HP Connection by President Shirley Kafka
Friday April 12, 2019

Dear Residents: 

Last week was the final edition of The Chronicle.   Everyone enjoyed reading Sue’s  updates and we thank her for her diligence and expert writings in keeping us all informed. 

You are all aware that the past week brought about a multitude of issues to deal with.   No decision has yet been made on a weekly journal.    

We had a week of havoc.  Someone had asked me how long I was President and my response was 200 years (2-1/2 weeks.) 

Many residents are concerned with Sue’s resignation and the functionality of our board.  All is in place and we continue forward. 

We had a vacancy in Phase 2 due to Sue’s leaving.   We welcome Wayne Goodman to the Phase 11 Board and Howard Isserles’ appointment to the Board of Directors. 

At the agenda meeting I announced the appointment of Sue Loeser as our Director Emeritus.  She has provided years of distinguished service.  There are no set rules and privileges that a director emeritus has.  She will be actively involved.  She will attend any meeting she chooses but no longer has the right to vote. 

I had assigned the position of Director of Special Projects to Sue shortly after my becoming president.   She has agreed to retain this job.  From the time she resigned there was not a day where we did not have contact.  I made it clear to all when questioned that knowing Sue she would not abandon  me with any information necessary for my continuing in a positive way.  The residents of HP should feel comfortable knowing she has been and remains a vital person to this community.   It is not mandatory for her to attend any meetings or take part in any discussions.  Just know she is available to us. 

Our usual monthly Board of Directors Meeting will take place this Monday, April 15th at 10:00am.   There will be the usual Open Forum for residents to ask questions after the adjournment of the meeting. 

I wish all a very Happy Easter and a Sweet Passover.   For those traveling, be safe. 

Enjoy all with your family and friends.   Take a breath and give us a chance to get organized.  There will not be a Friday general news article for the next few weeks.  Be patient please.  

I know I am once again repeating myself, but I thank the residents of HP for being so very respectful to me.   Regardless of our viewpoints, we exchange information, ideas, and thoughts. 

All the best, 

Shirley Kafka