HP Community Connection Written by President Shirley Kafka

Phase 1 & 3 Update:
Hello All, 

The new trash bins are currently being delivered by FCC/SWA. FCC Environmental Services is the new solid waste pickup vendor in unincorporated Palm Beach County.

What you need to know:

  • Gray bins are being delivered now.
  • Do not use until October 1st.
  • The new bins are bigger with wheels and built in lids. 95 gallons.
  • New bins will be picked up by specialized trucks.
  • Garbage collection will remain 2 days per week.
  • If you need a second trash bins you can purchase one by calling SWA 561.697.2700
  • Please store your trash bins in the garage as soon as possible

Hello Everyone.   It’s been a good week!!

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping informed with the progress taking place.   We actually had two BOD meetings two days apart and had many in attendance.  It is wonderful having interested residents take part in the workings here at HP.

In this past week some of the items that were voted on and approved were:

  • The Holiday Lights
  • Clubhouse roof testing
  • Finalization of the landscape contract
  • Resolution of the tennis lights
  • Change order of the paving project (yes, we are still waiting for permits so we  can begin.)
  • Landscaping modification (patio) legalities are complete.  Working on the application format.
  • AND, one of the most important decisions, the selection of an architect.

We are hoping to have the applications and rules for the landscaping modifications (patios) complete for residents to either pick them up at the front desk or via the web by Aug. 30th.  You will be advised of course.  Having the correct procedure is a vital part of this process.  We will be having a very brief meeting (yes, another meeting!) on Tues. Aug. 27th at 11:30am to ratify all.  It should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes and as of this moment will be held in the conference room.

We have unanimously chosen Slattery & Associates to be our architects.   Their presentation, expertise, knowledge, interviews, references and promptness in responding to our questions makes us confident that they are a good fit for this community.  There is also a protocol that will be followed e.g. contracts, attorney’s input, etc.    We must do this cautiously and with care.   Do not be impatient.   It will be absolutely beautiful once completed.  Once again, I repeat, nothing has been decided  and all will have an opportunity to express their wants at focus groups.

At the Open Forum on Mon. the 19th, one of the residents requested information on the rules for parties under the canopy next to the cafe.   It is approximately one year ago that this was implemented and many have enjoyed some pleasant evenings.

First, ask for a permission form at the office.  If you are 20 or more in your group, reserve the date.  A refundable deposit of $100. is necessary.   This will be returned once the area is inspected for cleanup.   Should our maintenance people have to tidy up after you, the fee will be forfeited.  NO alcohol is permitted.  You are restricted to stay under the canopy while eating.   Those are the basic requirements.  Enjoy yourselves—bring sandwiches, order pizza, have a dessert feast, or just socialize.

Reservation forms for the Halloween and New Year’s eve parties are at the desk for pick up and will be in the next Lifestyle.

I cannot stress enough the need for our residents to support our shows.  If you bought one ticket last year, buy two this season.  Support our theater or by next year it will be dark.   Other communities envy our fortune in having this facility.  Don’t complain once it is too late.  Invite your family and friends to attend. 

I had previously written about non owners of units not being allowed to speak at our meetings.  This week someone spoke that should not have.  Those that lease are welcome to join in all activities.   However, it is only owners that may speak, vote, be on boards, or chairman of committees.

Please be considerate of your neighbors.  Your doing laundry, hammering pictures on the walls or  tap dancing on bare floors at 5:00am is not welcome.  Please do not be a nuisance to those around you.  You may be ready to conquer the world at 5:00am but others want the pleasure of a good sound sleep.


An Open Forum is an exchange of ideas and information, usually to better the common good.  It is used for discussions with others on matters of interest and information.  Here at HP it is intended  to be a venue in which people can find out about a specific issue or interact with members of the community.   Information is provided which people may find valuable and useful.

Although this type of forum is intended to be a space in which free speech is exercised, there are restraints.  People are expected to behave politely, although they are welcome to disagree with each other.  Hurtful words or disrespectful actions are not condoned.   For the first time I had to ask someone who was speaking to please refrain from what he was saying as felt he was “out of line.”   The forum is not the place to degrade anyone.   Personal negative feelings are out of place.  Request a meeting for discussion rather than cause a tense inappropriate atmosphere.

