HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

Friday December 6, 2019

Dear Residents: 

There is much to cover today so please take note of all that may pertain to you. 

The show this weekend is taking place on SUNDAY, December 8th, at 8:00pm. 

Jesse Hamilton is a rising star that has captivated audiences all over the world.   When blending together his club headlining in Europe, with his traditional theater and television credits in the United States, it’s easy to see how Jesse holds an audience right in the palm of his hand.  He brings a seasoned yet fresh youthful energy to the stage with each and every performance    His vocal style ranges from RB to rock, jazz to gospel.   This past week a new resident became very excited in hearing he would be performing here as she had just seen him on a Celebrity Cruise.  Purchase your tickets and have no regrets at not seeing him. 

Concert series tickets are available for pickup on Friday, December 5th between the hours of 10am to noon and Friday December 13th between 10:00am to noon. 

For those that were fortunate enough to see the array of talent in our theater this past Monday evening, you may have seen something you considered special.  Please put the name of the act into an envelope and leave it at the front desk with the name “Mary” on it.    Thank you. 

There are three items necessary for you to note for December 31st. 

New Year’s Eve reservation forms are at the front desk. 

The red cafe cards will be expiring, so please use them.   Try one of the new items on our recent change of menu.  Nothing but compliments for Mario on the selections. 

Once again, an IMPORTANT REMINDER:   for those with step outs or existing patios, the applications must be submitted by December 31st or they will be removed at the homeowner’s expense.   Time is important.

Thank you.

A new water aerobics class has been arranged for Fridays at 9:30am.   The extra class was requested and we are happy that we are able to accommodate you. 

This Monday, December 9th, the Baby Boomers are hosting a “Holiday Boutique” in the ballroom between 7:00pm and 9:30pm.   Everyone in HP is invited.  Donations will be made to our charitable organizations.   Come shopping in the convenience of your own back yard. 

On January 8th, 2020 HPA and the Events Committee will be greeting new residents at a wine and cheese gathering.   We do have a list of residents who moved in from December 1st, 2018 through December 31st, 2019.   In order that we do not omit anyone, please leave your name and address in an envelope marked “Events Committee, New Residents.”

This event is by invitation only.  

The next HPA BOD agenda meeting is being held on Tuesday, December 10th at 2:00pm in the library.    The HPA BOD general meeting will be on Monday, December 16th at 10:00am. 

According to the news from the Delray Alliance, please be aware of the following: 

Should you see cars that say “Fix A Dent” you may be approached asking to fix your car dents.  Should you say no, they may become violent.  

As of January 1st, you can no longer text and drive or you will be fined. 

Presently there is traffic buildup due to construction trucks on Atlantic Ave. towards Lyons Road.  It is a safety issue, so drivers be cautious. 

Upon completion of my next article, please scroll to page two for a message from Sue Loeser on our focus groups. 

December 5th, 2019 

Today there is no humor in my Connection.  Today is a very sad day for us at Huntington Pointe as I make the following  announcement. 

As of this morning, Sonjah Ferguson is no longer working on our premises. 

Sonjah Ferguson is 22 years young.   She started here on July 20th, 2017 as a security person for Securitas.  She was at the front desk.   Within six months she was promoted to the front office and this past September she received her CAM license.  We were extremely proud of her success. 

Our dear Sonjah’s mother died.   He father abandoned her and remains inactive in her life.  She is the caregiver for her younger brother.   We became her family.  We became the people she cared about and we became the people closest to her. 

She has been dependable, supportive, encouraging, and honest.  She is going to another community.  The new place will be incredibly lucky to have her.  She will continue doing great things and her new coworkers are in for a treat. 

For us, it will be difficult in adjusting to someone new. 

Sonjah always smiled; she was pro-residents; she loved to help.   Knowing when I would be coming to the office, she always had a cup of decaf ready for me.    When it was pouring rain, it was Sonjah who drove me safely to my car and made sure I was dry and safe.   It was Sonjah who wiped my wet soggy shoes upon my arrival during torrential rains.  Nothing given to her was overlooked.  We laughed and joked but always the job was done.   Even projects that were an effort were thought out carefully by her and completed without complications. 

