HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

HP Community Connection by President Shirley Kafka

Friday March 27,2020

Hello Residents.

The cool clear evenings have brought changes to HP.   People are strolling the walkways and greeting each other.   Bike riders are building their muscles.    Clusters of people are gathered on the roads of the side streets and socializing.   All are keeping their required distances.   Many are saying it reminds them of the days of the bungalow colonies or of growing up sitting on the front porch.   We are taking a deep gulp of fresher air due to the diminished car pollution.

Bike riders, please refrain from using the roads.  There are cars that speed and some go through stop signs.  You will be in their way.  Use the bike and walk paths for your own safety.

We have come together as a community finding ways to spend our time.  The negative emails have ceased.   Instead, many have taken the time to write and show their support and personal messages.  It’s only been a little over a  week.   It seems like months.   We hope that this will soon be history.   The inconveniences of the paving project are forgotten compared to our everyday lives now.  We have a greater appreciation for eggs, milk, bleach and of course, toilet tissue.   Even going to a movie, the hair salon, the theater will no longer be taken for granted.  There is much to be learned from this experience.

The majority have welcomed our decisions in providing safety and security to our residents.  As of this moment, the status remains the same.  Should there be any changes, all will know.  As of this second, the news is not promising for any immediate positive resolutions.

On Wednesday someone asked me the outcome of the election.  It is less than two weeks ago but the news got lost in the shuffle.

Board of Directors and Officers, 2020/2021

President:                          Shirley Kafka

First Vice President:        Jay Sussman

Second Vice President:   Hal Pugach

Treasurer:                         Phyllis Sandler

Secretary:                         Mary Rudnick

Directors:                          Alan Baron

                                           Sandra Dymbort

                                            Wayne Goodman

                                           Lenny Kaplan

                                           Mickey Novak

                                           Robert Tishkevich

                                           Jim Yarmus


Please have patience with your show refunds.   No doubt you have seen ads from Kravis, The Wick, and all theaters asking for patience.   We have no one working the ticket booth.   Many are currently not working at Vendini.   Be assured you will have your refunds for canceled shows.  It’s a matter of workforce and a format for getting organized.   Times are not what they were just a few weeks ago.   Even waiting for refunds will be an adjustment.   YOU WILL GET THEM.

This week I heard that another resident feels a refund is due him on his quarterly fees as there are no amenities.  Electric bills, water bills, insurance bills, cable bills, staff salaries, telephone bills, supplies, etc. all need to be paid. The overhead expenses do not disappear.  The amenities break down to the pool, movies, and exercise rooms.   People go north for the summer or on vacations for weeks at a time and no one gets a refund.   We are going through difficult times.   Please do not make them harder with requests that only take away from our time in completing tasks.

Someone sent me an article pertaining to the substitutes people are using for toilet tissue.   Because they are flushing wipes, paper towels, and cut up tee shirts, toilets are getting clogged.   The recommendation given is use a plastic bag and throw away all non flush materials. We know Mr. Charmin and Mr. Scott are making some strides in replenishing shelves with their merchandise.   Stores such as The Boys, Famous, Walmart, are limiting quantities and trying to avoid hoarding.

A resident found two pair of blue rubber  gloves thrown on the ground yesterday.   We don’t know who just disposed of them recklessly on the pathway.   Why is a better question.   Throw your garbage in the receptacles.   You found it necessary to wear protective gloves and yet felt justified in throwing them randomly on the street.  I don’t need to say more.

Many are not using their cars.   A resident suggested you start your car or perhaps just drive a few minutes to save your batteries.

We have always thought of our cafe as a place to grab a meal, meet friends, socialize.  The staff have become our friends.  The wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee and the smell of eggs, pecan crusted or Oriental chicken salad, is still in the air.   If possible, please support Mario and the working staff.   They need our patronage in these trying times.   They are open for take out from 10:00am to 2:00pm.   Call them, place your order, and your food will be ready for pickup.  Purchase some meals to freeze.  If you have been neglecting your stove, or not cooking for some time, now is not the time to start  showing affection to this object.  You don’t have to leave the premises and you can be assured all is fresh.  Please give our cafe an opportunity to serve you.  They will be extremely appreciative.