I was so proud of how smoothly all had been going.  I listened to so many stories taking place at other communities whereby police even had to be brought in at a meeting.  I bragged to others how well our community behaved.  Please think before speaking.   Yes, all have the right to speak but not at the expense of making employees uncomfortable or board members feel their efforts are not appreciated.  There are some that are consistently negative and cannot bring themselves to say one positive word.  Certainly there is something we are doing right. I use this word frequently and once again, I say “respect.”

Be well everyone.   Enjoy your weekend and of course, your week.


Hello residents. 

Yes, it is Friday.  After confusing some of you with Thursday emails, this week am back to Friday.   You can’t say I am not trying to keep you alert!  

I received the following from a friend and thought I would share it with you.  “If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t repeat it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.” 

It seems I am repeating myself many times but find it necessary to do so. 

I was away for several days.    I received phone call messages ranging from “what is the movie Tues.?” to “how do I call in a guest?”   Yes, I did retrieve my home calls and called others here on premise to return these calls so that residents would have their answers.  From the time I listened to messages until I forwarded them, residents lost a day or two in getting the requested information.  I must apologize to some residents who have not yet received my response to their emails.  It rarely takes me more than two days.   Be assured that you will hear from me. 

Call any member of your Phase Board for information.   If they cannot help you, they will find someone who can.  Read your Lifestyle and use the HP website.  Check the front desk at the clubhouse and ask your neighbors. 

For those that are overly observant, you will see that I did not advise you turn to 8001 on your television sets for information.   At the HPA Agenda meeting this past Tues. the board voted to close this station.   I mentioned last week that we had an alternative off premise method that might work.   The regular system kept getting hit by lighting and was of no use.   The implementation of a new method was expensive when so very few residents use it.  

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.  Old ways get taken over with newer technology. 

Once again, we are appealing to our residents, their family and friends, and other communities to attend our live shows.   Please purchase tickets for this Saturday, August 17th’s show.   Tickets are $10.00 per person commencing at 8:00 pm. 

Should you be requested to supply a code for access to some shows, it is “hpares” 

Wes Anthony is a multi-talented entertainer.  As a saxophonist and flutist, he excels as a skilled professional and unique entertainer.  He has performed with such greats as the Four tops and the Temptations.  Touring the world with various jazz, reggae, and top 40 bands from California has given him a wealth of experience in performing for a wide range of audiences. Come and enjoy! 

Many cherish the library we have here.   It gives us the freedom of selecting from an array of reading material without having to travel to a formal library.  Our books are donated by the residents.  We appreciate all efforts to keep a wider choice at our fingertips.  However, (I know you have been waiting for the”but” word)  we have to be more particular as to what is acceptable.  We will discard books and not add any that are dirty, missing half covers, obvious ripped pages,  pizza drippings, etc. etc.   If you would not want the book in your home due to its condition, please do not treat our library as a place for your debris. 

Many attended the meetings held this past Tues.  Your board worked 7 solid hours commencing with presentations made by the final three architectural firms who would like to have us award our contract to them.   We gulped down lunch and our agenda meeting followed.  We were told it was an informative few hours and people were pleased they are a part of the changes taking place.   The feedback has been nothing but positive.   Thank you for your interest and taking the time to learn first hand what is happening here at HP. 

Please attend the HPA Board meeting this Monday the 19th at 10:00am to hear the status of the many current projects taking place in addition to votes to be taken for scheduled issues. There will be an open forum whereby residents may speak once for a limit of three minutes. 

After the meetings on Tues. we had a new resident say “this board should rule the country.”   It can’t get better than that!! 

Have a good week. 

Be well, 

Shirley Kafka, President, HPA

Hello Residents: 

Another week has passed and we are into August.  It’s the first week and our annual cleaning of the clubhouse is taking place.   I have been there to witness the cleaning of the pillows, couches, lighting fixtures.   The ladders, the wires, the blaring of the vacuum cleaners, the bottles and containers of the cleaning products brings about the feeling of freshness and cleanliness.   Our staff is doing a wonderful job.   Thank you. 