She just got a new desk.  You would have thought she received the gift of her dreams. She was so very happy with the new purchase.   She loved it.  It was not the big things that pleased her.  A donut, a slice of pizza, a compliment is all that was necessary.

Those residents that will be quick to ask why once again there is a change with major personnel, please know there has been a continuous problem with one of our residents and Sonjah for almost two years.   It all culminated this past Tues. evening. 

On Wednesday evening, Campbell’s Dan and Evan made a decision with Marvin.  I arrived at the clubhouse around 6:00pm and given the blow that Sonjah was being placed elsewhere.  The concern is her safety.  She will be safer, have less emotional stress, and no worries of daily harassment by the resident. 

She will also be given more experience and an opportunity at being an assistant manager.   She will have a better atmosphere for her personal sanity and career goals. 

Regardless of the numerous suggestions to keep Sonjah here, Marvin and I have been told by Campbell’s management it is her safety that remains the primary concern.   No one wanted her to leave here.  She is devastated.  This was her home.  It is a mutual loss. 

All residents now know.  There won’t be any rumors.  

Memories of working with the lovely, sweet, capable Sonjah will stay with us.  

All the best to you, 


Friday November 29, 2019

Hello Residents. 

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.   We woke early to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We dressed and went to our destinations, many sitting in traffic and taking five minutes to get from Kings Gate Circle to Waldwick Circle, normally a two minute drive.  It was bumper to bumper—at least three cars in a row. 

Couldn’t  find a parking space in front of your hosts,  so what the heck, parked on the grass. Others have been doing this all week.  What’s a few gouges and some more broken sprinklers.   Everyone will share in the cost of repairs.  After all, who wants to walk half a block? 

We started grazing around 4:00pm and finished after 9:00.   Our jaws were sore.   We ate so much we couldn’t breathe.  Our intentions are to follow our regular diets.   Our control is zero, zilch, nada, gornisht, non existent.  It takes one cracker that leads to five.  One shrimp cocktail ends up six.    Salad is no problem.   We take two or three baby fork fulls and eat a bite of the healthy food.  It’s the turkey, the roast or steak, the three types of potatoes, the two different stuffings, the grilled vegetables,  the four different pies, the three different cakes, the imported cookies, the fruit salad, the fancy schmantzy chocolates that turn us into blobs.  We wobble.  We undo the top button of our pants.   We can’t move.  We swear we will never eat again. 

It gets better.   We go home.  We set the alarm for 5:00am.   Still feeling full, there is no need for breakfast.  We pick up our friends at 6:00am and we are on a marathon.   It’s Black Friday.   We are off to the malls and outlets.  It’s time to purchase “schmatehs” that we don’t need but are 50% off.   We buy bags that are duplicates of what are in our closets but are 75% off so who can resist.  We buy toys for the little ones at 60% off that are beyond their comprehension but “they will use them in four years.”  And finally, the ultimate bargain, boots are 80% off.   Afterall, you never know when it just might possibly snow! 

We arrive home after 3:00pm exhausted and guess what, STARVING!! 

As Americans, we certainly know how to celebrate Thanksgiving.   As a Canadian my brother-in-law reminded me that our main tradition is to apologize to the turkey before we eat it!! 

 And now I am expected to write something worthwhile.   Who can even think??? 

 Another reminder that New Years Eve reservation forms are available at the front desk.   Join friends and family for a wonderful evening of dancing, dining, laughter, and the beginning of 2020. 

Monday is “Showcase” day.   There is an afternoon and an evening show.  Where else can you see live entertainment with approximately eight to ten acts for $8.00 per ticket? You may still purchase tickets on Monday, December 2nd, the day of the performances.   Hours are from 1:00pm to 2:00pm and 6:00pm to 6:45pm. 

Try items from the new menu in the cafe starting December 1st.  It’s the perfect opportunity to finish using your RED cafe card which expires on December 31st. 

December 31st is the deadline for the filing of applications on EXISTING PATIOS AND STEP OUTS.   For those not in compliance, these areas will be removed at your expense.  You have had months of reminders. 