Perhaps next week will be better news.   Let’s hope.

Be well and be safe.

Shirley Kafka

Friday March 20, 2020

Dear Residents: 

Unfortunately for all of us this will not be the casual, jovial article you generally receive.  It is far more serious obviously and I sincerely hope you take the time to read what I have to say. 

Whether appropriate or not, I have decided to share some personal information with you. 

This morning I had surgery at the University of Miami, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Institute.   All appointments were essential only.  I will preface by saying I am fine and doing very well.   The road leading into the facility was blocked by police.   They wanted my name and the doctor I was seeing.    Several feet further ahead there was a barrier into the parking lot.   I had to show I.D. and give detailed information on the reason I was there. 

The facility was fairly empty.    When I was there last week, the general guideline was do not panic and wash your hands.    What a difference the week made.   The caution and care to disinfecting areas and advisement to patients had drastically changed. 

I saw two oncologists today, one being my surgeon.  Their advice was simple.  Keep a distance from others, wash your hands, and heed the information being given by the detailed guidelines provided by the CDC and the Department of Health.  Last week we had not heard of anything close to us here at HP.    I do not have the exact facts for other communities other than we have confirmed cases of the virus in  Palm Isles, Majestic Isles, and the Boca Raton Synagogue, Hahn Judaic Campus.  Someone just advised me that one of the Valencias has a case as well. 

Earlier last week I had sent an email requesting no information or calls be made to me regarding the virus.    It’s not that I do not want to know or care.  The fact is that it is repetitious and we are all passing the same information to one another.   Saturday morning my phone rang at 7:30am.   By mid afternoon I had 39 messages in addition to countless emails.   I would have to spend two to three weeks responding to everyone.  You may say to me this is to be expected.   What many have forgotten is that we are human beings on the board.   We are volunteers trying to guide and help you.   We are not here for you to badger and we are not your scape goats.   We did not create this  horrendous situation we are in.  

I received one scathing email from someone I do not know.   She does not know me either.  Her words were wounding and deep.   She was vicious towards the board and myself.   She also had the incorrect information.  Tell me what satisfaction she had by being so cruel.   We are not employed by her.    However, we do work for you and the betterment of HP.   I will not forget her name.   With so many wonderful residents living here, it only takes a handful to spoil it for the rest. 

Some wanted the clubhouse closed immediately;   someone wanted the clubhouse open for cards; someone wanted to be able to use the arts and crafts room.  One person actually thinks we should return some of the quarterly fees due to lack of use of the amenities.  She/he does not ask this when north for the summer and not using the facilities.  I certainly hope she was joking but know she was serious.   With 1096 units and close to 1600 people, we all have our own opinions.   Each person speaks and writes with validity behind their statements.  It does not matter what I want and it doesn’t matter what an individual wants.  It’s a combined effort.   It is better to be overly cautious and careful than less.   Remember please, as we continue we can and will reevaluate the situation. 

We are in a state of emergency.  At this time I personally do not know of any communities that are not on lock down.   Due to the coronavirus, a myriad of issues present themselves for consideration.   We need to focus on the protection of our members through minimization of health and economic risks.  We need to make reasonable necessary decisions to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the association and the unit owners.    

Four days ago I did not feel the same as today in regard to having restrictions.   By reading and listening to expert advice I am leaning in a different direction. 

Residents, I do have a request.   Please check your permanent guest lists.  Eliminate those that you don’t even speak to any longer.  Other than your emergency contacts and your aide and caregiver consider taking the people off the list.   We have visitors on permanent lists who come to partake in our amenities.   We do not know where they have been.  We pay for the services here.   They do not.  They cannot come and use our pools, card rooms, exercise equipment, etc. at their whim.  Now that we are limited is the perfect chance to update your lists.    We must be vigilant.  Rather than closing the entire system, do a little work to help us.   PLEASE REMOVE non-essential guests from your permanent lists.  When you want your company, call them in.  You, the homeowner, are responsible for them. 