Please note that the NORTH POOL IS CLOSED FOR REPAIRS.   A water main break was discovered Wed. and we are hoping all will be in order by early next week.   In the interim, there are additional pools available to all.     Visit your neighbors in the West, East, and Main.  

One of our residents emailed me and indicated she had witnessed someone who did not pick up after her emotional support dog.   No one wants the experience of stepping into something unsavory.   Those that have such animals know, or should know the rules.   It isn’t even a matter of a rule.   It’s courtesy.   You must take responsibility for your pets, please.  If caught, our Enforcement Committee will be involved and you will be fined. 

Our office is currently gathering information for the new Huntington Pointe Directories, 2019–2020.    Should you have had problems in the past or if you are new, please check to see if your name is listed.  If so, make sure it is spelled correctly.  See if your address and telephone number are correct.   An easy way of seeing your listing is on our website.    Go to huntingtonpointe.net       Click onto Residents and then HP Phone Book.  You will see an alphabetic list.   Should a password or code be requested, it is simply  phone561.  

Phyllis Sandler and I had a brief meeting in the cafe on Tues. morning.   We were rushing to an 11:00am meeting.   It was 10:55am.   A resident was walking towards the cafe.   She stopped us and made an abrupt inquiry as to the workings of 8001.  I told her I didn’t have an answer but it was being worked on.   We tried to excuse ourselves and explained we were going to be late.   Her comment was, “You are the President, you should know.   Push me away again.”   We both felt very badly by this remark and the rudeness of this person.  There is a polite respectful way to ask for information.    Please be assured that no one is “pushed away.”   We respond to questions the best we can.  None of us has the answer to every issue.  With that I did inquire as to the current status of 8001.  We had an update after a week since the last one. 

Lightning had hit the system.   They had it working for a very short time and then once again lightning hit knocking it out.  One of the items on our agenda meeting this week will be the implementation of a new system off premise that will avoid the lack of service when damaged by storms.   This is the explanation I was given and am passing the news onto those residents that have been inconvenienced by the lack of service of 8001.    We apologize.   It was a weather problem and out of our control.  

Two new scams have infiltrated our community.   The first is an email indicating that I am seeking donations in the form of gift cards for the veterans.  This is a scam.   Do not respond!! 

The second new one is a telephone call whereby the caller identifies himself/herself as someone who works for Walgreen’s and is updating their records for prescriptions.   They ask for your birth date.  Do not give any information.   Once again, this is a scam.   Do not respond. 

Mark your calendar for Halloween, Oct. 31st, and New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31st.    The flyers will be in Sept.’s Lifestyle.   As of Aug. 19th forms will be available at the desk for reservations.  Don’t regret missing two wonderful events sponsored by HP and the Events Committee. 

This Tues. Aug. 13th we will be having what I refer to as a “Marathon Meeting Day.”    There are open meetings whereby all residents are welcome to hear what is taking place in your community.  At 9:30am sharp we will start with presentations by the three different architectural firms who are hoping we will hire them for our clubhouse renovations.    The board will listen and ask pertinent questions in order to select one and award a contract.   The format will be the same as we did for the paving people.  The actual decision will not be Tues.   The information will be gathered for discussion. 

At 1:00pm we will take an hour’s break and then continue with our monthly BOD Agenda meeting.   This part commences at 2:00pm and will take from 2:00 to 3:00 hours depending on the items we must address. 

 We do not know how long the meeting will be.   Although residents may absolutely attend,  it is not an open forum whereby they can speak. 

Our regular HPA BOD meeting will take place on Mon. Aug. 19th at 10:00am.    All are welcome to attend and speak at the Open Forum. 

This past Sun. there was a water main break in Phase 1.   We thank the residents for being astute enough to make several calls until they found the right people to help.   If not for them, the street would have been flooded.   The saying “if you see something, say something” even refers to Huntington Pointe. 

Have a good week everyone.   Carry your umbrellas. 

Be well,

Shirley Kafka, President HPA