PHASE Three:   The budget meeting is being held this Tuesday, December 3rd at 10:00am.   If you have not yet filled out your proxy vote please do so.   Bring it to the meeting.   If unable to attend, please call your board members and the proxy will be picked up. 

For those that have not filled out an information form that requires emergency contacts, please do so.   It is very important as should you become hurt etc. we must know who to reach.  

Vendors advertise in our Lifestyles and we are grateful as it limits our expenses in printing and other costs.  Please keep these people in mind for services and products you may need.  Should you find a problem with false pricing, rudeness, quality of workmanship or other issues, please notify us. 

Once again, there are more scams taking place.  It’s season and as seniors we are the targets.  Keep alert.   Be cautious.   Do not get caught.  We have mentioned many in the past. 

It will not be long before we will see our “little” guests arriving to visit.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  Drive slower.   Keep your eyes open in the pool areas.   Although children should be supervised, it only takes a split second for an accident to occur.   We do not have parks and children tend to play on the roads or on the lawns.   They can get hurt.   Please make sure they always have an adult accompanying them. 

On January 8th, 2020 we will be having our annual “New Residents Meet and Greet.”   For those that have moved in since January 1st, 2019 please leave your name in an envelope at the front desk.  Mark it “Events Committee, New Residents.”    Although we do have a list, we do not want to intentionally eliminate anyone. 

Our first focus group will take place this Thursday, December 5th at 10:00am in the theater.  Each group is open to any owner interested in attending.  You may speak for no more than three minutes describing a feature that you want to be included in the part of the club house being discussed.   Do not ask about bathrooms, kitchens, the atrium etc.  if that is not the topic scheduled. 

NO decisions will be made at these sessions.   NO pricing will be known. 

10:00  —  11:00      Pools, BBQ,  Cafe

11:00  —  12:00      Card Rooms, Library, Billiards Room 

Should you not be on the premises and want consideration with some features, please email Sue Loeser at sueloeser@gmail.com.   You may also email her with any questions or concerns you might have regarding the focus groups. 

Another week is done.   Value each moment. 

And yes, after a week of turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey casserole, turkey meatballs, turkey goulash, turkey pot pie, turkey chili, you are allowed an alternate choice.  Try antacids. 

Be well, 


Friday November 22, 2019

Dear Residents.

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and many are preparing to either go away or have company. 

Parking MAY be an issue.    Every effort is being made to make it easier.  Please remember that parking overnight is permissible on the streets at this time.  However, once again, NO PARKING ON THE GRASS.  Residents are being towed at their expense.   Every gouge of grass and every broken sprinkler is being repaired at OUR expense.  One person is not more entitled than the next.   There is nothing complicated by the request. 

When you see me, don’t start barking that there isn’t any place to park.  Wham, bam, shazamm,   I’ll just pull a parking space from my magic hat.   This is a project in the making for months.   Many have endured the inconveniences already and no, they were not happy.  They overcame.   It will not be long before this part will be history.   Please, a little more patience.  You are not children.  Whining will not act as a bandage covering the issues.

IMPORTANT:   Please turn to page 4 of your new telephone directory.  The telephone number listed for the Gatehouse is the old one.  The new number is  562 4422.

Should all go as planned (knock on wood;  poo, poo; do not jinx) we should all be enjoying many new items at our cafe as of December 1st. 

New offerings include Salmon Caesar Salad,  Shrimp Avocado Salad,  Vegan Cobb Salad, Cuban Paninis,  Blackened Mahi, Lobster Roll,  Black & White Cookies, etc.   And to think, this is all for breakfast—can you imagine the luncheon choices??? 

Showcase tickets are available for pick up at the front desk.   They may also be purchased on the day of performances, December 2nd from 1:00pm to 2:00pm and 6:00pm to 6:45pm. 

Our next show will be on SUNDAY December the 8th.   The performer is Jesse Hamilton.   Description of his act to follow.


The following are some reminders (yes, again and again) for you:

All application forms for existing patios or step outs must be submitted by December 31st.

 Your RED cafe cards are expiring December 31st.   Please use them.

As more and more become accustomed to the availability of guard service being offered at the back gate from 8:00am to 2:00pm there is a better flow of traffic into our community.   Please remember to use both entries.  Advise your guests, deliveries, and healthcare people.

