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Huntington Pointe Community: 6251 North Oriole Blvd. Delray Beach, FL 33484

Exercise Class Changes


Due to a decline in attendance the following classes are being cancelled as of May 31st. AEROBICS, TAI CHI, YOGA AND ZUMBA.

Chair Sculpting with Benny will continue on Wednesdays & Fridays from 12noon to 12:50pm as long as attendance does not decline.

There are many online exercise classes for seniors on YOUTUBE.
Any questions, please contact Gloria Santolini @ 201-396-1022.


We are adding an additional class starting Tuesday, June 7th. All classes are from 9:30am until 10:30am except our Wednesday class starts at 11:45am until 12:45pm.

Water Aerobics will temporarily move from the west pool to the north pool starting June 6th until repairs in the west pool are completed.


Chair Sculpting with Benny will continue on Wednesdays & Fridays from 12noon to 12:50pm as long as attendance does not decline.

There are many online exercise classes for seniors on YOUTUBE.
Any questions, please contact Gloria Santolini @ 201-396-1022

Coming Soon

Clubhouse Renovation Update [No Trespassing]

On Monday April 18th, Mr. Larry Zabik, our Owner’s Rep, made a presentation at the HPA BOD meeting on the progress of our renovation. During his presentation, we learned the following.

  • The Clubhouse Renovation is on budget. 
  • After more than 45% of our unit owners paid the special assessment up front, about $6.1 million was collected. 
  • Slightly less than $4 million was paid out so far. That includes $1.5 million from reserves.
  • The Clubhouse Renovation is approximately 25% completed.
  • There are the usual minor issues on a project of this magnitude, but so far, there are no major problems.
  • The Clubhouse Renovation should be completed by the end of this calendar year.

Here’s a work project update from HPA President Susan Levine:

  • Several storage units will be placed in our parking lot to house construction material which was ordered.
  • 95% of our furnishings have been ordered.
  • The New Elevator shaft has been poured.
  • Framing of the conference room has begun.
  • Framing of the ballroom kitchen has begun.
  • Locker rooms have been completely demolished.
  • Theater: A Hearing Loop system was installed. This is a special sound system used by people with hearing aids. A hearing loop consists of physical loops of cable which are placed around the theater. This system helps you pick up speech and sounds more clearly.  It focuses your hearing aid to pick up sound from the loop system microphone, rather than all noises in the room.
  • The Ramp was completely removed.
  • Gym & Locker rooms: wall tiles are being removed.
  • Staff Offices: framing has been completed.
  • Ballroom Ceiling: framing has been completed.
  • All the A/C units were removed from the clubhouse roof.
  • The roof has been marked for the placement of the new A/C units.
  • The new elevator shaft has been completed.
  • The plumbing for the new ballroom kitchen has begun.
  • Framing of the conference room has been completed
  • Structural steel is being installed in the atrium.
  • Theater entrance framing has started.
  • Theater backstage bathrooms are being demolished.
  • Ballroom drywall framing has started.
  • Gym area west wall has been cut for the new window in the gym.
  • Staff Office electrical installation almost complete.

New HPA President: “To The Pointe” Newsletter 

Our new HPA President is Ms. Susan Levine, from Phase IV. There’s no longer a Community Connection, it was replaced by Susan’s “To The Pointe” Newsletter. You can find her newsletter in the Resident’s section. 

HP Club “A Night Out”: Food Truck with Singing DJ Arnie

We have an array of photos, so you can see how much fun residents had at the Night Out Party. Click on the link below:

Night Out Party: April 2022

Honey Cuozzi showing her Dance moves!

Hypnotist Show Monday in the Clubhouse Parking Lot

                 World-Renowned Celebrity Hypnotist Richard Barker presented his hilarious comedy hypnosis show Monday night.





Annual Walkathon for Cancer Research – Saturday March 12th
Click on the following link to see photos: PAP CORPS PHOTOS MARCH 2022


A Night Out Talent Show in the Clubhouse Parking Lot 

It was another very enjoyable evening in the Clubhouse Parking Lot with a relatively large crowd. You can view PHOTOS and VIDEOS from this event by clicking on the following link:  TALENT SHOW PHOTOS


Click on this link to see them practicing and performing at the Talent ShowHP DANCE DIVAS

Jineen & Rhona, Co-Presidents, A Night Out



Clubhouse Renovation Updates and Photos

If you want to see the latest renovation updates, provided by Sue Loeser, check out our Clubhouse Renovation Updates page. If you enjoy looking at empty rooms filled with trash, and/or the slow demolition of our clubhouse, check out the Clubhouse Renovation Photos page.