No one here is a policeman.  Do not take infractions into your own hands.  Call one of your board members or the front desk if there is a problem or a wrongdoing.  Do not take the chance of an altercation or a law suit. 

Twice within two days I was advised of another scam taking part.    The following is an article from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.  

Residents beware! 

There are reports of people dressing in white lab coats, wearing masks and gloves knocking on doors stating that they are from the Department of Health or the CDC and want to test residents for the virus. 

BE ADVISED, representatives from the CDC or Department of Health will not show up at your residence unannounced!   If anyone comes to your home wearing a white lab coat, mask, and gloves, please call PBSO at 561 688 3400 or your nearest law enforcement agency. 

This will be the last time I request calls only between 11:00am and 5:00pm.  There isn’t anything difficult to understand.  Please be respectful of my husband and myself. 

The cafe is open between 10:00am and 2:00pm.   Of all the many dining places, I know our cafe is being extremely careful and doing an outstanding job keeping all disinfected and clean.   If not comfortable eating in the restaurant, consider taking your food out.  Many are ordering from other sources.   Please also remember we have one on premise that is suffering from the lack of patronage.   We know the staff.  They are already losing income.  Keep them in mind. 

Please remember at all times we, the board,  are trying to do what is best for everyone.   We are not mean vindictive people.   Decisions are difficult. 

At the end of my article, please scroll down.   You will find a list of suggestions that may help keep you busy. 

Our moods are not the same this week.   We are saying good morning without the smiles.   We are worried.   We are hoping the correct choices are being made for all as a group.  Let’s hope next week is better for all. 

Be cautious.   Be well. 

Serious Shirley   

Suggestions to keep busy. 

Take a virtual tour of a museum. Google Arts and Culture has photos from dozens of museums worldwide.

Read or listen to an online book. The Palm Beach Public Library has thousands of books, movies and music titles to check out online.

The Miami Jewish Film Festival has published a list of their previous screenings that are available on NetFlix, Amazon Video, iTunes and YouTube. They are also partnering with the major film distributor Menemsha Films to provide access to their entire catalog of Jewish themed films.

Listen to a podcast. Stitcher has many to choose from, in all kinds of subjects. If you’re a fan of crime stories, check out Felonious Florida.

Take an online class at Class Central. They have hundreds of college level courses in every subject

Delivery Dudes, Uber East, Postmates are still delivering food from many locations in the Delray Beach area.

Friday March 13, 2020
Hello Residents.

It’s official.   Today is the REAL Friday the 13th.   Oddly enough, it’s felt like this for several weeks now.   The things that have occurred in such a short span of time!

We do not have $75,000,000,000  invested in the stock market.   We have less than a modest amount.   Several times in the past few years I tell my husband it’s time to sell.   Those are magical words for us.   Once spoken, the market drops and we are left staring at diminished assets.   This time I was a genius.   I told my husband I was selling whatever we had.   Two days later the market started to crash.  My husband mentioned he was happy we had finally cashed all in.   I then quietly told him I had procrastinated and didn’t sell.   Thus, we are in the deep sinking hole that most are experiencing now.  This is luck in its purest form.

Ah, two witty, bright people and luck.    Every time Costco has toilet tissue on sale, we hoard.   We HAD over 200 rolls in our garage.   Around 3 months ago, I declared that was it—-no purchasing packs of 36 at a time anymore.   Skip forward a few weeks.  There isn’t a roll to be purchased.  There is nothing in Costco, Publix, Walmart.    Our stash, for the first time in over 52 years,  is almost finished, gone, depleted.  Once again, luck decided to play its game with us.   You need a little “mazel” by your side.

“Luck.”   Phase 3’s elections were held on Wednesday, and I was lucky to be reelected to our board.

The lucky NEW board members are the following:

Phase One.                    No Change

Phase Two.                    Wayne Goodman     Sue Loeser

Phase Three                  No Change

Phase Four                    No Change

I had surgery this past Tuesday.  I was lucky to have found an incredible team of doctors that watch over me.  I was lucky that there wasn’t any traffic either way to Miami.  After having fasted overnight and most of the day, was more than lucky to get into Nino’s for a wonderful Italian meal at 4:00pm.