New Years Eve reservation forms are available at the front desk.  Join us as 2020 approaches.


Most appreciate the fine staff working here.  Wednesday evening Marvin called to inform me he was on his way back to HP at approximately 9:30pm to make sure all would be in order for changes Thursday morning.   His schedule was full for Thursday.   G-d had different plans other than Marvin checking work orders, emails, taking calls, checking the paving work.

Marvin was informed that an elderly woman resident had fallen.  Within two minutes he was there to assist her.  911 was called.   She lives alone and has no one within the community she is friendly with.   It was Marvin who followed the ambulance to the hospital.   It was Marvin who stayed with her while she got settled.   She did not want him to leave her alone.  She was petrified.  She was worried she might die.  It was Marvin who was listed as the one she wanted to help her.  She trusted him without  question.    Originally she claimed she had no family and then she recalled she had a niece whom she had never met living in Boca and actually remembered the development.

It was our Marvin who went on a quest to find this niece.  Success.  She may have been skeptical of his story about an existing aunt in the hospital but Marvin was convincing enough to have her follow him.   The aunt and niece met for the first time.  It was because we have someone caring, giving, and devoted to our community.  Confronted with another’s suffering Marvin felt motivated to help relive some of her anguish.

I had a 4:30pm meeting with Sonjah.   Marvin arrived back on the premises around 5:30.   He had not eaten all day.   He was satisfied with his enormous accomplishment.  He did manage to devour half a sandwich.   After all, what do most women do—-they nurture by feeding. Eat Marvin, eat!   Have a beverage while you eat!  How about a cookie for dessert?  Yes, I will admit that I too indulged—but only a little—o.k.—I confess, it was an entire cookie.

Our meeting ended around 7:20 and both of us proceeded home.   Sonjah still remained to finish her work.

Marvin is a modest man.   I want everyone to see another side of him.  He is a husband, a son, and a very special human being.  I honestly believe no other property manager would have given of themselves in the same manner.

This story is truth, not one word of fiction to make it more dramatic.  It is amazing that family finally met.   We thank you Marvin.

Our resident will be having hip surgery this morning.   She will be fine.  She has a new niece. She is no longer alone.  She is one individual where Thanksgiving has genuine meaning. 

May everyone enjoy the holiday.   

Be well and all the best,



Dear Residents,

Our second HP renovation survey ran through November 17th.  Here are the results.

  • Should we reinstate the ceramic room?
    • 499 responses, 55.9% responded YES, 44.1 % responded no.
  • Should we separate the “art” area from the “crafts” area?
    • 494 responses, 63% responded NO, 37% responded yes.
  • Should we create separate rooms for Mahjong, for cards and for poker?
    • 385 responses, 57.4% responded NO, 42.6% responded yes.
  • Or should we just have a separate room for poker?
    • 382 responses, 53.4% responded NO, 46.6 % responded yes.
  • Should we make provisions to divide the ballroom into separate areas for smaller, nor intimate gatherings?
    • 400 responses, 55.3% responded YES, 44.8% responded no.
  • Should we expand the kitchen to create a more realistic catering kitchen for clubs and phase use?
    • 407 responses, 79.1% responded YES, 20.9% responded no.
  • Should we create one continuous gym with separate weight and cardio areas?
    • 402 responses, 79.9% responded YES, 20.1% responded no.
  • Should we reduce the number of lockers in the men’s and the women’s locker rooms?
    • 402 responses, 82.8% responded YES, 17.2% responded no.
  • Would you like to see a quiet room for more serious reading/studying?
    • 404 responses, 67.1% responded NO, 32.9% responded yes.
  • Should we combine the library and a media room (usable for computer activities)?
    • 402 responses, 80.6% responded YES, 19.4% responded no.
  • Should we extend the café to include an outdoor screened in area?
    • 408 responses, 74.8% responded YES, 25.2% responded no.
  • Should we expand the lobby?
    • 398 responses, 73.6% responded NO, 26.4% responded yes.
  • Should the atrium area include more open seating?
    • 398 responses, 70.6% responded YES, 29.4% responded no.
  • Should we consider adding a “coffee bar” in the current atrium area?
    • 407 responses, 55.8% responded YES, 44.2% responded no.
  • Should we “refresh” the theater seating area?
    • 403 responses, 54.8% responded NO, 45.2% responded yes.
  • Should we include a lap lane for the indoor pool?
    • 395 responses, 50.9% responded NO, 49.1% responded yes.
  • Would you USE a generic BBQ area if it were built somewhere on the HP grounds?
    • 405 responses, 68.4% responded NO, 31.6% responded yes.

