Covid-19 Stats for Palm Beach County, Florida, and the U.S: Visit our NEWS page, 

New Corona Virus Study: This comes from the NY Times. As many people suspected, and as more virus research has emerged,  the outdoors is much safer than being indoors. It still brings risks, but they are fairly small. One study of 1,245 corona virus cases across China found that only two came from outdoor transmissions.

You can read more about the Corona Virus on our NEWS page, located under “What’s Happening”. 


Private Landscapers: We received unconfirmed reports that two villa owners hired PRIVATE landscapers to work around their units. Be advised, you are NOT ALLOWED to hire a private landscaper. If you do such, and if there is damage to the landscaping around your unit, you will be liable for damages. You might also be subject to additional penalties.


Note: The HPA BOD voted to place the Lifestyle under password protection. If you need the new password, please contact your Phase President. 

A Fabulous Saturday Night with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis: Wow! What a Show! The singing was incredible, the band was terrific, the choice of songs was right on time, and the connection with the audience was near perfect. It was one of the best shows ever @ HP.



Initial Architectural Drawings for the Clubhouse Renovation: On March 3rd, our architect [Slattery] showed his initial drawings/plans to HP residents and the BOD. For a capsule summary written by Sue Loeser, go to our NEWS page. To see the drawings of how the clubhouse looks today or how the clubhouse will look after the renovation, please click on one of the links below. Note: The Slattery file (2nd one) below contains drawings of both the clubhouse today, and if you scroll down, it also has the new drawings, illustrating the plans from Slattery.

Original Clubhouse Drawings

Slattery New Drawing Plans for Clubhouse 2020

Uptown Performing @ our Theater

HP Community Connection: Keep up with the latest news from HPA President Shirley Kafka in the Resident’s section.

Online Ticket Purchases for HP Shows: Obviously all shows are cancelled until further notice.

Happening Today and Very Soon

Mon 30

PHASE 1 BOD Meeting – Online

Mon November 30, 2020 /10:00 AM -Mon December 21, 2020 /11:00 AM

The Huntington Pointe Story

Huntington Pointe is an adult only (55+) gated community with no pets, located in one of the most popular towns in Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, FL. The main entrance is on Jog Road north of Atlantic Avenue, just south of Lake Ida Road. Our community is about a 10 minute drive from the downtown Delray shopping area and restaurants which are adjacent to a beautiful beach.

There are 1,096 residential units in the complex. Our residents live in various styles of apartments in our four story condo buildings or three different styles of attached one story villas.

Everyone enjoys our beautiful landscaping and two lakes. We’re large enough to support a wide array of amenities but small enough to maintain a sense of community.  When asked what attracts them to Huntington Pointe, many new residents respond by saying our development is just the right size.

Another big attraction is our active lifestyle. We have four outdoor pools, each with a Jacuzzi, plus one indoor heated swimming pool. For those interested in physical activities we have a fitness center, tennis courts, bocce ball, pickleball, a billiards room, and shuffleboard for our residents and their guests. We also offer a series of classes such as zumba, water aerobics, and yoga. We have an on-site Café where people enjoy meeting for breakfast or lunch. Many residents often say they feel as if they’re living in a resort.

We have a wide array of indoor activities organized by a variety of clubs. We are especially proud of our billiards, computer, current events, financial, and theater arts clubs. Numerous card games and art classes are a big part of these organized activities.

Most of the aforementioned clubs meet in our 50,000 square foot clubhouse which has a Theater of Performing Arts seating over 600 people. There’s a year round schedule of very popular variety shows plus an annual concert series. In addition, residents can see first run movies on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons and evenings for free.

Every visitor to our community comments about our gorgeous, lush landscaping which you can see in many of our photos. Finally, what you cannot see on this website, is the feeling/sense of community which makes Huntington Pointe a fabulous place to live.

What Can I Do On This Website?

This is a site with tons of photos illustrating an array of activities and various locations in our community. We have pictures of our homes, our gorgeous landscaping, our residents in action, and the people who work with us.  To quickly review upcoming events, check out “Happening Today and Very Soon” located in the right column of the Home Pag.  To see the Clubhouse reservations schedule, go to What’s Happening on the menu.

In addition, we have news, activities, and an entertainment section which has a schedule of our movies & shows. For the movies, you can click on a link and watch the relevant video trailer.

HP Resident’s Phone Directory: Can’t find your HP Phone Book? Don’t worry. because the listing is on our website in the Resident’s section.

If you need to communicate with Campbell, use the “Contact Us” form on the menu. 

We have a link to the “New Residents Welcome Packet” located on the Residents section of the menu. Residents can fill out an “Emergency Contact” Form in the Phase section. We also have a link to the “The Lifestyle Newsletter”. The HPA BOD voted to password protect the Lifestyle, so please contact your Phase President for the password.  We make it easy for the residents to submit various forms, such as Work Orders and Elevator Pad requests. Check out the “Resident Forms” options on our Menu.

Important HP Phone Numbers

ADT Alarm System800-878-7806
AT&T U-Verse Customer Service 866-299-6824
AT&T U-Verse Technical Support 800-288-2020
Campbell After Hours Emergency Number954-427-8770
Florida Power & LIght800-226-3545
Palm Beach County Sheriff [Non-Emergency] 561-995-2800


Having Fun at the Pointe

Huntington Pointe: Jog Road Front Entrance & El Clair Road Rear Entrance