VOTING STATIONAgain, we are lucky enough to be a polling station on Tuesday, March 17th.   You do not need to travel.  Florida is the biggest prize available awarding 219 pledged delegates.  A diverse swing state, a good performance in Florida will help the candidate make the case that they are the most electable democrat to face  President Trump in November.

We saw a wonderful concert Wednesday evening.  The entire Concert Series committee members deserve the finest accolades.  How lucky to have this type of entertainment at our finger tips.

Luck.   Simple word.  What does it really mean? Different to each of us.  Different scenarios.

There have been two blasts sent out in reference to the virus.   At this moment,  there are two valid precautions to take as per the University of Miami Hospital.

  1.       Do not panic.
  1.       Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. 

As we learn of issues that must be addressed, you too will be notified.  We will connect with you directly as the Coronavirus continues to impact our community.   The well-being and safety of our residents is our top priority and will be at the heart of the decisions we make.  As this unfolds, we will all be making adjustments to the way we live. We are committed to making it easy and safe for you.  There is much uncertainty as the situation evolves.  We take solace in the fact that we have a compassionate and loyal community.   We listen, we learn, and we support each other.   I am proud of our team’s tireless efforts to always be there for each other.

 We have this virus turning our lives into turmoil.   Those that have never stepped into a supermarket are perusing the aisles so they too can say “the shelves are empty.”   Cows still give milk.  Oranges still grow on trees.   Chickens still lay eggs.  It’s the chocolate we need to make sure is available, not the salad and vegetables.   

PLEASE know that we are aware of the closing of a few other communities.   We know some shows have been canceled.  Calls and emails are continuous.    Yes, we do take it seriously.  I will not be responding to emails or calls pertaining to the virus.   I do not have the time to address all of them.   Just know that when the time comes, we will advise the residents of the closings.   Our staff is wiping railings, equipment, etc. continually all day. 

Once we close, you will not have access to any clubhouse facility:  no pools, saunas, exercise rooms, card rooms, crafts,  theater shows or movies etc.  Unless in danger, we will keep open as long as we can so that our lives can continue as normal as possible.

Please make note of the following please:

Bocce.   There will be no more games on Tuesdays and Wednesday will end at the end of March.

The Men’s Club has canceled Benvenutos’ dinner dance on Sunday March 15th due to the concerns of the residents.

On Monday,  March 16th at 10:00am there will be a reorganization of the main board.  Join us in the theater to see first hand your new board and the positions being held.

Shirley Kafka:   The calls continue from 7:30am to 10:00pm.  Please once again be respectful of my request.   Calls only between 11:00am and 5:00pm.   Otherwise email me.   If lucky enough it will be a day when my computer is not having a hissy fit and actually delivers the mail.

9:00pm          9:00pm            9:00pm          9:00pm           9:00pm

This is the time of our show this Saturday, March 14th.   Once again, how lucky the show is later than usual and gives people an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing leisurely dinner prior to seeing Marilyn MCoo and Billy Davis Jr.   They are the original lead singers of the legendary group, The 5th Dimension.  There are still some tickets available.

Now you can consider yourselves more than lucky as this article is finally finished.    Happy Friday the 12th plus one.

Stay healthy and be cautious,

All the best,


Friday March 6, 2019

Hello Everyone.

It’s that time of week where I have to sit and think of what to write.  It is not a simple chore trying to be clever, informative, and a drop humorous with sarcasm mixed in.

After my article last week, I received many comments in reference to those being disruptive while a performance is being presented.   One of the most upsetting comments came from a couple indicating that they may not attend any more shows.   They are tired of the rudeness of others while trying to enjoy themselves.   Are we driving people away?  What is the answer?   Do we ask people to leave?   That will only cause more chaos.   You yourself must be in control.  If you don’t care for the show, slowly leave without any fuss.  The theater is not your own screening room.  You are sharing.

I sent a separate email this week in reference to “Theater Etiquette.”  Please read it again.  They are simple requests and guidelines.   Please don’t embarrass yourselves by being asked to leave.

