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Huntington Pointe Community: 6251 North Oriole Blvd. Delray Beach, FL 33484

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Clubhouse Renovation: Focus Groups
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Paving Project Update:
Paving will begin at the clubhouse parking lot on Monday January 20th. Weather permitting, we anticipate the project will be completed by Wednesday, January 22nd. Sections of the clubhouse parking lot will obviously be closed. You park further away or walk longer distances to access the Clubhouse or Cafe. Please be careful walking on the unfinished surfaces. Use the sidewalks walking up to the clubhouse.

Kings Gate Circle UpdatePaving on Kings Gate Circle is delayed pending county inspection and approval of the drainage project.

News on our Water Supply: From January 11th to the 31st, Palm Beach County Water Utility will conduct a chlorine disinfection project to clean the pipes and their distribution system. It is mandated by the Health Department.  They will be using a higher dose of chlorine,  so residents may notice a stronger taste or odor. They advise it will be perfectly safe to drink the tap water. If someone is sensitive to chlorine, they can place water in a container and let it stand for about an hour.  The smell and taste should dissipate.

Huntington Pointe Drive Road Closure: A section of Huntington Pointe Drive, south of North Oriole,was closed. Apparently there are water pipe leaks and other potential problems. This is a Palm Beach County issue, we’re waiting for them to make the necessary repairs. It has nothing to do with Paving Lady’s road repairs. For now, the road is temporarily open again because of the heavy trucks working on Kings Gate Circle need access to and from KGC.

The estimated time frame to get this problem resolved is approximately March or April. They will probably dig a hole about 20 feet (as wide as the road or larger) and as deep as 15-20 feet. Homes in the surrounding areas should not be affected.

2020 Quarterly Condo Fees: Check out the new quarterly condo fees in the Residents/ Phase Info section

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Cafe Daily Specials: Go the Resident’s section of the menu. 

Patio Application:
There’s some confusion about patio applications reference insurance, so let’s hopefully clear that up. The wrong question to ask your insurance company is “will they insure your patio”. Here’s the question you should ask. Do I have at least $300,000 of personal liability insurance? The HPA also requires a “certificate of insurance”, which includes your insurance company as an additional INTEREST on the policy. There’s a reason for this. It means the HPA will be notified if you cancel the insurance policy. 

2.  You can download, view, or print the application by clicking on the following link:  http://bit.ly/LandscapeModHPA

Online Ticket Purchases for HP Shows: To purchase tickets, navigate to the Entertainment section on the menu above and select “Buy Show Tickets”.

HP 2020 Concert Series:  You can purchase tickets online.

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Happening Today and Very Soon

Wed 22


Wed January 22, 2020 /8:00 AM -10:00 AM
Wed 22


Wed January 22, 2020 /8:30 AM -10:00 AM
Wed 22

Current Events Discussion Group

Wed January 22, 2020 /4:00 PM
Thu 23

Water Aerobics on Thursday

Thu January 23, 2020 /10:15 AM
Thu 23

Current Events Club

Thu January 23, 2020 /10:30 AM -12:00 PM
Sat 25

Water Aerobics on Saturday

Sat January 25, 2020 /9:30 AM -10:30 AM
Feb 01

Show: “Letraia Savage (From the Showcase)”

Sat February 1, 2020 /8:00 PM -9:30 PM
Feb 17

HPA BOD Meeting

Mon February 17, 2020 /10:00 AM -11:30 AM

The Huntington Pointe Story

Huntington Pointe is an adult only (55+) gated community with no pets, located in one of the most popular towns in Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, FL. The main entrance is on Jog Road north of Atlantic Avenue, just south of Lake Ida Road. Our community is about a 10 minute drive from the downtown Delray shopping area and restaurants which are adjacent to a beautiful beach.

There are 1,096 residential units in the complex. Our residents live in various styles of apartments in our four story condo buildings or three different styles of attached one story villas.

Everyone enjoys our beautiful landscaping and two lakes. We’re large enough to support a wide array of amenities but small enough to maintain a sense of community.  When asked what attracts them to Huntington Pointe, many new residents respond by saying our development is just the right size.

Another big attraction is our active lifestyle. We have four outdoor pools, each with a Jacuzzi, plus one indoor heated swimming pool. For those interested in physical activities we have a fitness center, tennis courts, bocce ball, pickleball, a billiards room, and shuffleboard for our residents and their guests. We also offer a series of classes such as zumba, water aerobics, and yoga. We have an on-site Café where people enjoy meeting for breakfast or lunch. Many residents often say they feel as if they’re living in a resort.

We have a wide array of indoor activities organized by a variety of clubs. We are especially proud of our billiards, computer, current events, financial, and theater arts clubs. Numerous card games and art classes are a big part of these organized activities.

Most of the aforementioned clubs meet in our 50,000 square foot clubhouse which has a Theater of Performing Arts seating over 600 people. There’s a year round schedule of very popular variety shows plus an annual concert series. In addition, residents can see first run movies on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons and evenings for free.

Every visitor to our community comments about our gorgeous, lush landscaping which you can see in many of our photos. Finally, what you cannot see on this website, is the feeling/sense of community which makes Huntington Pointe a fabulous place to live.


What Can I Do On This Website?

This is a site with tons of photos illustrating an array of activities and various locations in our community. We have pictures of our homes, our gorgeous landscaping, our residents in action, and the people who work with us.  To quickly review upcoming events, check out “Happening Today and Very Soon” located in the right column of the Home Pag.  To see the Clubhouse reservations schedule, go to What’s Happening on the menu.

In addition, we have news, activities, and an entertainment section which has a schedule of our movies & shows. For the movies, you can click on a link and watch the relevant video trailer.

HP Resident’s Phone Directory: Can’t find your HP Phone Book? Don’t worry. because the listing is on our website in the Resident’s section.

If you need to communicate with Campbell, use the “Contact Us” form on the menu. 

We have a link to the “New Residents Welcome Packet” located on the Residents section of the menu. Residents can fill out an “Emergency Contact” or “Architectural Form” in the Phase section. We also have a link to the “The Lifestyle Newsletter”.  We make it easy for the residents to submit various forms, such as Work Orders and Elevator Pad requests. Check out the “Resident Forms” options on our Menu.

Important HP Phone Numbers

ADT Alarm System800-878-7806
AT&T U-Verse Customer Service 866-299-6824
AT&T U-Verse Technical Support 800-288-2020
Campbell After Hours Emergency Number954-427-8770
Florida Power & LIght800-226-3545
Palm Beach County Sheriff [Non-Emergency] 561-995-2800


Having Fun at the Pointe

Huntington Pointe: Jog Road Front Entrance & El Clair Road Rear Entrance