There was a short time when only the first two questions appeared for the survey.  That is probably why the first two questions have so many more responses.

These results will be sent to our architect and our interior design team so that they know the will of our residents.

Please remember the schedule for the focus group meetings.

Thursday, December 5, 2019 10 – 11 AM Pools, BBQ, Cafe
Thursday, December 5, 2019 11 AM – 12 noon Card Rooms, Library, Billiards Room
Thursday, December 12, 2019 10 – 11 AM Arts and Crafts
Thursday, December 12, 2019 11 AM – 12 noon Ballroom, Kitchen
Thursday, December 12, 2019 1 – 3 PM Entry, Lobby, Theater
Thursday, December 19, 2019 10 AM – 12 noon Atrium
Thursday, December 19, 2019 1 – 3 PM Fitness (gym, lockers, etc.), Aerobics

Any owner is welcome to attend any focus group session.  All of these meetings will be held in the theater.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Safe travels for those who are leaving for the holiday.

Sue Loeser

Friday November 15, 2019

Once again, hello residents. 

Rain.  Water.  Droplets.  Monsoons.  Torrentials.  Drencher.  Deluge.   Inundation.  

Boots.  Jackets.  Umbrellas.  Rain Hats.   Frizzy Hair.  Sleepiness.  Darkness.  Gloomy. 

What does this mean to HP?   PAVING DELAYS, PAVING DELAYS, PAVING DELAYS.   So be it for schedules.   Hopefully we will start again on Monday where we left off. 

My complaints of our weather were not taken seriously by those north who are frozen and ready to warm their bones here in South Florida.   Seriously, we are suffering.  Look around and observe.   Do you not see the heavy jackets and sweaters; the ear muffs;  the sandals with socks;  and to complete the ensemble, shorts?    We too dislike our cold.  The northerners should have compassion and sympathy.  

Yesterday I felt as if I was in Disney as I was escorted via a golf cart checking the roads.   I waved to empty streets and commented to Ann that the wind was blowing a little too strongly.   Those that know me certainly understand when I declared that HP owed me for a blow-out at my local hair salon or each 1096 units owe me about 4 cents.   In the observations made, there is a very big difference in having new roads.   We all wish it was behind us and history.    Soon it will be.   Please have patience and hope for good weather. 

Residents, once again, please refrain from calling to complain when you have water at the foot of your driveways UNLESS the duration is in excess of 24 hours.   We have been driving around checking and Marvin has a list of problem areas.   We have repeated ourselves in excess of a dozen times.  Please listen.  Once again, wait 24 hours before you decide you have a water issue. 

Another reminder is that our BOD meeting will take place this Monday the 18th at 10:00am in the theater. 


This Saturday, November 16th, 2019 at 8:00pm, $25.00 per person, HP presents Sal Richards.  Shortly after being signed, Sal had an experience that would forever change his life.   He was scheduled to perform with his group at the Las Vegas Supper Club in Long Island, N. Y.   That evening however, the comic emcee was unable to perform and Sal was given the opportunity to fill in for the evening show.  His act went so well he was hired to be the house comic.  That day marked the beginning of his remarkable career as a comedian.

For those that purchased Showcase tickets for December 2nd, pick up of your order will start from Wednesday November 20th 9:30am to 3:30pm at the front desk.   The last day for forms is November 24th.   On the day of the show, December 2nd, you may buy evening performance tickets from 6:00pm to 6:45pm.  The price is $8.00 per ticket. 

New Years Eve reservation forms are available at the front desk.   Music is by the Continental Orchestra and by popular demand,  catering is by our very own Mario.   Tickets are $80.00 per person.    Bring in 2020 with your community.   Join us for a wonderful evening. 