I do want to mention, once again, that if you are experience sneezing, coughing, or wheezing, keep it to yourself.   This is something we do not want any part of.   Contain yourselves.  Use tissues to cover your face.

We are aware of the source of the “food” issues last week.  We will give you  an opportunity to correct yourselves.   Next time you will be receiving a warning letter so refrain from ANY EATING OR DRINKING (water excluded)  in the clubhouse.

Phase 1 and Phase 3 residents, please remember to put your garbage receptacles back into your garages.   Do not leave them in the driveway.   We have been getting complaints from others.  Please help keep my phone line open for more important things other than garbage cans…………please!!

Recently I have also gotten several complaints of chairs and lounges being left in driveways overnight.    Whatever items you have in front of your homes is to be stored safely and put away.    Thank you.

The Alliance of Del Ray has once again requested you be aware of telephone scams.   Aimed at stealing money or tax data, IRS imposters contact you and tell you that you owe money.  DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION.

Yesterday I became a victim of a call from my grandson—-which I do not have. That was the scammer’s first mistake.   He asked for my help stating he was in trouble.  I told him we haven’t talked in years so why did he call me now?  I repeatedly asked how his runaway  sister was  (I don’t have a granddaughter either.)  Frustrated, he hung up.  Several residents have been very cautious and initiated specific words or phrases that only your family members would know.  If the scammer cannot tell you what Bubbie Goldie’s favorite television show was on Thursday nights in 1956 you will be safe.   Set up a code.

This week I sent an email blast in reference to receiving additional prescription drugs due to the virus concern.   I have received countless emails with information from A or B or C pertaining to the virus.   Dr. Diaz from Delray Hospital advised:  DO NOT PANIC.   Wash your hands for 20 seconds or longer.   Sing Happy Birthday twice so you will know the time frame.  Use alcohol based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.  Listen to the news and read the newspapers.

The carport lights will be ready shortly for installation.  Snowbirds who have covered parking spots and are getting ready to leave HP for the summer, please leave a car key with a neighbor.   New carport lights will be installed while you are away and cars must be moved prior to installation.  If not moved, cars will be towed  at the owner’s expense.   More information to follow.

The last show of the season for “Friends of the Arts  Concert Series” is on March 11th.    The world’s youngest multi-talented musician to headline his own concert has astonished audiences all over the world.  There are still seats available.   Join us.

On March 14th we present Marilyn MCoo and Billiy Davis, the original lead singers of the legendary group, “The 5th Dimension.”  It will be a magical evening and yes, there are still some good seats available.

We are now approaching a very important week here at HP.   Even after explaining the process in my Lifestyle article, and in the Community Connection, we have residents who haven’t any clue that elections are going to take place.    They do not know the process and they have lost their ballots.

They must be the same ones that claimed the dog ate their homework and cannot hand in their assignments.  YOU are the only ones that can make changes here at HP.  Change your phase boards and in turn, the representative to the main board.

Reorganization of Phase 1 is March 9th at 10:00am.

Reorganization of Phase 4 is March 10th at 10:00am.

Election and reorganization of Phase 3 is March 10th at 10:00am.

Election and reorganization of Phase 2 is March 12th.

Your NEW MAIN BOARD will be introduced on Monday March 16th.   At that time the reorganization process will begin.  Who will be a director?   Who will be the secretary?   Who will serve the coffee and who will choose the cookies?

Attached you will find a synopsis of this week’s presentation meeting.

Be well everyone,


Dear Residents,

On Tuesday, March 3rd Jose Fernandez principal at Slattery Architects and the Wells Design team shared with the HPA BOD their First Conceptual Design of our renovation plan.  It was very well received by the board and the residents.  The board was able to ask any questions and Jose answered them all.

On behalf of the Steering Group and our professional team I want to thank those of you who attended the meeting; there were hundreds of you there!  At the end of the meeting Jose told me that he was amazed that the residents accepted the direction I laid out at the beginning of the meeting.  It seems that in his experience residents elsewhere would not have agreed to our terms of just listening and not speaking.  Kudos to all who followed our directions!!!