Bluestream Video for Residents of Phases II, III, and IV

The board of directors from Phases II, III, and IV signed an 8-year contract with Bluestream to provide TV and Internet services starting later this year. We designed a new page which provides lots of valuable information, authored by Phase II President Wayne Goodman. If you have Bluestream related questions, please do not send them via our “Contact Us” page. If you have a question, contact Wayne directly.

How can I find this page on our website?: That’s easy, it’s located in the ENTERTAINMENT section of our menu.

Driver / Pedestrian Safety: We frequently receive complaints about HP residents who do not come to a full stop at intersections, and/or residents who stop their vehicles in the middle of the road on Huntington Pointe or Royal Vista Drives. Our main roads are not parking lots, so please do not stop to talk with your friends. That creates a potentially dangerous situation. It takes just a few seconds to turn off the main road and safely park your car and then talk to your friends.

This issue also applies to residents who walk 2 or 3 abreast in the middle of the road. Why are you doing that, endangering yourself and others, when you have a perfectly safe walking path, which covers about 80% of our property? 

Private Landscapers: We received unconfirmed reports that two villa owners hired PRIVATE landscapers to work around their units. Be advised, you are NOT ALLOWED to hire a private landscaper. If you do such, and if there is damage to the landscaping around your unit, you will be liable for damages. You might also be subject to additional penalties.


The Huntington Pointe Story

Huntington Pointe is an adult only (55+) gated community with no pets, located in one of the most popular towns in Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, FL. The main entrance is on Jog Road north of Atlantic Avenue, just south of Lake Ida Road. Our community is about a 10 minute drive from the downtown Delray shopping area and restaurants which are adjacent to a beautiful beach.

There are 1,096 residential units in the complex. Our residents live in various styles of apartments in our four story condo buildings or three different styles of attached one story villas.

Everyone enjoys our beautiful landscaping and two lakes. We’re large enough to support a wide array of amenities but small enough to maintain a sense of community.  When asked what attracts them to Huntington Pointe, many new residents respond by saying our development is just the right size.

Another big attraction is our active lifestyle. We have four outdoor pools, each with a Jacuzzi, plus one indoor heated swimming pool. For those interested in physical activities, we have a fitness center, tennis courts, bocce ball, pickleball, a billiards room, and shuffleboard for our residents and their guests. We also offer a series of classes such as Zumba, water aerobics, and yoga. We have an on-site Café where people enjoy meeting for breakfast or lunch. It’s one of the most popular activities in our community.

We have a wide array of indoor activities organized by a variety of clubs. We are especially proud of our billiards, computer, current events, financial, and theater arts clubs. Numerous card games and art classes are a big part of these organized activities. Many, but not all of these activities are currently postponed until the renovation and modernization of our clubhouse is completed. Several clubs are finding ways to execute their activities outdoors.

Most of the aforementioned clubs meet in our 56,000 square foot clubhouse which has a Theater of Performing Arts seating over 600 people. There’s a year round schedule of very popular variety shows plus an annual concert series. In addition, residents can see first run movies on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons and evenings for free. As good as this theater was, it’s currently undergoing a major renovation! Once the renovation is completed [approximate time frame is one year], our refurbished theater and clubhouse will be vastly improved, with a modern, 21st Century Look and Feel. 

HP residents are very creative. Although our clubhouse is currently closed because of the renovation, we are using our clubhouse parking lot to put on outdoor shows and activities. You can see many of the photos on our website of the performers, the audience, residents singing, dancing, laughing, and having fun.

In addition to much improved, modern cardio and weight rooms, we will have a brand new dance studio for Zumba and other Fitness classes. Our library will move to a different location, and there will be a 2nd elevator installed. Finally, all windows will be hurricane impact glass and the glass canopy on the roof will be replaced with a solid, traditional roof, which provides better insulation. That modification will hopefully reduce energy costs.

There’s more, our popular café will also be modernized. After the clubhouse and café are refurbished, we’re hoping there’s enough money left over to redesign the landscaping around our main pool.

Every visitor to our community notices and is impressed by our gorgeous, lush landscaping, which you can see in many of our photos. We have an incredible landscaping team, which works hard to maintain and keep Huntington Pointe one of the most beautiful and unique communities in south Florida.

Finally, what you cannot see on this website, is the feeling/sense of community which makes Huntington Pointe very special and a fabulous place to live. Many of our residents tell us that life @ HP feels as if they are living in a resort year round. Would you care to join our community?

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AT&T U-Verse Customer Service 866-299-6824
AT&T U-Verse Technical Support 800-288-2020
Campbell After Hours Emergency Number954-427-8770
Florida Power & LIght800-226-3545
Palm Beach County Sheriff [Non-Emergency] 561-995-2800


Having Fun at The Pointe

Huntington Pointe: Jog Road Front Entrance & El Clair Road Rear Entrance