Please remember that all RED cafe cards expire December 31st and are replenished January 1st.   Go to the cafe and enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch or even take home dinner.  If you do not use it, you lose it. 

ALL existing patios and step-outs MUST fill out the required application forms and have them submitted by December 31st.   If not done, those areas will be removed at the home owner’s expense.   Please comply. 

Please remember we currently have guards at the rear gate from 8:00am to 2:00pm to help with traffic congestion.  Use both entrances and remind delivery trucks and aids that the back is available.   This is a test.   Once December arrives it will give us a better indication of the flow of vehicles. 

Once, twice, third time, I am requesting residents only call me between the hours of 11:00am and 5:00pm.   Many times I am at the clubhouse for early morning meetings.   What your calls do is wake a household OR should I have the luxury to sleep in a little you awaken me.   Calls at 8:00 or 8:15 or 8:30 are unacceptable.    Everyone seems to be adhering to the no calls after 5:00pm and this is most appreciated.   I still have not caught up on responding to all the emails but am certainly getting close.   I apologize for the delay but I actually took an hour and watched TV with my husband last night. 

To those that are leaving next week to start their Thanksgiving holiday, be safe and enjoy.  To the rest, make your restaurant reservations or you will end up at Wendy’s.   Wait—-some are cooking or am I hearing rumors???

All the best, 


Friday November 8, 2019

It’s Friday and once again we are connecting. 

 I would appreciate your marking all information that pertains to you in order that the board members and myself do not get called with the same questions dozens of times.  Thank you. 


Those that have been to the clubhouse have met JoAnn, our new front desk receptionist.   This is a new beginning for her as she moved from New Jersey to Delray just a matter of a few weeks ago.   For the past five years JoAnn worked in hospitality for Holiday Inn.  Her expertise includes guest services and front desk management.   Her warm smile and welcoming disposition are positive signs that she enjoys helping and working with people.   Stop by and introduce yourselves.  She will be a wonderful asset to HP.   Please be respectful. 


The trial period for the usage of the back gate is now 4 days young.   The workings are the same as the front whereby a guard is on duty and there is a bar that allows entrance.  Hours for this service are 8:00am to 2:00pm.  After 2:00 the system will revert to the original whereby you must be a resident to enter and the gate rather than a guard will give you access. 

We are trying to balance the heavy load of traffic that generates from the front to more usage in the back. 

Should you have deliveries or work being done in your homes by contractors, advise them to use the back.  Please encourage all aides to use the back entrance as well.   It will make it easier for all. 


The new 2019–2020 HP telephone directories will be ready for distribution on Mon. Nov. 11th.   One copy per unit is available and must be signed for at the front desk. 


All units with existing  patios or step outs must complete an application for  our records.   The deadline is Dec. 31st, 2019.  This is important in order to retain what you have. 


Residents, all garbage pails must be stored in your garages as before.  For the Snowbirds who are gradually arriving, please take your old cans and place them beside the new ones to be discarded. 


Concert ticket pick up date will be November 15th from 10:00am to 12:00 noon in the lobby.  For further information please call Ruth Krisman. 


The Cavalcade of Stars Showcase will take place on Monday, December 2nd.   There is an afternoon show at 2:00pm and an evening show at 7:00pm.  The price is $8.00 per ticket.   You will have the opportunity to see at least 8 to 10 different talents.   Entertainment Committees from the area will be here selecting acts for their communities.  Please submit your reservation forms early as seating is limited—-first come, first served. 

Pick up will be at the clubhouse front desk starting November 20th. 

As with all shows, NO SHORTS.   Dress appropriately please. 


Our next show is on November 16th,  with Sal Richards.  He was hired as requested by our residents.   Please purchase your tickets.   After this, the next scheduled show will not be until December 8th.   It’s a long time frame between shows and gives you enough open Saturday evenings to make other plans. 


New Years reservation forms are on the desk in the lobby.  This party takes place on Tuesday, December 31st from 8:00pm until 1:00am.   Music is by the Continental Orchestra and by POPULAR DEMAND, catering is by our very own Mario.   Tickets are $80. per person.    Those that attended Halloween know what a wonderful time we had.   This will be no different. 