At the end of the meeting the board unanimously agreed to give our professionals the green light to continue with these concepts.

If you missed the meeting here are some highlights of the changes:

Main Floor

  • Theater
    • New entrance
    • New doors
    • New opening for upstairs booth
    • Additional family bathrooms for men and women for the theater bathrooms
  • Lobby/Atrium
    • Expansion
    • Smaller sky light
    • Atrium brought up to be level with the lobby
    • Dedicated room for fitness classes on lobby level of atrium
  • New large conference room in space in front of current ticket booth
  • Expanded admin offices

Lower Floor

  • Renovated ballroom
  • Current ping pong room becomes pre-function room associated with ballroom
  • Expanded kitchen
  • New fitness room with equipment facing windows overlooking north lake
  • Dedicated ping pong room in space that was part of a locker room
  • New locker rooms
  • Second elevator
  • More stairs
  • Renovated indoor pool area

Upper Floor

  • Library/Media room on second floor of atrium above fitness classroom
  • Old library and next card room can open to become one large room
  • Old phase office becomes ceramics room
  • Bathrooms between ceramics room and art room are made smaller


  • Spa by the main pool
  • Outdoor area between café and main pool revamped

We could all see how many of our ideas from the Focus Group sessions have been incorporated into the design effort.  You know now that you have had a part in deciding what will change.

We even compared a photo of the atrium now and a rendering of how it may appear in the future.  Our professional team will now continue to refine the First Conceptual Design document.  When they are ready to show us the next iteration, we will let you know.  It is a pleasure to know that so many excited people could watch and listen and hold their comments until the meeting was over.

Of course, if you want to share your thoughts, just send us an email.  Here are some comments from our residents, all of whom had additional suggestions/questions and also said the following:

  • “Overall, it looks like we will have a much more functional space.”
  • “I couldn’t have made better suggestions than what was shown today.”
  • “It was extraordinary for The Team, for the Board and for the Residents.  Applause for All……”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your cooperation and enthusiasm.  Together we all excitedly wait to see how our project progresses.

Sue Loeser For the Renovation Steering Group

Friday February 28, 2020

Hello Residents. 

You saw them.   You requested them.   You received your wish.   You greeted them with cheers.  Modern Gentleman put on an incredible show last Saturday evening.   What an enjoyable evening was had by all in attendance. 

Kol Esperanza (Voice of Hope) is an exciting operatic/pop Israeli group.   These world-class singers perform the best of opera, Broadway, pop, Jewish and Israeli favorites, blending classical tradition with a vibrant new sound.   Kol Esperanza’s vocalists have performed in prestigious venues the world over.  Their talent and charm combine to deliver a powerfully emotional musical experience.  Although the show is sold out, there may be people in the lobby trying to sell tickets that cannot be used.  Give it a try. 

IMPORTANT:     THE SHOW BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 7:00pm.    Please come early and be seated as soon as you can.  Yes, I did write 7:00pm and it is not an error. 

Purchase our future shows.  In April our $10.00 purchase price begins for non-seasonal performances.  Some may be repeats.  They were requested by you!!  

On March 21st and March 22nd, our own Huntington Pointe Theater Arts Show will be presented.   Come and see your friends and neighbors show their talents.   It will be a good time for all.  Tickets are being sold in the clubhouse lobby Monday and Wednesday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  

Our final “Friends of the Arts” Concert Series show will be on March 11th, 2020.

Ethan Bortnick and the Children’s Choir will be here.  He is the youngest multi-talented musician to headline his own concert tour.  At eighteen years of age, this musician has astonished audiences all over the world. 

   It is Thursday evening at 11:15pm and we arrived home a short time ago from seeing Josh Young’s show, “Broadway At The Movies.”    My hands are still red from clapping and I still have chills from listening to him (wonder if that is because it is 58 degrees outside—-nah, it was show!) The fact that he is a fellow Canadian makes me even prouder.  BRAVO to another outstanding evening of entertainment!! 

This is a reminder once again that on Tuesday, March 3rd at 10:00am we will be having a special board meeting in the theater.  Residents are invited to attend and LISTEN to Jose Fernandez (our architect) and Susan Welzien (our designer) present their work up to this point in time.  Using the information given at our focus groups, they have formulated their ideas, talents, and expertise for the board to visualize and ask questions.  


This past Tuesday, March 25th,  Marvin conducted a meeting with the board, Ardaman & Associates (geotechnical, environmental, and materials consultants) Engenuity Group (our engineering and consulting firm) and Paving Lady (our asphalt and paving company.)   We had a list of discussion items including the asphalt and quality of the work; the complexities of the parking lot;  the testing of the asphalt on the property, ponding areas, the stripping; damaged areas; carport damages; signs; speed bumps etc.  Ardaman will provide a report upon completion as will Enginuity. 

Building #131 from Phase 4 is PRIORITY due to the flooding issues.  HP’s  repair list will be compared to Paving Lady’s and all concerns will be reviewed and corrected.

Please give Paving Lady an opportunity to complete their job.  It is a massive project  We are still weeks away. At the very end, there will be a walkthrough/review. Should any resident want a copy of what was discussed at this particular meeting, please make a request and it will be emailed to you.   Thank you.  

Many thanks to Todd and Maximum Landscaping for enhancing the areas around the new parking lots.   It gets more beautiful each day.  

Residents of Phases Two and Three,  please remember to vote and bring your ballots to the clubhouse, front desk.   Elections are very important  to the functioning of this entire community.  

In speaking of community I want to make all cognizant of situations that occur here.   On Wednesday afternoon we had torrential, turbulent, intense, violent,  fierce, weather.   Did I mention it was rough and stormy?   Cars were picking up friends to drive them home or even to their cars in the parking lot.   Many did not have umbrellas or any protection from the elements.   In such circumstances, how difficult would it be to offer someone a ride to their car or home?    Think of yourself in a similar situation.   I would probably never leave the clubhouse as would not want to mess my hair.  My husband would say “it’s only water.”  What does he know—he’s bald.    An act of kindness will make you feel good.  It is stressful for those unprepared.  Driving time from the two furthest points here is at most two minutes.  Please offer assistance when you can. 

For the unfortunate ones who may catch a cold from others or from the changes of weather, please keep your residents and neighbors safe from your germs.   Do not sit hacking away at a movie, card game, or show.   We don’t want you sharing your misfortune.  We do empathize with you.  However, stay home and recuperate.   Share your smiles, not your dripping noses. 

We have new sidewalks.   They are not our parking lots.  To the people who still feel they have the right to park wherever they please know that we did not put in new sidewalks for your vehicles to have nicer beds to sleep on.    What are you thinking???   More should not have to be said. 

Today I have something special for you.   I have visuals.   WATER ONLY is the  beverage/food allowed in the clubhouse.   We appreciate your wanting to share your snacks with us.    It goes beyond the residents.  Additionally, you are sharing with ants, roaches, rodents.   If the critters are happy with their meals, they will tell their friends and families and we will have the largest influx of diners Delray has ever seen. 

To the gentleman who not only brought in goodies from Dunkin Donuts but also left your garbage on the table upstairs,  thank you for thinking of us.    However, you did not leave enough for all 1096 units.    It’s not considered fair sharing. 

To the person who not only brought popcorn to the Tuesday night movies, but also left napkins and the leftovers spread on the floor, thank you also for thinking of us.   However, you too did not leave enough for all 1096 units.  Again, it is not considered fair sharing. 

To the person who had just heard an announcement at the concert series  referring to taking candy wrappers and discarding them properly, we suppose you just couldn’t remember.  You  left your garbage under seats T111 and T112.    I was asked to mention specific seat numbers so you will recognize yourselves.  

We must take pride in what we have.   We are not a gigantic receptacle.  Can you imagine the upheaval once our renovations are complete?   The 98% of those that comply with logical simple requests will not tolerate those that do not. 

Please take note of the following photos showing each of the examples I have given.

Take pictures of the infractions and the people who are causing them.   We will follow through. 

Have a wonderful weekend.   See you Saturday evening at  7:00pm. 

Be well,