The HPA Agenda meeting will take place on Tuesday November 12th at 2:00 pm in the library. 

The regular HPA Board meeting is on Monday,  November 18th at 10:00 am in the theater. 


We have lockers in the exercise rooms that have been used by residents to store their own personal items without approval.   Some have been locked for months.   At this time we are requesting you remove your belongings and CLEAN THE INSIDE.   Some are getting more rusted and the interiors more and more dirty.  You are inviting an unwelcome guest.  

CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS—-you have been using these lockers for storage and most of you do have available cabinets for your items.   The worst part is that food is being kept.   There are sugar packets, creamers, etc. that must be discarded.   CLEAN THE INSIDE. 

You are being given the opportunity to find other storage areas, which may mean your garages or storage bins.  It will not be long before all will be asked to remove their items in preparation for the clubhouse renovations.  


In the very near future, the cafe will be offering a new, more up-to-date menu.   The items being served are the popular ones as well as requests by the residents.  There will be a wider selection of vegetarian and gluten free foods.

You will all be very pleased with the new additions.  Eyes open!! 


Larry Meselsohn attends the Alliance of Delray meetings and reports news to me that he feels is relevant to our community. 

Currently there is a sheriff alert.  Please be aware that people are posing as maintenance workers.  They ring your bell and say they need to check something in your unit.   If you did NOT call for maintenance do not let them in.   More important is the time frame between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.   Many go for dinner and this is an opening for robberies.  Be sure to use your alarm and leave a light on. 


As you can see I have been more serious with this connection than before. 

On Wednesday my husband and I attended an event out of the community.  It was a wonderful day.   I arrived home to numerous messages which is usual.  I got myself organized and ready to return resident’s calls.   The first one was a woman from Phase 1 who yelled and screamed at me without taking a breath and without letting me say a word.   Calm Shirley absolutely did not hold back.  I apologize for my unprofessional behavior but not for the words .   I screamed back.  I didn’t even realize my lungs were capable of such screeching.   Ira (my husband) was not unhappy as I lost my voice and was forced to stay quiet.  By now you must be curious as to what the problem was.

She did not receive her Lifestyle.  Her friend got hers at 3:00 in the afternoon and here it was after 5:00 and she didn’t have hers.  What a lovely problem- free life she must live if this caused such trauma. 

One of the most important things I have requested and continue to ask for is respect.   How do I or the board respond to people who can’t discuss issues.  

It’s been a very strenuous time having the roads paved.  We do empathize with the inconveniences caused.   At no time did we think it would be such a problem for some.     Unfortunately some were given incorrect information or not enough.  

In receiving a telephone call at 6:48 am this morning—yes, 6:48 am from a resident at Phase 2 asking if she was getting paved today my entire mood shifted.   I had two productive meetings this morning but the shrill of that early call did not leave me. 

We are not miracle workers.  Fortunately weather has been good.  The delays are that much of the work at the carports is being done by hand and this slows the process.   Everyone wants changes.   No one wants their lives disrupted.  

We are progressing with the basics for the clubhouse.   If you couldn’t handle the repairs of the roads, how do you intend to react with the construction of our clubhouse.   What is happening is good.   Flow with the changes.  Smile at each step of progress.   It will all be beautiful. 


I requested calls to me be made between 11:00am and 5:00pm unless an emergency, or send emails.  The majority are mindful.    If this doesn’t work I will have to find a different way of receiving resident’s questions. 


Please look for Survey #2 within the next few days.  For those with difficulty in filling out the form, please come to the clubhouse and we will help you. 


Last week I informed you that Sue Loeser, Chairman of Special Projects, would be writing and keeping you current with information.   This week we had a meeting whereby the focus group schedule was established.   Rather than include it here, I have requested an independent page be sent in addition to the Connection.   Please read page two. 


All are aware that the sale of show tickets was declining.    Hopefully no one will take an offense from the following.   A resident from Phase 3 suggested we advertise the shows as  “Direct from Israel.”  This is the solution for weak sales! 

Be well everyone. 

Thank you.